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Opportunities for Kindness

Girls' Leggings--Site 21

We are in need of all sizes of girls' leggings to use when our kiddos have accidents.

Panties/Underwear-Site 21

Accidents happen! We are in need of panties and underwear for our kiddos.Childrens' Sizes S, M, L, XL

Sweatpants--Site 21

We are in need of size Small (5+ each) and Medium (5+) sweat pants for our boys who have accidents at school.

Sweat Pants--Site21

We are in need of Large (5+) and XL (5+) sweatpants for our boys who have accidents.

Socks--Site 21

Our kiddos are in need of socks.  We need all youth sizes and small adult sizes.

Shoes for JROTC student- site 3

JROTC female student is in need of a pair of running shoes. Women's size 9

Thanks in advance!

PBIS / School Morale donations (Site #4)

The following items are being requested for our PBIS Student and Teacher Treasure chests. When students and/or staff receive positive office referrals they are permitted to pick an item from their designated treasure chest. Any assistance to help fund the needed/requested treasure chest items will be greatly appreciated. 

Student treasure chest: candy, snacks, pop-it fidgets, etc.

Teacher treasure chest: $5-$10 gift cards, full-size candy bars, snacks, lotions, etc. 

Classroom storage baskets for SEL materials (Site #4)

 Site #4 is need of 6 storage baskets/containers to store grade level SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) tools/items for classroom/student use. 

Any assistance in purchasing the needed items will be greatly appreciated. 


Clothing & shoes request for Elementary student in need (Site #4)

Clothing needed for elementary school student (female). Family is experiencing financial difficulties due to unexpected loss of family members and unexpected loss of income. (Gift cards are welcome.)

Clothing sizes: Shirt (10/12); Pants (10/12); Shoes (Size 6 Youth)

Cookware/utensils needed- site #3

Cookware (pots and pans), dishes, and cooking utensils are needed to teach independent living skills to students in our Transition Program. Please consider donating the essential items to help enrich their learning through guided hands on cooking opportunities in the classroom. Thanks in advance!

Site 15 - Women's Jeans size 10 and 12

Site 15 - Women's Jeans size 10 and 12

Phone Card Needed for Parent

A parent is in need of a phone card so that she can make important calls and receive calls from the school. The parent can not afford a cell phone plan or home phone at this time due to a lack of income. The parent desperately needs minutes on her phone in order to make and receive calls. A phone card will help this parent tremendously. Any donation to help this parent with minutes will be greatly appreciated. Site 14

Item Requested:

Pre-Paid Phone Card for Minutes

Clothes for Teen Girl

A parent is in need of help with clothes for her growing teenage daughter. The family is experiencing financial difficulty and can not afford to buy clothes for the student at this time. The parent and student will be thankful for any help in securing clothes and shoes for this school year. Any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated. Site 14

Women Pants: Size 10 - 12

Women Tops: Size Medium

Women Shoes: Size 9

Clothes and Shoes For High School Boy

A family needs help with clothes at this time for their high school teenage boy. Due to the lack of income and high cost of living expenses, the family can not afford to purchase clothes for their son during this school year. The family will be very thankful for any help with clothes and shoes. Site 14

Items Requested:

Men Pants: Size 32 X 34

Men Shirts: Size Large

Men Shoes: Size 10.5 - 11

Clothes for High School Teen Girl

A high school teenage girl is in need of clothes for school. Her mother has limited income and is not able to purchase her school clothes at this time. This family will be very grateful for any assistance in helping her child with clothes. Size 14

Student: High School Girl

Clothes requested: Pants - Size 14 Women

                              Short Sleeve Shirts: Size XL Women                               

                              Shoes: Size 8 Women

                              Purse/ Cross Body Bag                                                              

Safety Bag Items-Site 21

We are in need of some items for our safety bags we are creating in case of an emergency at school. We are in need of about 50 boxes of Band-Aids, cotton swabs, and alcohol swabs. 

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Recently Filled Needs

site #3- Extension cords/surge protectors needed

Surge protectors and/or extensions cords are needed for important testing coming up in the month of October. Needed by October 15. Thanks in advance for helping with this request!

Supplies needed for diabetic student - Site 3

Diabetic student is in need of an Autolet lancing device to keep at school and an extra glucometer to keep on her. Her insurance will not cover a second device and this would prevent her from forgetting her main device at home/school.   Site 3

Fieldtrip--Site 21

Kindergarten is traveling to Barnyard and we have two students who cannot afford to pay for the fieldtrip. The children would really like to experience this with their classmates.  The cost is $20.00 per child for a total of $40.00 

High School Boy in Need of Clothes / Hygiene Items

A teen boy is in need of clothes for school. His mother is experiencing financial difficulties and can not afford to purchase him clothes at this time. This parent has a lot of pride and she and the student do not ask for help when needed. The student and his parent will be very grateful for any help with clothes. The student also needs soap and laundry detergent to keep his clothes smelling fresh. Thank you for any assistance with these items to help the family. Site 14. 

Items Requested:

  • 2X Men Tops - Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve 
  • 2X Men Pants 
  • XL Underwear
  • Deodorant 
  • Soap or Body Wash 
  • Laundry Detergent

Pajamas for High School Girl

A parent is in need of help with pajamas for her teenage daughter. The parent can not afford to purchase the student night gowns/night shirts. The student has clothes to wear to school, but is in needs of sleepwear to have a comfortable and restful night of sleep. Any help to assist this family will be greatly helpful and appreciated. 

Items Requested: Sleepwear

Women: Long Night Gowns/ Long Night Shirts ( Size 3X)

Clothes for Teen Boy

A single parent needs help with clothes for her teenage son for this school school year. The parent does not have the means to purchase her son clothes at this time. The teen appears to be embarrassed to come to school because of his clothes. This family will be very grateful for any help with clothes and shoes so the student can feel more confident in coming to school. Site 14

Items Requested:

Men Shirts - Size Medium

Men Pants: Size 28 X34

Men Shoes: Size 10

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