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1000 Days of Kindness

neighborhood bridges recently celebrated its first 1000 Days of Kindness!  In that time neighborhood bridges has expanded its Gateway for Kindness to serve children/families in need in 9 Ohio communities and 8 Alabama communities.

We have learned so much since we launched neighborhood bridges in January of 2017.  We are finding that there are indeed children & families in need in every community...and we are also celebrating the amazing kindness that exists in all of us.  The needs are greater and more comprehensive than we anticipated but the kindness demonstrated in every community is greater and more far reaching than we had hoped.  

Our volunteer teams are doing amazing work of engaging key stakeholders to identify specific needs and then mobilizing community members to address them.  Take a look at our most recent kindness scorecard and take note of...

1.  The 23,907 children & families who have been directly supported through neighborhood bridges!

2. 1,260 needs have been posted -- and 95% have been filled!!

3. 5,375 donors have come forward to offer kindness to someone else in their community...:)

We have been saying this since day 1 and proudly proclaim that #KindnessIsCool

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