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Dryer needed for a precious family!

A dryer is needed for a family during this trying time. A used one is fine as well. Anything to help this family! 

Washer and dryer needed for a family!!!

Electric washer and dryer needed for a family....new or used (in working condition) would work! 

Recently Filled Needs

Jeans needed for student!

A young woman is in need of 3 pairs of Juniors (Sz. 7) jeans. We would love for her to get more than one type of jean- so black jeans, as well as regular would be awesome! No holes or rips. 


Sweet boy needs new shoes

Tennis shoes, boys, size 13.5. One of our sweet students needs new tennis shoes. He needs a size 13.5. Thank you for your consideration!


Precious preschool girl needs tennis shoes

Sweet preschool sister of one of our students needs tennis shoes. She needs toddler size 6. Thank you for considering this need! Tennis shoes, girls, toddler size 6


Twin mattress and bed needed for little girl!!!!

Currently, the family does not have a suitable bed for this child. A twin bed (head board, foot board, railing, bed frame, etc.), mattress, bedding--any and all corresponding items would be greatly appreciated and put to use immediately. Thank you for considering how you can help this sweet family!


Jeans Needed For Young Girl!

We have a student that is in need of jeans. She is a Size 10 in womens and a size 14 in Juniors. If possible, we would love to give her a pair of regular denim and some black skinny jeans. This item would be greatly appreciated! 


Sweatpants Needed For Students!!!

We are in need of several pairs of sweatpants. Size S, M, L, and XL. These can be from Wal-Mart! These will greatly benefit students! 


Gift Cards For Family In Need!!!!

We have a family that is going through a hard time- they are in need of gas cards, Wal-Mart gift cards.. Anything that can help while they travel back and forth to Children's Hospital. 


Alarm clocks needed for families!!!

We would like to provide families with reliable alarm clocks, to support them in making sure students catch the bus and/or arrive at school on time. 


Belt needed for young man!!

A student is in need of a belt for his pants. Size 42. Thank you so much in advance! 


Wal-Mart Gift Card Needed For Family In Crisis!!!

A sweet family is in need of some supplies to help with a home issue. This gift card would help them be able to buy some supplies they need to help in their home!!! 


Roach Killer Needed for Family!!

A sweet family is in need of Roach killer to help with a home issue. Below is what is specifically needed! 

Specific Brand: Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter 2 (with Comfort Wand)


Blue Jeans Needed for a Little Boy!!

A young man is in need of a few pairs of blue jeans. The 7 year old needs these for school. He wears a size 10 (regular)! 


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