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Opportunities for Kindness

Fieldtrip--Site 9

Kindergarten is travelling on a field trip and we have a student that needs financial assistance to attend.  The cost is $95.Thanks!

Bubbles and Stress Balls

Worries and Stress is on the Rise! A school is in need of 100 bottles of bubbles with a wand and 100 stress balls for National Stress Awareness Month. Bubbles and Stress Balls can be a fun way to help reduce stress. Bubbles and Stress Balls can show others creative ways of how to lower their stress by blowing or squeezing their worries away. These items will be very helpful and greatly appreciated as we celebrate Stress Awareness Month. Site 14

Black Coats - NO HOOD

Gently used men's black Coats needed without hoods in all sizes. Site 18

Site 15 - Positive Behavior Funds

Site 15- We are planning an end-of-the-year Positive Behavior Celebration to reward the students who have acted positively, respectfully and kindly throughout the school year. We will need additional funds to take them on an off-campus field trip that they will remember forever. 

Large umbrellas needed for rainy day dismissals (Site #15)

We are in need of several large umbrellas (Total: 5-10) that staff members can use for rainy day dismissals. These umbrellas will help staff members assist students to their cars without getting soaked during afternoon dismissals. Thank you in advance for any financial assistance you may be able to provide for this request. 


personal items

deodorant for students

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Recently Filled Needs

Funds for Field trip Site 1

Two 1st grade students need $8 ( per student) to attend a field trip to the Theater on April 24th with their class. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you! 

Site 2: Field Trip Cost-Space and Rocket Center

Please consider sponsoring a student so they can attend a field trip to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.  The student would really appreciate the opportunity to join the class and enjoy the end of the year field trip!  The cost is $85 and due really soon-April 12th.  The family is unable to afford to pay at this time.

Gas gift card--Site 9

We are need in a $75.00 gas card to help a family with transportation for their child.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit-Site-9

We have a child with hearing aids and are in need of a cleaning kit so we can keep the hearing aids clean for he student.  I have provided a link for one.  Thanks!


Undershirts and Shoes Needed- Site 18

Need men and women white t-shirts in all sized

Youth Boys Dress Shoes in black or brown- Size 2

High School Teen Needs Assistance with Graduation Fee

A high school teen is in need of financial assistance to help pay for her high school graduation fee and cap/gown. The young lady is preparing to graduate, but her mother is currently experiencing financial difficulties and can not afford to pay for the student's graduation fee. The student and her mother will be very grateful for any help with graduation cost. The student has a bright future ahead. Her goal is to attend college when she graduates. This young lady is in need of $150.00 to pay for her high school graduation so that she can walk across the stage and receive her diploma. Site 14

Need: $150.00

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Thank You!

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