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Opportunities for Kindness

Boy's Clothes & Shoes

Please deliver clothing items to any Pelham fire station and label with "#4". Thank you for your KINDNESS!


Jeans/shorts and shirts: Size 10-12

Shoes: Size 1

Monetary Donations

Thank you for being a supporter of Neighborhood Bridges-Pelham!  As we begin a new (uncertain) school year, many of you would like to offer support.  One option is a tax deductible monetary donation.  This can be done by visiting https://www.neighborhoodbridges.org/community/Pelham-Al  and selecting "Donate". These funds will go directly to support children and families in our community. As the area director, I will work with Pelham City school counselors to meet the needs of our children during this challenging time.  

Again, thank you for your support!




Recently Filled Needs

Snacks for those in need

Extra snacks for students who are hungry and need more food in special situations. Please write "School #1" on items for delivery. Thank you for your KINDNESS!

ACT snacks for students

Need the following for 325 students- Double Mint gum (325 slices), small waters, Quaker Granola Bars (300) and Rice Krispie (25) treats to share with Juniors taking the upcoming March ACT. This is a state mandated assessment for all Alabama Juniors.  Please write "School #1" on items for delivery. Thank you for your KINDNESS!


Several students in need of blankets, 8 if possible. Please write "School #1" for delivery purposes. Thank you for your KINDNESS!

Classroom supplies needed

Dry erasers, colored pencils, Dollar Tree earbuds, Composition Notebooks,1 inch 3-Ring Binders.  Please mark as "School #1" for delivery purposes. Thank you for your KINDNESS!

Toiletries Needed

Many students in need of deodorant (males and females), toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo, feminine products. Please label as School #1 and deliver to any Pelham City Fire Station. Thank you!!!!

Clothes, toiletries- Boy

Boy's Coat-XL, Shirts XL, Pants (size 18), socks (shoe size 8), soap. Please mark your donation with #1 and deliver to a Pelham City Fire Station. Thank you for your KINDNESS!

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