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Big Walnut

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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Big Walnut. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

Recently Filled Needs

Bridges Blessing Fund for Big Walnut Principals

Each building will receive $1000.00 to establish the Bridges Blessing Fund for principals to use for student needs in their buildings

family in need

A family is suffering from circumstances outside their control and is in need of rent money $920 and food/Kroger gift card.

Support to pay rent for a Big Walnut family- dire situation

A family relatively new to the Big Walnut schools has had a significant change in income without being told, thus,not being able to make different housing arrangements prior to signing their lease. The rent is $1,800.00/mo.

Waterproof mattress cover for full size bed

Middle school is requesting a watterproof mattress cover for a full size bed

Boys clothing needed!

We are in need of clothing items for a student: 

4-5 Shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve) and hoodies size XL boys (14-16). 

4-5 boys Long sweatpants (Size 18) and 

1 pair of boys tennis shoes size 4.  

Feminine Hygiene Products

Requesting regular tampons, and regular and overnight pads. 

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