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Birth Certificate Needed for Disabled Woman

Our partners at One Dublin came to us on behalf of a disabled woman needing assistance getting a copy of her out of state birth certificate. The woman noticed her last name was misspelled on her Ohio ID. In order to change it, she needs to have a copy of her birth certificate. She had some recent expenses and is unable to pay the $50 fee. Dublin Bridges would like to fill this need. If you would like to donate towards this need, please click on I CAN HELP, and a donation link will be emailed to you. You can also use the following link: http://bit.ly/donatedublin.


Personal Care Pantry Supplies

A clinic aid in one of the high schools has requested some supplies for their Personal Care Pantry.


Headphones needed for 2nd grade classrooms

An advocate has contacted us regarding a 2nd-grade classroom that urgently needs 120 headphones for individual use. The teachers rely on students to bring their own headphones for classroom use, but some students are unable to do so, which leads to teachers spending their own money to buy headphones for their students. Due to the frequent wear and tear of the headphones and the lack of headphones being brought in, the teachers have decided that they would be grateful to have classroom sets of headphones to keep in their room. This would reduce the cost of headphones from the supply list.  Dublin Bridges is able to purchase the headphones in bulk at a discounted rate of $225. If you would like to donate to this need, please click on I CAN HELP, and a donation link will be sent to you. Or you can use the following link: http://bit.ly/donatedublin


5th grade student in need of clarinet!

A 5th-grade boy in Dublin Schools is signed up for band next year and would love to play the clarinet. However, the purchase or rental of the instrument would put a financial strain on his single mom. They are seeking a gently used clarinet for him to begin his musical journey. If you have a clarinet in great working condition that you would like to donate, please click on I CAN HELP, and we will arrange to get it from you.


Utility Assistance Needed

A community advocate has reached out to us regarding a mother who is scheduled for cancer surgery. Due to her illness, she has had to take a leave from work, which has put her in a financial bind. As a result, she is facing a disconnection of her electricity. We would like to assist her in paying her $504 bill to prevent disconnection. If you wish to help this mother, please click on "I CAN HELP", and a donation link will be sent to you. You may also use the following link: http://bit.ly/donatedublin.


Car Repair Costs

An advocate from one of the elementary schools contacted us regarding a single mother who relies on her car to get to work and take her children to school and their activities. Unfortunately, she is struggling to pay the $1400 repair bill to make her car safe to drive. Despite being a hard worker, she doesn't have the extra funds to cover the car repairs at this time. We want to help her make the payment so that she can drive her children and herself safely. If you would like to donate to this need, please click on I CAN HELP, and a donation link will be sent to you or you can use the following payment link: http://bit.ly/donatedublin


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About Dublin

Jill Kranstuber, Area Director 

Jill is a New Jersey native who moved to Ohio over 30 years ago to attend The Ohio State University. She and her husband Chuck, an attorney and past Dublin City Council Member, past Mayor of Dublin and current Washington Township Trustee have 7 children, all of whom have attended Dublin City Schools. She is also the proud grandmother to 2 year old Oliver. Jill is an active volunteer in the schools and the community. She is the current PTO President at Dublin Coffman High School as well as a member of the Key Communicators at DCHS. She is also a long-time volunteer for the Dublin Irish Festival. In the past, Jill was the Development Director of AIDSWalk Central Ohio. Jill is excited about the opportunity that Dublin Bridges will provide to those in need in our community. 

Sarah Savage, Area Director  ​

Sarah has been a Dublin resident for over 15 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Education and Counseling Psychology from Vanderbilt University and her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling from The Ohio State University. Sarah and her husband, Brian, a Dublin Coffman graduate and local business owner, have 3 children. Sarah loves being involved in Dublin Schools, her childrens' classrooms and the community. She is currently PTO President and member of Key Communicators at Eli Pinney Elementary School and volunteers as a committee chair for the Mount Carmel St. Ann's Women's Auxiliary. She was previously a clinical mental health counselor at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and Gahanna Jefferson Schools. Sarah is thrilled to promote kindness in our amazing community through Dublin Bridges. ​

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