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Opportunities for Kindness

Baby Clothes needed

Local single mom in need of baby clothes (girl) for a young infant for clothes ages 3-6 months, outfits, pajamas, etc...  If you would like to donate these items or purchase these items for donation we can arrange for pick up.  Please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and we will reach out to you.

Child in need of bed rails for queen size bed and floor (safety mats)

Floor (Safety Mats) or Gym Mats

Bed Rails (Queen Size)

Family in need of large storage cabinet with doors for medical equipment.

Child will be coming home from Children's Hospital with large volumes of medical supplies and equipment. Family is trying to find a way to storage all of his medical equipment. Family stated they would benefit from enclosed shelving to securely organize and store his medical equipment. If you would like further details on purchasing this unit, or for us to come and pick up this storage unit please click on the "I CAN HELP" button.

Family in need of several household items for their home

-kitchen table-couch-Toddler Bed-4 Lamps-King bedding/sheets/pillow cases-Twin mattress/box spring/bed rail-Twin bedding/sheets/pillow cases-Full bedding/sheets/pillow cases-coffee table-living room end tables-dresser-Bath towels-kitchen Towels-Bicycles (12yo girl, 5yo girl, 2yo girl, 3yo boy)

-Washer/Dryer-Large area rugs

If you can help to purchase, or provide any of these items please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know what you would like to provide, we can arrange for pick up of these items.

Family in need of couch and dressers

-Couch: 3 seat couch and/or love seat

-Dressers:  3 dressers requested if available 

Family in Need of Beds & Linen

Twin size mattress

Twin size box spring

Twin size sheets

Family in need of bottles

8oz Dr. Brown bottles (quantity 6) - level 2 Dr. Brown nipples (quantity 4) - level 1 Dr. Brown nipples (quantity 4).  If you can help supply these items, or would like to purchase them to donate to the family please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know how you can be of assistance.  We will arrange for pick up of these items.

Family of 5 in need of twin beds

2 Twin beds and mattresses.  family with 5 children and only 2 beds at this time. 

Flooding effects family of 4

Family of 4 recently suffered extreme loss due to major flooding in their apartment. The flooding occurred on Monday, April 3 and the reparations for their personal items are not yet met so it is a more immediate need.
Two Adults - mother and father Two Children - 5 year old boy and 10 year old girl

  • Shoes Sizes: Child, 5 year old Boy - size 12 Child, 10 year old Girl - size 3, Adult, woman - size 8.5, Adult, man - size 10.5
  • Electric Skillet (their oven does not currently work)
  • Queen Mattress and waterproof protective cover
  • Queen Bed Sheets
  • 1 Twin Waterproof protective cover

  • If you can help with these items, either by donation or by purchase, please bring them to 501 Morrison Road, Suite 205, Gahanna.
    Please click on "I CAN HELP" so we can arrange drop off times to this location during normal business hours of 9am to 5pm M-F.  Thank you!

First Grade student in need of Math and Reading Tutor

Family looking for someone to provide math and reading tutoring to first grade student that attends Big Walnut Local Schools.  Looking for someone 1-2 times a week.  

Single mom of one child needs a washer

Local single mother in need of a washer, instead of constantly spending money and time at the laundromat.  We can provide pick up of the washer to deliver right to the family.  Or if you would like to make a cash donation towards the purchase of a washer, we have a great relationship with BIG SANDY to receive a substantial discount on purchasing a new washer.  Just let us know

washer and dryer needed for local family

Local family in need of a Washer and Dryer. If you can assist with this need we can provide the pick up of these appliances to deliver to the family.

Furniture need for single mom

Single mom in need of a Queen mattress and box spring. Kitchen Table and 2 Chairs,  Couch

Automobile needed

Local single man, and has an average of 4-5 medical appointments a month. He strives to be independent, however lives only on his SSDI. He is not behind on any of his bills (is responsible) and has an active driver’s license. Is in need of a car for frequent medical appointments and to allow him to visit with and attend his children’s activities.

Local family in need of transportation

New Life Church, OSU Hospital

National Sponsors

Ohio Sponsors

Kindness Council Members

Recently Filled Needs

middle school student in need of football cleats

This is this child's first time being able to participate in a school sport, which will be an incredible opportunity for this student socially and emotionally! He is in need of size 10 football cleats. He additionally needs gym/work out clothes- size XL tshirts and gym shorts.

Homeless family in need of $300 for security deposit to secure stable family housing

This family is McKinney Vento eligible, recently lost housing due to an unexpected economic crisis. Family has housing available, but is $300 short for security deposit. 

Refrigerator needed

Local family in need of a Refrigerator to take care of family of 5.  If you have one to donate, in working condition, or would like to donate towards the purchase of one, we do have a great relationship with BIG SANDY SUPERSTORE to make that possible.  Click on "I CAN HELP" and let us know how you would like to assist.

Volunteer needed to visit Senior in Assisted Living

Local Senior Citizen in need of a visit in a assisted living facility for conversation, to stay active, and know people in the community.  Extended family does not live locally and requesting just a visit every now and then, to check in to make sure they are doing okay, and getting to know people and be active.  If you would be interested please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know so we can provide more details.

Electric Stove & Refrigerator

 Family in need of electric stove and refrigerator. Newly established housing without electronics. 

Local family in need of washer/dryer

Local family of 5 with 3 young children in need of a washer/dryer

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About Gahanna

Ron Smith, Area Directo

Gahanna Bridges will make use of technology and social media to engage the community in helping to identify specific needs in the community – and then will invite community members to help fill those needs. Gahanna Bridges will work in partnership with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) to help identify and refer needy residents and families to GRIN as well as bridge solutions through other Gahanna service providers. Gahanna Bridges will seek engagement of teachers, counselors, administrators in our schools plus clergy, first responders, and mental health agencies to advocate for those in need. Ron Smith has been involved in a number of Gahanna organizations and currently serves on the boards of the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce (as Vice-Chair of Operations/Business Development), the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). Ron’s company SOH Productions, was named as the Gahanna Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Ron was named Business Person of the Year in 2015. 

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