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Recently Filled Needs

URGENT! Men's Tennis Shoes

Men's size 10 tennis shoe


URGENT! Men's T-Shirts

Men's Size Medium T-Shirts- 4


URGENT! Men's Boxer Underwear

Men's Medium Boxer Underwear


URGENT! Men's Blue Jeans

Men's Blue Jeans size 32/30 or 33/30


Haleyville Elementary School -Children's Shoes

2 Pair Girls' youth size tennis shoes- size 13


Haleyville Elementary School -Children's Shoes

2 Pair- Youth Boys' tennis shoes


Haleyville Elementary School -Children's Shoes

1 pair-Girl's youth size tennis shoe- size 4 1/2.


Blues Jeans for elementary boy

 2 Pair-Size 8 Blue jeans for elementary age boy 


Boys' Sweat Pants

3 Pair youth medium Sweat pants for elementary age boy


Men's screen print or t-shirts (3X), Tennis Shoes (Size 14), Mens briefs (3X) and Blue Jeans (42X32), and toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste)

This young man had to move (per DHR) because they had no heat. He has one pair of jeans and is in need of the listed items. He is with a different family and Mom will not respond to phone calls. Pitiful situation and an immediate need.


HES Youth Girl Winter Clothes

- YL (10-12) long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts / sweaters

- youth size 8 in leggings

- in need of youth size 2 tennis shoes

-in need of socks


HES Boy Winter Clothes and Tennis Shoes

-desperately needing a pair of tennis shoes in a youth size 4 for boy

-wears size 8 in jeans / size YM for joggers or sweatpants

-YM or 8 in long sleeved t-shirts or sweatshirts

-student is in need of socks


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