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Working Dryer Needed

Hilliard School Social Worker requesting a dryer for a school family.  The single parent who recently adopted her nephew and niece is also caring for her brother who is now paralyzed from an accident earlier in the year in addition to her own 2 children.  Trips to the laundromat is causing additional time and money issues, which were already obstacles in their lives.

Furniture Needed for Hilliard Family

Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries is working with a single mom in Hilliard who has two children. Her work hours have been reduced to part-time and her resources are limited. The family need a couch and a dining table with chairs. Please respond if you have any of these items you would be willing to donate.

Speech Pathologists need handmade masks

We have a speech pathologist group that needs masks to continue to work with the kids that they can not work with over video. They need 50 to start with!

Volunteers needed to pack food supplies for hand out at Hilliard United Methodist Church

The Hilliard Kiwanis Club and Hilliard United Methodist Chruch will be putting together bags of food supplies to hand out to the community.   Volunteers (in small groups) will be sorting and putting together bags of food.   Please do not volunteer if you are sick, have symptoms or running a fever.      please use this link as it will show current availability of shifts. Sign up here:    https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805044badaa22a0fb6-humckiwanis   

If you have questions, please feel free to respond here.  

Thank you. 

Volunteers needed at the Hilliard Food Pantry

With changes in service due to current conditions, they are in need of more volunteers  Please go to their  volunteer website at to sign up for shifts.  It will have the most current needs and times.  Sign up here:  Hilliard Food Pantry Volunteer   If you have questions, please feel free to respond here or reach out to the Hilliard Food Pantry at hilliardfoodpantry.org

volunteers sought to help elderly and families in need during this covid-19 crisis

We are taking volunteers who are interested in helping the elderly, home bound, and families in need by observing social distancing while providing acts of kindness, like:

1. Delivering groceries to the door step of families

2. Delivering take out food to the door step of families

3. Provide tutoring to students via telephone / face time, etc

4. other opportunities that observe social distancing & help others

Simply give us your contact information and we'll post opportunities.


Rental Assistance Needed for Single Mom Facing Eviction

A single mom in Hilliard recently became unemployed and her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He self harmed and she can no longer leave him alone without supervision. She received a 3 day eviction notice yesterday. She has two children. The diagnosis has been devastating for the family and they have used all their resources. The landlord has stated that if the family can establish a date for payment she will halt the eviction process. The monthly rent is $1500. They are putting together some of the funds but will not have enough to cover the full amount. This has been a significant crisis impacting the entire family.

Single Mom Family with two teenager daughters needs

A case worker has requested the following for a   a single mom family with 2 teenagers that need 2 full size mattresses and a couch for the home. 

Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries: Snack Angels Needed

SON Ministries is recruiting "Snack Angels" to provide a meal for the children who attend our 3-Generation Family ESL Program! You can sign up as an individual or as a team (company, church group, etc). Come prepare the meal and stay and eat with the children! Click the link to learn more about this opportunity: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080c4ea5ab2fa3ff2-snack

Mini Fridge

Syntero client is in search of a 1.7 cu (or larger) mini-fridge.

Hilliard woman in need of car repairs

 She has identified that she needs brakes as she is unable to drive the car at this time due to how bad the breaks are. She has concerns that her transmission may need looked at and addressed as well. Being without transportation has greatly affected her ability to keep medical appts and get to the places she needs to go. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Recently Filled Needs

Shower Chair

Syntero client is in need of a shower chair for a standard sized shower. Client recently moved into a home without a built in shower seat. Client has difficulties showering without the chair, and is unable to afford one at the time. Client would benefit greatly from being able to take safe showers with a shower chair.


Need twin bed for family displaced due to fire

A family of 6 including a newborn were displaced by a fire on Monday, Jan. 20.  Though the fire was in the apartment next door, very few of their belongings or furniture were salvageable.   They are currently looking for a twin mattress set and a crib mattress.  


Hot water heater and Installation

Case manager from Syntero requesting material assistance for client in Hilliard area. Client has no hot water, and is unable to afford a new hot water heater. Client has been taking cold showers for several months. With winter fully upon us, client would greatly benefit from the ability to take a hot shower/have access to hot water. Client would also need assistance with installation/hookup.


Mother of 6 needs a stove

We have a single mother family with 6 kids that needs a stove for their home.  


Baby Items Needed

We are looking for a convertible car seat for a one-year-old child (unexpired, clean and in safe working condition)

Please let us know if you are able to donate any of these items. Thank you!


Hot Water Heater + Installation

Case manager from Syntero requesting material assistance for client in Hilliard area. Client has no hot water, and is unable to afford a new hot water heater. Client has been taking cold showers for several months. With winter fully upon us, client would greatly benefit from the ability to take a hot shower/have access to hot water. Client would also need assistance with installation/hookup. 


Car Battery Needed

Hilliard School Social Worker asking for a car battery for a 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS for a family who recently had to move back in with child's grandparent due to being behind on rent and an increase in rent starting next month.  And now the car battery is dying causing transportation issues to get to work. 


Financial Assistance for New Furnace

Hilliard School Social Worker asking for financial assistance for a new furnace for one of our families with 4 children.  The family has secured a discounted rate of $2,000 for a new furnace but are struggling to pay for it and have been without a furnace for heat for 5 days.  Any money that could help pay for this repair so it can be scheduled would be greatly appreciated.  


Microwave Oven

Hilliard School Social Worker asking for a microwave for one of our families who are on a tight budget. 


Elementary School Student needs a coat

An elementary school student in Hilliard City Schools needs a coat.  She needs size Women's Medium. She prefers darker colors.   


Cooler with snacks and money for electric bill

Hilliard Social Worker asking for $96 to cover the cost of an outstanding AEP bill and a cooler with ice packs, snacks and drinks.  This need is for an 18 year old young man who is helping his dad who lives in a local retirement community but currently in the hospital on dialysis and other medical issues.  His 18 year old son has had no food or electric for several days while he is here to care for his father upon discharge from the hospital.


Clothing for Hilliard Schools Family (3 students)

There's a HCS family in need of pants and a couple sweatshirts for the kids.

Girl - Size 7/8 kids pants, Small/Medium Kids Sweatshirts
Boy - Size 10 kids pants, Large Kids Sweatshirts
Boy - Size 34/30 pants, Large Youth Sweatshirt(s)


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