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Opportunities for Kindness

Christmas Gift For Kids In Gahanna

Gahanna Bridges is partnering with many organizations to put on the Gahanna Gift Shop.  The Gahanna Gift Shop will provide toys for families who need a little extra help this Christmas season.  We are asking our community to purchase toys for kids 0-18yrs old with a value of $15-$25 dollars. These UNWRAPPED toys can be dropped off at any of these drop-off locations between now and Thursday Dec 12th.  

PNC Bank - 191 Granville St, Gahanna, OH 43230

Union Bank - 461 Beecher Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230

Mifflin Fire Depts

Station 131- 475 Rocky Fork Drive behind the firehouse

Station 133- 501 Beecher Road

Station 134- 422 McCutcheon Road

Single Parent of 4 young children needs washer/dryer, bed

Single mom of 4 toddlers (all under 10 years old) needs a washer/dryer set for this holiday season and a twin bed to sleep on.  If you can help with this family, please click on the I CAN HELP button and let us know how you can be of assistance.  We can provide pick up of these items.

Single Parent needing assistance

Single parent trying to get back on his feet while unemployed needs some help with some home necessities:  

-vacuum-shower curtain-shower head-hammer and assorted nails-toilet brush-cat litter and food-kitchen garbage can-pots and pans-ice cube trays

If you can help with any of these areas please click on the I CAN HELP button.

Recently Filled Needs

Senior Citizen needs leaves raked in yard for season

Local Senior Citizen is unable to rake the leaves in her yard for this fall season.  Volunteer would be appreciated, but the resident is willing to pay if need be to have this work completed.  If you can help, please click on the "I CAN HELP" button.


Family takes in 4 children in need, You can help!

The boy is 14 and 3 girls ages 13,10, and 7. The girls all share a room and the boy has his own room. These children are victims of crime and their offender is no longer in the home so they are safe. They have no beds for the children. Our wish would be to get the boy a twin or double (whatever is easier to find) frame, mattress, pillow, sheets and comforter. The girls would like to have a bunk bed frame with mattresses and a twin bed frame with mattress, pillows for all girls, sheets for the mattresses, (maybe even mattress covers), and comforters for all 3 girls. Also, we would love the kids to get clip on reading lights for their beds.  If you can help please click on the I CAN HELP button.


Single mom in need of car repairs

Single mother requiring auto repair assistance, right front CV Joint replaced, Right Read Caliber, pads, breaks, tire replaced, $1400 in repairs total.  To donate towards this repair please click on the I CAN HELP button


Local Army Veteran needs our help

Local Army veteran who is self-employed, is unable to work for the next 12 weeks (3 months) following surgery for his broken leg, spouse is disabled and unable to work.  He is unable to come  up with the funds for rent for their apartment in total (being self-employed), and the complex has a no tolerance policy (meaning they will have 14 days to vacate) if rent is not paid.  Can you  help with small donation to help us raise the funds needed for rent?  If you can help, click on the I CAN HELP button.  Goal is to raise $900.


family in need of a lawn mower

local family needs a lawn nower


Local family loses everything in Fire

Local family of 4 has lost everything in an apartment fire.  They need some things to get back on their feet. 2 twin beds, A queen bed, Linens, blankets & pillows, Towels for bathrooms and kitchen Dish ware + silverware, Couch or loveseat, Washer/dryer, Coffee table or an end table, 4 nightstands 3 dressers, 4-5 lamps. If you can help, click on the I CAN HELP button and we can arrange for pick up of these items for the family.


Family in need of kitchen supplies

Local family in need of pots, pans, cookie sheets, and cooking and eating utensils.  If you can help, please click on the I CAN HELP button.  Thank you.


Tire Needed for family

A lady came to us today with a rather unusual situation. Her father-in-law died in another city and they have to get there to identify his body at the morgue. However, their tire is bad on their car and they have do not have enough money to purchase gas to get there and back either. We are hoping that you can help donate money towards the purchase of the tire. This is such a sad situation and the last time they requested help was 15 years ago.  If you can donate toward the purchase of the tire or gasoline, please click on the I CAN HELP button.


Family needs a lawn mower

Local family in need of a lawn mower


Senior Citizen needs a vacum cleaner

Local Senior Citizen resident in need of a vacum cleaner new or used.  Current one is broken and unable to purchase another one.


Pre-School family needs a little assistance

Local family needs some financial assistance to keep their child enrolled in Gahanna-Jefferson Pre-School program.  Due to unforseen financial circumstances they need help with the $140 program fee to keep their child enrolled.  Education of a child is so important.  If you can help, and would like to donate, please click on the I CAN HELP button to help support our effort to help this family.


2 Stoves Needed

2 stoves are needed for someone in need.  Electrical preferred.


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About Gahanna

Ron Smith, Area Directo

Gahanna Bridges will make use of technology and social media to engage the community in helping to identify specific needs in the community – and then will invite community members to help fill those needs. Gahanna Bridges will work in partnership with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) to help identify and refer needy residents and families to GRIN as well as bridge solutions through other Gahanna service providers. Gahanna Bridges will seek engagement of teachers, counselors, administrators in our schools plus clergy, first responders, and mental health agencies to advocate for those in need. Ron Smith has been involved in a number of Gahanna organizations and currently serves on the boards of the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce (as Vice-Chair of Operations/Business Development), the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). Ron’s company SOH Productions, was named as the Gahanna Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Ron was named Business Person of the Year in 2015. 

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