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Grocery/Gas Gift Cards Needed

We have been contacted by a DCS guidance counselor regarding a family in need of gas/grocery cards. The family, consisting of mom, dad and four children, were recently evicted from their apartment. The were able to stay with family for awhile, but then had to move to a shelter and are currently homeless. Also, during this time, the father had his car repossessed and used up their spare money to get the car back so that he could get to work. However, he is now struggling with the cost of gas, which has prevented him from being able to take an extra job to help with the family's financial crisis. Dublin Bridges would like to provide the family with gas and grocery gift cards to help them get back on their feet. Please click on I CAN HELP and then use the Paypal link if you can help donate funds towards the purchase of gas and grocery gift cards for this family.

Home Furnishings Needed

Recently Dublin Bridges, Welcome Warehouse and the Dublin-Worthington Rotary teamed up to help a local mother and her children move from an extended stay hotel into their own apartment. Thank you for your generous contributions to help make this possible! The family is settled into their new home and could use some help with home furnishings. Specifically they are looking for: NEED UPDATED TO INCLUDE A WASHER AND DRYER

Washer and Dryer


-Kitchen table with 4 chairs - RECEIVED

-TV and TV stand - RECEIVED

Please let us know if you have any of these items you would be willing to donate. Thank you!

Recently Filled Needs

Dining Table/Chairs Needed

Welcome Warehouse is working with a family of 6 who is in need of some furniture. The family recently lost their mom/grandma and they sold some personal items and accessories to help pay for the funeral expenses. They are still paying down the expenses and their budget is very tight. They do not have a dining table and chairs (6 needed), and they do not have funds to purchase these items. Please let us know if you have any of these items that you would be willing to donate.


Carpet Cleaning

A single mom of 5 children is in need of a carpet cleaning service to deep clean carpets due to lingering cat damage that is making the home unsanitary. The mom has been struggling emotionally due to a recent tragedy in the family and is trying to make a better home for her children, but can't afford to clean the carpets. There are no longer any cats present in the house. The family is hoping to have the carpets cleaned in the living room, hallway, 3 bedrooms, as well as, possibly 1/2 of the basement. Welcome Warehouse is also assisting this family with clothing and beds. Dublin Bridges is seeking a carpet cleaning company that may be able to complete this carpet cleaning at a reduced rate, as well as donated funds towards the cost of carpet cleaning. If you are able to donate or can put us in contact with a carpet cleaning company who would be willing to do a reduced fee cleaning, please click on the link labeled, "I CAN HELP."  ***UPDATE: WE HAVE FOUND A CARPET CLEANER WHO WILL DO THE CLEANING FOR A VERY DISCOUNTED RATE OF $200.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE, PLEASE CLICK ON "I CAN HELP" TO MAKE A PAYPAL DONATION.


Kitchen Table and Chairs Needed

A mom who fled from an abusive relationship with her children is in need of a kitchen table and chairs. Dublin Bridges previously helped this mom with a security deposit...thanks to our generous community...so that she could get a new home for her and her children. She is now in need of assistance in furnishing the apartment.  Welcome Warehouse is providing beds and we already have a sofa for this family. We will happily pick the kitchen table and chairs up from you.  Please click on the "I CAN HELP" below if you have one to donate.


$100 needed for utility bill

The Dublin Food Pantry is working with a family of 5 who is struggling to pay a utility bill. They have had some setbacks and are working to get back on track. They are able to make partial payment but are in need of $100 to pay in full.  Please click on the I CAN HELP button if you are able to help this family in need.


Clothing Needed

A DCS elementary school guidance counselor has reached out to us to find loose fitting clothing for a female student in sizes 8-10.  The student's family is unable to afford new clothing at this time due to financial issues.  Please click on the I CAN HELP button if you are able to assist with this need.


Funds needed for students to participate in sports

An elementary school guidance counselor has reached out to Dublin Bridges to find some assistance for a single mom who has two children in the Dublin City Schools.  The mom currently works a full time job along with two part time jobs.  She is having a hard time paying her bills and doesn't have additional funds for the children's extra curricular sports activities. We are looking for funds to help cover some of the supplies and travel expenses for the children. Please click on "I Can Help" to provide financial assistance for this family.


