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Recently Filled Needs

earbuds requested for students in need

A few students have asked for earbuds to listen to music while they work. If a few pairs could be donated to the high school it would be very appreciated.


Bathroom caddy with hygiene products needs!

We are in need of a bathroom caddy filled with hygiene products.  These products can include a bath loofah, washclothes, 2-1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, baby powder, Aquaphor, and axe body spray This is for an elementary aged boy.  


Boys Underwear

Boys Briefs (new) sizes 5, 6/8



Big Walnut Intermediate is need of travel size deodorant/antiperspirant (male and female) to have on hand for students in need. Can anyone help?


Girl pajamas sizes 7/8 and 9/10

Pajamas for two girls size 7/8 and 9/10. Prefer- top and bottom set-not gown.


Dental composite (for a chipped tooth)

A student with a pending dental appointment is in need of dental composite (wax) to fill a chipped, sharp, tooth that causes pain and discomfort. This can be purchased at CVS, Walgreens, Amazon or grocery store.  It is often called Dentemp or Dentek.  It typically costs around $7.


Uber gift cards needed to assist family in transporting student to doctor's appointment

The family is in need of transportation to Nationwide Children's hospital to get treatment for their daughter.  From Sunbury to Children's downtown is about $43.00 one way.  We are asking for Uber Gift cards which are sold at Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Target, and online via the Uber website.  


New women's black leggings and sweatpants needed, sizes S, M, L, XL

Often female students come to the office in need of a change of clothes. Black leggings and sweatpants have proven to be the most universal solution. All women's sizes needed. 


Need size 3 shoes for 10 year old girl

We have a 10 year old girl in need of crocs or croc-like shoes in size 3.  Preferred in a neutral color (no pink or purple; no sparkles please)


Student needing Protective "Depends Type" Underwear

BWMS would appreciate male, adult small/medium sized protective (Depends type)underwear and flushable personal wipes. 


Seven Year Old Girl Needs Funds for Reading Glasses - TEST

Family has many children and is unable to pay for the exam and glasses.  Eye doctor will provide exam and glasses.


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