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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Hoover. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

Recently Filled Needs

Sweet Family of SIX Needing Groceries to help during Covid related times. Donations to be made here online

We have a family that is in need of groceries. Please consider donating here online to help us provide some additional food for one of our own Hoover families. Shipt allows us to deliver these groceries directly to this wonderful family.  Thanks Hoover for helping us help others. Together we continue to make a difference thanks to amazing people like YOU! Blessings to you and your family.

Tornado assistance help greatly appreciated! Gifts cards from $5-$500 needed for Hoover families affected/displaced by tornado. Please drop by Hoover Fire Station #7 100 Inverness Pkwy Bham, AL 35242

Gift cards in the amount between $5-500 for area restaurants, groceries, and Wal-Mart are needed and would be appreciated for Hoover families affected/displaced by last week's tornado. Any amount will be appreciated. Gift cards to be delivered to Hoover Fire Department Station #7 100 Inverness Pkwy Bham, AL 35242. Please print this page or mark your envelope with #13. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity Hoover!  Donations can also be made here online.  Please indicate that your donation is to help tornado victims.

Hoover students who are tornado victims contact your school counselors if help is needed

As a community and state we are saddened by the recent tornadoes that affected so many. If your student or if you know of a student that has immediate needs, please ask them to contact their school counselors. The city of Hoover has set up a hotline to help families 205-444-7877. Helpline hours are Monday -Thursday 9am to 7pm, Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 6pm. As always, THANK YOU Hoover for being such a KIND community that helps others during times of need. We appreciate you!

Hi Hoover! Some Hoover students need help with earbuds for testing!!! Fire Station 2, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd Please and thank you!!!

Thank you for your kindness! The earbuds will be used in testing situations for students that do not have any. We need up to 20 for the students that don’t have them. 
Any kind are accepted, but if you wanted to see an example, here is a link-


Please deliver your item to Fire Station #2 at 1591 Patton Chapel Road, Hoover 35226 by Sunday. Please drop off between 8am and 8pm and print this page or mark bag with #3. Thank you again! 

Shoes and socks needed for a precious Hoover preschool girl. Deliver items to Fire Station 2, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd

A 4-year old girl in a Hoover City School preschool program is in desperate need of a pair of shoes and socks.  Her foot is a size 13.  She also needs socks! Please consider helping this sweet girl. Items need to be delivered by March 14th to Fire Station 2, 1951 Patton Chapel Rd 35226. Please mark bag with the number 2, or print this page when you drop off. 

Thank you for your kindness! 

HOOVER WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!! Monetary donations of any amount for a very kind 1st grader who has hearing loss and needs a hearing aid, HEAR OUR PLEA!

Please help this sweet 1st grade student who has several medical conditions and a severe hearing loss.  The hearing aid that this child needs is $3,270 we have collected almost $2400. If POSSIBLE Consider donating any amount to help us get this child better prepared for school and life. We KNOW Hoover that we want to help this student reach their full potential! Hearing is hard enough behind all of our masks, can you imagine the struggle for a child who is trying to learn and speak with this disability? Donate here today

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