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Opportunities for Kindness

COMMUNITY SUPPORT for Hunt Club Apartment Fire Victims

Sylvania area partners are working together to assist in the needs of the residents at the Hunt Club Apartments that were affected by the fire.  These include: American Red Cross, Sylvania Chamber of Commerce, Sylvania Area Family Services, Rotary Club of Sylvania, Jewish Senior Family & Social Services, RFS Behavioral Health, Five Lakes Church, and Olivet Lutheran Church. You may check their websites/social media pages for donation opportunities.  

 Monetary donations have been directed to go through neighborhood bridges Sylvania.  Just click the I Can Help! button and fill out the information.  You will receive a follow up email with subject line "THANK YOU for your donation."  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the link to make your monetary donation. A tax-deductible receipt will follow via email.


Back 2 School Items

 Neighborhood bridges is collaborating with Sylvania Area Family Services (SAFS) to help provide TWO Back-to-School items for students in need. $5 is all it takes!   We're asking for your help in purchasing:  

Backpacks - A great resource for $5 backpacks is the store, fiVE BEL°W.  They carry various sizes, colors, and styles.    Crayola Washable Markers - Sale prices for these markers should allow you to purchase two packs at $5 or less.                                                                  

Please take your donation/s directly to SAFS, located at 5440 Marshall Rd. Sylvania, OH 43560 before August 6th.  If you prefer, neighborhood bridges will gladly do the shopping for you...Just click the I Can Help! button and fill out the information box. You will receive a follow up email with subject line "THANK YOU for your donation." Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the link to make your monetary donation. A tax-deductible receipt will follow via email.



Ongoing Need

While you're out shopping this summer, might you consider picking up an additional non-perishable item or two that our school counselors consistently use and need stocked throughout the school year. Please be sure they are individual sized-servings. Suggested items include but are not limited to: 

fruit snacks


small water bottles

single serving snacks

handi-wipes/baby wipes

granola bars/cracker packs


National Sponsors

Ohio Sponsors

Kindness Council Members

Recently Filled Needs

Senior in need of shoes/clothing for graduation assembly at school

Senior Assembly is tomorrow, May 19. Student does not have appropriate shoes (only has used used athletic shoes) and also needs slacks/blouse (or) dress. 

Student will need gift card or monetary donation. Student has sensory concerns and is finicky about clothing- will help if she can pick out items. 

Graduating Seniors Gift Cards

Neighborhood Bridges hopes to give gift cards to about 15 Sylvania Schools Graduating Seniors who are in need. We are seeking MONETARY donations of any amount to purchase a “congratulations” gift card for each of these students  

Also, if you own a local restaurant or other business that would have something to contribute that a high school student might enjoy, please let us know and we will feature your business on our social media outlets.

To donate, click on the “I can help” button below and fill out the information. You will get an automatic response with a link to donate. Thank you!

Glasses for Kindergarten Student

A Kindergarten student is in need of a new pair of glasses. We would like to provide a rubber set of frames that won’t break. 
Please click the ‘I Can Donate’ button if you would like to help with the $75 cost. 
Thank you!

Household Items for graduating senior that lives on her own

*UPDATE*  Items still listed have not been filled.  Donated/fulfilled items have been deleted.  

A Sylvania high school senior is currently working and living on her own in an apartment.  She needs assistance in getting basic furnishings.  The items can be gently used (or new) but in good condition please.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE 'I CAN HELP' BUTTON TO LET US KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DONATING.

     Larger items include: 

  • queen bed frame, 
  • queen mattress 
  • queen box springs
  • *neighborhood bridges will help with the transportation of these items*

  • Smaller items include: 

    • sweeper/vacuum cleaner
    • **drop off for these smaller items may be taken to Sylvania Fire Station #3 or #4 on weekdays between 9am to 4pm**

    • Sylvania Fire Station #3
    • 5056 Haddon Rd.  (off Whiteford just north of Monroe St.)
    • Toledo, OH  43623

    • Sylvania Fire Station #4
    • 8210 W Sylvania Ave.
    • Sylvania, OH  43560

    • Thank you so much!

Lice Treatments Needed

*Immediate Need*  

**UPDATE**  We now need just $40 to complete our purchase of 10 lice treatment kits! 

A family with three young children (ages 5 and under) is in need of lice treatment for the entire family (5 individuals). Unfortunately, because there is an outbreak, ALL members of the family will need to have TWO treatments - each treatment spaced 7-10 days apart (10 treatments total are needed).

We are hoping to have $200 donated by Friday, 2/25/22 so the lice treatment kits can be purchased and the school-aged child can have the first treatment over the weekend.  This will allow the student to be back in school on Monday.

Thank you!

Family in need of household items

A large family who just moved to Sylvania from a great distance is in need of a few household items.  Please consider donating any of the items below, either new or gently used.

See note at the bottom about drop off location.

— Dressers (2) 

**neighborhood bridges can help with transportation of furniture😊

— Dining Room Chairs (2)

  1. ***IF YOU CAN DONATE any new or gently used things for them please drop the items off any time M-F from 9-4 at...

    1. Sylvania Area Family Services
    2. 5440 Marshall Road
    3. Sylvania, Ohio 43560

  2. Please click on the ‘I Can Help’ button to let us know what you are donating.
    Thank you so very much!

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About Sylvania

Karen Smith - Area Director

Dolli Darah - Assistant Area Director

Thank you to our Sylvania neighborhood bridges steering committee!!!

Crystal Bland, Social Service Coordinator – Sylvania Area Family Services

Tammy Eisenreich, Parent - Northview High School

Amber Ferrell, Parent - Sylvan Elementary

Andrea Hoffman, School Counselor - Sylvan Elementary

Jodi Livecchi, Firefighter - Springfield Township Fire Department

Hannah Loeser, Administrative Assistant - Jewish Family & Social Services

Laura Low, Director of Students with Disabilities - Sylvania Schools

Ben Malczewski, President - Sylvania Rotary

Michael J. Ramm, Chief - Sylvania Fire & EMS

Dottie Segur, Executive Director - Sylvania Area Family Services

Alexandria Thornton, Counselor - Hill View Elementary

Ken Wines, Community Relations Manager – Sylvania Chamber of Commerce

Shawn Wittkop, Lieutenant - Sylvania Fire & EMS

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