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Opportunities for Kindness

Needs at HTMS!

We are building a Care Closet at HTMS. We would love to fill it with needed items to have for our students when they come up! We are looking for a clothing rack, deodorant (male and female), ponytail holders, and other hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, etc.). We would so appreciate any or all of these items! 

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Recently Filled Needs

TCS Student/Family Need

Neighborhood Bridges Coordinator,

I am sending this to aid in the support of a student and family in TCS. We have been notified that the family storage unit was robbed and all their furniture was stolen. The family is in need for beds for 3 children (Middle School and High School ages).

Student In Need at HTMS!

We have a sweet middle school student in need of some items. 

Female underwear Size Large in women, size Xl sports bra, size 9 socks for female. 

Thank you so much for considering giving to this precious child!

Lunch Money for Students

There are students in Trussville City Schools lacking funds for lunch this semester. Lunches have been free the last two years and families are adapting to paying for lunches again. Based on current charges, each school will need at least $1000 this semester to cover lunch charges for students who are struggling to pay at this time. Student lunches are $2.50 per day. Currently over 450 students are charging lunches. 

High School Senior Needs maintenance on their Car

Student needs to have maintenance on the air conditioner in their car and also new tires.

Family has had some financial hardships due to some medical issues within the immediate family and this student has received a college scholarship and will need her car in order to accept this opportunity.   

Glasses needed for elementary student

This 4th grade student at Paine Elementary needs new glasses. The family had to choose between fixing the car and getting the student glasses. The cost will be $250 to $300.

Dental emergency for high school senior

A high school girl (17) needs an emergency root canal. This senior and her family have suffered several medical challenges during COVID that have impacted their living and financial situation. The cost of this procedure is $1100. 

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