Vacuum Needed for Single Mom

***Chair need has been met. Only need vacuum cleaner now.***
This need comes to us from the Dublin Food Pantry who is assisting a single Mom who is experiencing some financial setbacks. She works full-time, but with rent, daycare costs, student loans, and utilities she doesn't have enough funds for some basic household items she needs. She has a table but needs 4 dining chairs and would also like an outdoor chair so she can sit outside and watch her daughter ride her bike. She also is in need of a vacuum cleaner. Please let us know if you have any of these items you would be willing to donate.

Assistance with Partial Rental Deposit

Welcome Warehouse is working with a single mom of two who is trying to move her family from an extended stay hotel into a permanent apartment. She moved here this summer and was working at the hotel cleaning rooms until she found a permanent job. She started her new job last week and has been working very hard to stabilize things for her family. She does not receive financial assistance from the children's father. 

She needs to pay her rental deposit by the end of this week to secure the apartment. She has saved part of the amount needed but needs an additional $500. Once she starts receiving paychecks from the new job she will have the income necessary to make her rental payments. She just needs help getting over the hump.


Clarinet needed for student

Welcome Warehouse is working with a family who is looking for a clarinet for their 6th-grader so he can join the school band. The family's income is very limited and they do not have funds to purchase or rent an instrument. If you have one you are no longer using please let us know.


Crib Needed

Welcome Warehouse is working with a family that is transitioning out of homelessness. They are in need of a crib and crib mattress for their 1-yr. old child. We are requesting a newer crib and mattress in safe condition with no recalls. Welcome Warehouse can pick up the crib if you live in the Dublin area.

***We have a crib mattress.  We are now just in need of a crib.


Halloween Costumes Needed

Again this year, Dublin Bridges will be collection new or gently used Halloween costumes in sizes 5-14, for elementary aged students. These costumes will be given to our Dublin City School guidance counselors to distribute to students who come to school without a costume. Please drop off your new or gently used Halloween costumes, on of before, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th, to either of our drop-off locations at the Washington Township Administrative Offices, 6200 Eiterman Road, or the main desk at the Dublin Rec Center. 


Older Adult in Need of Hearing Aid Repair

An advocate at Syntero has contacted Dublin Bridges on behalf of an older adult that has substantial hearing impairment in both ears. The older adult has a hearing aid and amplifier piece to improve her hearing and to provide support for her balance, especially with walking. The amplifier piece is a key aspect for fixing the hearing impairment issue. The client is in her eighties and the hearing aid was made to assist her with daily living and so that she can be as independent as possible. Unfortunately, the amplifier in the hearing aid has broken and needs repair or replacement. Due to limited income, this individual is unable to afford the cost of $900 for the repair. Dublin Bridges would like to assist with either monetary donations towards the repair, or to find someone who is willing to complete the repair at a reduced cost. Please click on "I can help!" to provide financial donations or to put us in contact with a company or individual who can assist in this repair.


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Jill Kranstuber, Area Director 

Jill is a New Jersey native who moved to Ohio over 30 years ago to attend The Ohio State University. She and her husband Chuck, an attorney and past Dublin City Council Member, past Mayor of Dublin and current Washington Township Trustee have 7 children, all of whom have attended Dublin City Schools. She is also the proud grandmother to 2 year old Oliver. Jill is an active volunteer in the schools and the community. She is the current PTO President at Dublin Coffman High School as well as a member of the Key Communicators at DCHS. She is also a long-time volunteer for the Dublin Irish Festival. In the past, Jill was the Development Director of AIDSWalk Central Ohio. Jill is excited about the opportunity that Dublin Bridges will provide to those in need in our community. 

Sarah Savage, Area Director  ​

Sarah has been a Dublin resident for over 15 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Education and Counseling Psychology from Vanderbilt University and her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling from The Ohio State University. Sarah and her husband, Brian, a Dublin Coffman graduate and local business owner, have 3 children. Sarah loves being involved in Dublin Schools, her childrens' classrooms and the community. She is currently PTO President and member of Key Communicators at Eli Pinney Elementary School and volunteers as a committee chair for the Mount Carmel St. Ann's Women's Auxiliary. She was previously a clinical mental health counselor at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and Gahanna Jefferson Schools. Sarah is thrilled to promote kindness in our amazing community through Dublin Bridges. ​

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