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Opportunities for Kindness

Boys and Girls Underwear/shorts need

Need for underwear and summer clothing 

boys athletic wear shorts sizes 5-8
boys underwear sizes 5-8

girls underwear sizes 5-10

girls leggings sizes 5-10

Local Teacher request

Local Teachers request for a few items to finish up the school year…

Clorox Wipes
Wet Wipes

National Sponsors

Alabama Sponsors

Recently Filled Needs

Student Athlete in Need of Help with Uniform Cost

A local high school student athlete from a single parent home is in need of help covering the cost of the uniform and gear. The program is waiving the remainder of the fees/cost for this family. The uniform and gear would be $300. Anything toward helping this family would be wonderful.

Counselors Request for assistance

Counselor has put in a request for assistance on monthly reward pictures/prints

Student made Nationals and needs financial help to travel

We have a local student that has been invited to Boston to run for All American. Asking for financial assistance to help with travel, hotel and food. 

Grandma dishwisher need request

Grandma has custody of her grandchildren and her dishwasher broke. Need is for a new dishwasher to help make life with littles a little easier for her.

School Sport Fees

Mother has been trying to find sponsors to help pay for her two daughters school sport fees. 

She is still short $400 and has reached out for some help so her daughters can participate. 

Fees are due Friday. Thank you!

Single Mother in need of clothing for her and her children.

A single Mother with a new job is in need of clothing for her and her two children. 

Ladies' size 6 Pants and Casual shirts M

Ladies size 7 shoes *comfortable (on feet all day)

Ladies Socks to fit size 7 shoe

Boys size 7 elastic waist shorts or joggers

Boys size 7 long sleeve t-shirts

Boys underwear (size 7)

Boys tennis shoes size Y3

Boys socks to fit Y3 shoe size

Girl size 5T pull on pants, long sleeve t-shirts, and/or casual dresses

Girl underwear 5T

Girl shoes size 11

Girl socks for child's shoe size 11

+25 more
Thank You!

About Chelsea

Anna & Jerry Endico - Area Directors

Anna and Jerry moved to Chelsea from Florida seven years ago and fell in love with the community!  Between four kids in sports and school they are able to coach and be a part of several school organizations. Anna is the PTO President at CPES and Jerry is Treasurer of the CHMS Booster-club.  They look forward to driving impact and kindness to Chelsea students/families in need.

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