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Cancer Family in need of Refrigerator

Amazing cancer family have the biggest hearts and have adopted 7 kids (one that is only a few weeks old )with 3 of their own biologically . Today the ask is for a side by side refrigerator for their garage to keep their milk in. With all of their little ones it is important for them to have an additional refrigerator.  If you can help, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know how.

Gahanna Fire Impacting 2 families

A catastrophic fire destroyed two homes in Gahanna in the early hours of Sunday in Gahanna.  We are working with Mifflin Township Fire to help these families affected. We are collecting gift cards and accepting donations through our paypal account here on Neighborhood Bridges.   If you would like to help, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know you can bring these clothes to one of our collection bins located at any of our 3 local Mifflin Fire Stations collection points, and let us know how you would like to assist.  Together we can make a difference.  Thank you!

Senior Citizen needs Gutter Clean help

Local single senior citizen, needs assistance having gutters cleaned out to prevent additional expenses due to draining issues.  If you can help, please click on "I CAN HELP" and let us know.

Water Heater needed for older adult

56 year old man whose water heater broke about a month ago and he has been living without hot water this whole time. He was recently hospitalized for some time and since he was discharged, his health is still declining. The water heater would help him tremendously with his health while he continues to struggle with his physical health and declining memory issues. Client is on a very fixed budget; therefore, he cannot afford a new water heater.  If you can help to donate toward purchasing a new water heater, or know of water heater that can be donated please click on the "I CAN HELP" button.

Single Parent with some appliance needs

A single parent, finally has the opportunity to have a place of their own to call home.  Looking for a refrigerator.  If you can assist with this item, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button so that we can make arrangements.

Recently Filled Needs

College student in need of a new/used laptop for school

In February, a 17 year old explained that she was homeless, staying between various family members. After speaking with the mom who was living out of state, one of our local residents offered her to move in.  Mom did not want to sign her rights away, so the local resident was made power of attorney over this young lady. As a result she has taken on a second job to be able to best meet all of her needs but the young lady is in need of a new/used laptop for college (she is going to Ohio State Newark). Anything that anyone can do to help would be a huge blessing. we want to remove any barrier in her way of becoming a successful college graduate.

She will take any laptop, she just needs one that has Word on it so she can type papers.  If you would like to help, simply click on "I CAN HELP" to let us know how you can help.


Box Fan needed for Senior Citizen

Local Senior Citizen does not have Air Conditioning in his home and is in need of a box fan new/used.  If you can help please click on "I CAN HELP" and we will be in contact with you.

Volunteer at Jazz Festival, receive FREE Admission!

Volunteer and help us collect "personal care items" for our local pantries in the schools and receive FREE Admission to this years Jazz and Blues Festival in Gahanna.  We need your help volunteering on Sunday, June 16th from 11 to 1.  Or at any other time during the day Sunday.  If you can help, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know how to get in contact with you.  Thank you for your Volunteer Spirit!  We need 25 to 30 Volunteers!

Grandmother raising grandchild in need of our help

Single grandmother raising her 17 year old son. They are trying to move to the Gahanna area for her grandson attend Gahanna Schools. The grandmother took custody of her grandson when her daughter was killed in a car accident. The Grandmother has some legal fees due to custody issues causing a huge strain on them financially. Her grandson is struggling in the school district he is currently in due to bullying and the family is excited to move to the Gahanna area because of the school system. The young man is very responsible and has already obtained a part time job for the summer but the family is struggling coming up with the deposit for their possible new home. The family is asking for help with the deposit alone. The deposit for them to move in to a safe and welcoming home is $1300. This would benefit the family greatly by relieving the pressure of the young man worrying every day about what he is going to encounter at his  current school, while relieving the stress and anxiety from the grandmother worrying her grandson.  If you would be willing to donate, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button.  Any donation would be appreciated and together we can assist.


Air Conditioner Unit Donation - Please contact us ASAP

Recently we posted the need for an air conditioner unit for a family in need.

With the transition to this new format, we can not located your contact information.  Can you please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to help the family in need.  Thank you so much!  614-638-6494


Bunk Bed Donor for pick up 5/29, please contact us ASAP - please Read

In our transition, we have not been able to carry over the contact information we had for the individual who was willing to donate bunk beds that were to be picked up on 5/29/19.  Please give us a call at 614-638-6494 as soon as possible so that we can pick them up on 5/29.  Thank you!

Join us to help assist a family with children clothes, and children supplies

Local family with 3 children is need of clothing, diapers and wipes.  The children are a  girl age 6, boy age 4, and boy age 1.  If you can assist please click on "I CAN HELP" and let us know what sizes you can provide and bring them to your local fire station drop off box.


Single Mom in need of Beds for children

Single, hardworking mom of 2 children is moving to Gahanna. 

14 year old boy needs twin mattress and dresser

13 year old girl needs twin bed and mattress

A small desk and chair 

All need couch


Family has Furniture Need

Family moved here after their youngest daughter required treatment at Children’s hospital to save her life. They have four children and are currently living in a two bedroom apartment in Gahanna. Seeking help to find a couch, small table and chairs, and a queen bed frame. Any help would be so appreciated.  If you can  help please click on the "I CAN HELP" button and we can provide pick up of any item you can donate.  Thank you!


Family rebuilding following loss to Cancer

Local mother trying to rebuild the family after losing her daughter to Cancer.  Looking for 2 window air conditioners.  If you can help us locate these items, or have them to donate, please click on "I CAN HELP" and we will coordinate the pick up of these items.


Local family in need of twin bed, dresser

A local family has taken in two children from a family, while the parents of those children are trying to get back on their feet.

They are in need of a twin bed and dresser.  If you can help, click on "I CAN HELP" and let us know how you can be of help.  We can arrange for pick up of these items.


Local family with child at Children's Hospital needs assistance

Local family with a child at Nationwide Children's Hospital needs our help before their child can return home. They are not financially in a situation to handle this additional expense. The home needs to be treated by a local Pest Control organization to create a safe environment for their child to come home to. The Pest Control company is willing to donate 50% of the costs associated with this treatment and match the donations raised. Can you help with a small donation of $25 to $50 to help us raise the $540 needed to match the Pest Control company? If you can help, click on the "I CAN HELP" button and let us know and make a receipt contribution of the amount you wish to donate through our PayPal link. Together, we can knock this out for this family.


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Ron Smith, Area Directo

Gahanna Bridges will make use of technology and social media to engage the community in helping to identify specific needs in the community – and then will invite community members to help fill those needs. Gahanna Bridges will work in partnership with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) to help identify and refer needy residents and families to GRIN as well as bridge solutions through other Gahanna service providers. Gahanna Bridges will seek engagement of teachers, counselors, administrators in our schools plus clergy, first responders, and mental health agencies to advocate for those in need. Ron Smith has been involved in a number of Gahanna organizations and currently serves on the boards of the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce (as Vice-Chair of Operations/Business Development), the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). Ron’s company SOH Productions, was named as the Gahanna Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Ron was named Business Person of the Year in 2015. 

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