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Opportunities for Kindness

Newborn Baby Items Needed

School Social Worker seeking items for a HCSD family with a new baby boy.

Items needed include but are not limited to:

  • Baby blankets
  • Diapers (newborn and size 1; no brand preference)
  • Wipes
  • Crib / crib sheets
  • Baby Clothes (size 0-3 and 3-6)

Stove needed

I am currently working with a client that is in need of a working stove. her current stove is sparking and down to one working burner. Any assistance would be much appreciated. 

widowed lady and teenage son in need of utility bill help

I am working with a client whom is in need of Water bill assistance and electric bill assistance. She is a widowed single mother whom has gotten behind on bills due to not having as much work available during COVID. water bill is up to $618 and electric bill is $209 to bring them current. This client is a hard worker and wonderful mother so any amount contributed would be greatly appreciated so that she can get caught up and start fresh. thank you

client requesting grocery giftcard

I am working with a client that has  2 minor children in the home. Client does have a full time job but next pay is not for a week. Client has limited transportation so food pantries have been an issue to attend.  She is in need of a grocery gift card as a one time "catch up emergency assistance" since her bills were higher and put her behind. Her bank account is currently over drafted due to paying bills as well. So we are open to suggestions to help her get caught up and out of the financial hole. thank you

Client in need of Basic household supplies

I am working with a client currently whom is in need of a hygiene, and food care package. 

Groceries are also a strain due to no transportation and having to have them delivered (extra cost). If possible a giftcard to walmart or amazon would be beneficial as they allow delivery while using a food stamp card as payment. 

Volunteers as needed to help load and unload furniture and applinances to help families.

We are looking to have a list of volunteers that are willing to help us load and unload donated furniture and appliances on an as needed basis.   You would be added to a list that we would contact when we have a need to move a piece or a couple of pieces of donated furniture or appliances.   By adding your name, only commits you to an email list to recieve requests for help.   We can work around your other commitments.  

Volunteers needed at the Hilliard Food Pantry

With changes in service due to current conditions, they are in need of more volunteers  Please go to their  volunteer website at to sign up for shifts.  It will have the most current needs and times.  Sign up here:  Hilliard Food Pantry Volunteer   If you have questions, please feel free to respond here or reach out to the Hilliard Food Pantry at hilliardfoodpantry.org

Recently Filled Needs

Student in need of Sleeping bag

We have an elementary age student in need of a sleeping bag.

Hilliard City School Student needs boots and snow pants to walk to school everyday.

We have a student at a school that walks from his grandparents house to school each day and needs size 7 men's snow boots and Men's medium snow pants (bibs would work too)  

Local business owner needs help to pay rent

We have a local hilliard business owner who has been basically shut down due to COVID-19 needs assistance with rent.  They need $565.00  but any amount will help. 

HCSD Family in Need

  • - Pants, size 34/Mens (x2)
  • - Shirts, size Medium/Mens (x2)
    - Shoes, size 10/Mens (x2)
    - Shoes, size 4 Youth/Girl (x2)
  • - Shirts, size 4T/Boy (x4)
  • - Pants, size 4T/Boy (x4)
  • - Sandals, size 11 child/Boy
  • - Shoes, size 7.5/Woman (x2)
  • - Bras, 34B (x2)
  • - Underwear, size L/Woman
  • - Pants, size 10/Woman (x2)
  • - 2 Hairbrushes
  • - Toy(s) for preschool age boy and 11 y.o. girl

Hilliard young child needs warm clothing

We have a grandmother raising multiple grandchildren that needs assistance for warm clothes for the kids.

Girl size 2T  (Pants, Sweaters, Socks), she is also in need of a winter coat.

Hilliard young child needs warm clothing

We have a grandmother raising multiple grandchildren that needs assistance for warm clothes for the kids.

Boy– size 5T (Pants, Sweaters, Socks) and a winter coat

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