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Opportunities for Kindness

$20 for 2021 Grads!

Graduation is an incredible milestone in any senior's life. Dublin Bridges would love to celebrate those seniors who are identified by their high schools' administrators and guidance counselors as needing some extra support. We know that in some cases, the graduation ceremony is the only celebration that they get, and we want to make sure that they feel celebrated at this incredibly important time in their lives. We want to provide them with a gift card and a special treat as a graduation gift from their community. If you would like to make a financial donation of $20 towards this endeavor, please click on I CAN HELP and a donation link will be sent to you.

Recently Filled Needs

Single Dublin Mother Needs Grocery Support

One of our school guidance counselors has reached out on behalf of a Dublin family that has recently gone through major family changes and is struggling to make ends meet. The newly single mom is supporting three children following a divorce.  Mom is the sole supporter.  The greatest need is food for the family- (grocery cards to WalMart, Kroger, or Meijer) would be so appreciated!  Please click on I CAN HELP to make a financial donation towards the purchase of these gift cards! 

Family in Need of Assistance

An intervention specialist at one of the schools has reached out to us about a family in need of assistance with rent.  They have one very young baby in need of open-heart surgery and another 3-year-old daughter who also requires surgery.  The mom lost her job due to all of the time off she has had to take to care of her daughters.  She is working part-time for a food delivery service but she is not earning enough at this time to pay all of the bills this month. She is hoping that receiving assistance for rent this month will help her get back on her feet so that she will be able to pay her rent going forward. We have also referred her to other agencies that may be able to help her going forward. We would like to help her with $775 to pay May's rent to avoid potential eviction. If you would like to donate to this need, please click on I CAN HELP and a donation link will be sent to you.


Veteran Needs Financial Help to Get Emotional Support Dog from Kennel

Our partners at the Dublin Food Pantry have reached out to us about a veteran who is unable to get his emotional support dog from the kennel where he was boarded because of the high boarding bill.  The veteran boarded his dog so that he could take a job in Cleveland.  Unfortunately, he did the job without collecting money upfront and the person never paid him the $3500 that was promised.  He could not afford to pay the kennel bill to retrieve his dog.  Since the dog has been there for such an extended amount of time as the owner tried to find a way to pay the kennel, the bill keeps going up and is now at an insurmountable amount for this veteran.  Dublin Bridges has arranged a smaller payment with the kennel.  We would like to raise $1500 to pay the agreed-upon price for this veteran to get his dog. If you would like to donate to this need, please click on I CAN HELP and a donation link will be sent to you.

Rent Help for New American Couple

An advocate from a local Dublin church has reached out to us about a couple who recently moved to the United States and are working very hard to make ends meet. The wife has found full-time employment and is interviewing for second jobs, but the husband has not found full-time employment at this time. Because of this, they are short on rent this month and need about $400 to makes ends meet. They are also both working hard to learn English. They are seeking suggestions for employment positions that pay higher than minimum wage and also don't require English.  If you would like to donate to this need or have a suggestion for employment, please click on I CAN HELP.  


Dryer needed for single mother

A single mom of children with special needs is in need of a new dryer. Her current dryer is old and deemed unsafe after it began sparking and emitting smoke. This parent has experienced a lot of financial difficulty after losing her job in February. If you have a dryer in great working condition that you would like to donate, please click on I CAN HELP and we will arrange to pick it up from you.


Orthondontia Needed for Middle School Student

Our partners at Welcome Warehouse have asked us for assistance with a middle school student in need of braces.  The parents are unable to afford the braces and the student is uncomfortable and being teased. Thank you to Dr. Kent Underwood and his staff at Smile Doctors, Powell Ohio for agreeing to help this student!

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About Dublin

Jill Kranstuber, Area Director 

Jill is a New Jersey native who moved to Ohio over 30 years ago to attend The Ohio State University. She and her husband Chuck, an attorney and past Dublin City Council Member, past Mayor of Dublin and current Washington Township Trustee have 7 children, all of whom have attended Dublin City Schools. She is also the proud grandmother to 2 year old Oliver. Jill is an active volunteer in the schools and the community. She is the current PTO President at Dublin Coffman High School as well as a member of the Key Communicators at DCHS. She is also a long-time volunteer for the Dublin Irish Festival. In the past, Jill was the Development Director of AIDSWalk Central Ohio. Jill is excited about the opportunity that Dublin Bridges will provide to those in need in our community. 

Sarah Savage, Area Director  ​

Sarah has been a Dublin resident for over 15 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Education and Counseling Psychology from Vanderbilt University and her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling from The Ohio State University. Sarah and her husband, Brian, a Dublin Coffman graduate and local business owner, have 3 children. Sarah loves being involved in Dublin Schools, her childrens' classrooms and the community. She is currently PTO President and member of Key Communicators at Eli Pinney Elementary School and volunteers as a committee chair for the Mount Carmel St. Ann's Women's Auxiliary. She was previously a clinical mental health counselor at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and Gahanna Jefferson Schools. Sarah is thrilled to promote kindness in our amazing community through Dublin Bridges. ​

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