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Recently Filled Needs

Young man in need of clothes, shoes, and other basic items

We have a young man in need of pants ( size 10/12), shirts (size 14/16), shoes (7-7.5), tshirts, socks, and small boxer shorts. Please label school #1.

Thank you for your continued generosity!


Men's size shirts and pants needed

Male student in need of men's size 32x34 pants and Large shirts.  Please label school #1. Thank you for your generosity!


ACT Snacks needed for Juniors - March 10th

Please support our students "Grow Your ACT Score- Achieve More" by helping us provide small water bottles and Quaker chewy granola bars and peppermint to juniors on test day, March 10th. We have 250 juniors to support and we'd love your help!  Please mark your donation #1 and drop at any Pelham fire station.


Students in need of basic school supplies

Our students are in need of 3 ring binders, dividers, loose leaf paper, pocket folders, small spiral notebooks, pencils. Please label for school #1 when delivered to Pelham FD. Thank you !


Wellness for students and staff....... Keep Germs Away!

Our Nurse, Teachers and Staff are in need of Lysol Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Tissue, Lysol Spray to keep our students and staff as healthy as possible.  Please label your donations for School #1 when you to drop off items to Pelham FD. Thanks so much!


Boys jacket size 5/6

We have a student who is in need of a puffy jacket to get him through the winter.  Size small (5/6) Please mark your donation with #4 and deliver to a Pelham fire station.  Thank you for your kindness!


Quart-sized Ziploc Freezer Bags for Nurse's Station

Greetings, our school nurse needs quart-sized freezer bags for ice to treat bumps and bruises in PE.  Currently, we are out.  Please mark your donation school #2 and drop it off to any Pelham Fire Station.  Thank you for your KINDNESS! 


Expo Markers for Middle School Math Students

Hello!  Our students use Expo (dry erase) markers to work out math problems on individual white boards.  We have a need for black Expo markers in the middle school.  Please mark your donation with at #2 and deliver it to any Pelham Fire Station.  Thank you for your kindness!  


Non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks

Hello, we have students who sometimes need an extra snack and may not have one.  Our special education classes try to keep extra snacks on hand to share with students. Good examples would be gummy fruit snacks, crackers, Pop Tarts, Goldfish, etc. Please label your donation for school #2.  You may deliver to any Pelham Fire Station.  Thank you so much for your kindness. 


3 inch Binders needed at Middle School (on-going need)

We have an on-going need for replacement 3-ring, 3-inch, clearview binders.  Thank you all for previous donations.  We have shared with students and would love to have more replacement binders at our middle school. Please label your donation with #2 and deliver it to any Pelham Fire Station.  Thank you so much for your support. 


Clorox Disinfectant Wipes needed for multiple classrooms

Multiple classrooms are in need of disinfectant wipes to keep their classrooms clean and healthy.  Can you help us by donating? Please mark your donations with school #2 and drop them by any Pelham Fire Station.  Thank you so much! 


Several boxes of Kleenex/facial tissue needed (Urgent need)

Greetings!  As we are in the season of colds and sniffles, many of our teachers have asked for Kleenex for classrooms. They are completely out.  We would appreciate your donation of tissues for school #2. Thank you so much for your consideration and support. 


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