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Band Aids

All shapes and sizes

Family with Unfortunate Circumstances/Needs - Site 18

There is family which is in need of clothing and toiletry items.  Below are the needs:

5 Pairs of Jeans - Sizes 5 and/or 29

5 teenage colored t-shirts  (not undershirts) - Size Small

2 collared shorts - Small, Men's

Men's Socks (for teen)

Underwear - Ladies - Size 7

Underwear - Men's - Size Small (for teen)

Sneakers - Men's Size 7 (for teen)

Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and shampoo

Even if one can donate in part, it will be a help.  Thank you!

Clothing for Family in Need - Site 16

A family of 4 children (elementary, middle, and high school age) are in need of clothing. 

Boys size 10-12, 16-18, & Large (three boys in family)

Womens size small/medium (one girl in family)

Backpacks - Site 15

I am in need of sturdy backpacks to keep on hand for elementary students (big enough to hold a binder and books) who have worn theirs out and cannot afford a new one or transient students who come with no supplies.

Site 7-School Nurse needs for students

Our school nurse is in need of the following items to ensure that she is best servicing our students:

*pen light (for checking eyes)

*pulse oximeter

*peanut butter crackers

*cheese crackers

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

5th grade girl in need of casual clothing - Site 10

5th grade girl of a single father in need of adult medium 

White Polo style shirts - site 21

Men’s or women’s white polo style shirts.

Backpacks - Site 20

In need of sturdy backpacks for middle school boys and girls. 

Winter Clothing - Site 20

7th grade boy needs some warm clothes, please!  

Shoes sized 7 in men, shirts sized adult large, pants sized 32 X 32, and socks and underwear.

Brown or Black Belts - Site 21

Any brown or black belts, all sizes

Men's and Boy's White Dress Shirts - Site 21

Men's and boy's white button up dress shirts all sizes

School Uniforms - Site 21

School uniforms - male white button-down shirt (all sizes for middle and high schools - mostly size adult 16 and 16.5)

khaki pants for males and females - all sizes; middle and high school students

Recently Filled Needs

Band Aids

All shapes and sizes 

Clothing for students - Site 15

One of our families needs summer clothing for their children. The children are of the following genders/sizes:

-boy size 8

-girl size 5

-girl size 3

Laundry Detergent for Classroom - Site 16

Our special needs classroom frequently needs to wash clothing and other items during the school day. We are in need of detergent. 

Sanitary Supplies for Students - Site 16

Female students at elementary school are in need of sanitary items (pads) and change of clothes (underwear and pants) for when accidents happen at school. Students are typically in 4th and 5th grade. We are in need of a range of sizes of underwear and pants. Sizes range from youth medium (10/12) through adult sizes. Black leggings or other elastic waist pants are preferred. Thank you!!

5th grade Moving Up Ceremony - Site 11

I am in need of dress clothes for a 5th grade boy that is "moving up" to 6th grade.  Khaki pants and a collared shirt or button down shirt are perfect for this occasion.  Size 10 pants and shirt. Thank you so much for helping make this day so special. 

Unisex Shoes-Slip ons, Croc-type shoes, tennis shoes, or flip flops - Site 1

I am in need of unisex shoes for our clothing closet. We often give students shoes who have worn out or broken shoes and we are completely out of shoes. Our summer learning program will be going through the summer, so these needs will continue after the regular school year ends. Basic colored Toms-style slip ons, Croc-style shoes, flip flops, and unisex tennis shoes work well because we can give them to boys or girls, but we will take anything! Any sizes from a Child's size 10 up to a Youth 6.

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