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Recently Filled Needs

Exceptional Education classes missed their annual "gone fishin" field trip. Teachers are planning to "go fish" anyway!

When weather interfered and students couldn't attend their favorite field trip, teachers decided to plan a similar experience in their classrooms. We are asking for fruit chews/gummies, candy with no nuts, and any small toys or prizes. We have borrowed two fishing poles.  Students will "fish" behind a partition, while teachers will attach a goody bag to the poles and allow students to pull in a prize. There are 21 students in all.  Please click the "I can Help" button and be specific about what you can provide. Together we should be able to provide them with a pretty good catch for the day. (Toys and prizes can Dollar Tree or Dollar Spot type toys.) Please mark the items "School Fishing Trip" and drop off at Fire Station Number One on the left side of City Hall during regular business hours.  

Family Loses All in House Fire, Relocated to Hueytown to Stay with Relatives

Middle School Girl: Junior Medium tops, (likes hoodies), 14/16 Juniors Bottoms (likes joggers) and 14/16 undies, usually wears boys youth size 3 sneakers, could wear girls youth equivalent 

8 Year old girl: medium (12) girls shirts, 12 girls bottoms and undies, shoes 2 in youth girls (also likes joggers and hoodies)

2 Year old girl: 2t clothes and undies, 6c shoes

1 Year old boy: 12 to 18 month clothes, 3c shoes, Pampers size 4

Mom: 2X clothing and undies, 7 ladies shoes

Mom says she is "grateful to be alive" and thankful for any help. 

Please click the "I can Help" button and be as specific as possible in the inbox. To deliver personally or ship directly, please clearly mark the packages "Fire Victims, School #5, c/o Hueytown Fire Station One, 1318 Hueytown Road, Hueytown, AL 35023.  Financial donations of all sizes are appreciated.

Family Home Ruined in Flood

A local family recently lost their belongings due to a flood in the apartment above theirs. 

The two little girls need clothing and socks. 

Daughter 1 is a Little Girls Size 12. She is a girly-girl (according to her teacher). She could specifically use a light weight jacket. 

Daughter 2 is a 3t.  

If you can help, please click the "I Can Help" button and be as specific as possible in what you can give.  If you would prefer to buy online and ship to the fire station, or if you'd like to personally deliver to the fire station, please mark the packages, "FLOOD FAMILY" c/o Hueytown Fire Station One, City Hall, 1318 Hueytown Road, Hueytown, AL 35023. 

Community Servants Lose Home to Fire.

A local pastor's family recently lost their home in a fire. We would like to help the two daughters replace some things they lost. 

The younger girl wears ladies 10 pants, Large shirts/sweatshirts and size 7 1/2 shoes.  

The older girl wears ladies 14 pants, XLarge shirts/sweatshirts and size 9 shoes. 

Both like Dove body wash and deodorant. They love joggers and hoodies, XL is a Bama fan. Both love sports, especially basketball. Not girly-girls. 

If you can help, please be as specific as possible on what you are purchasing in the inbox. If you are able to donate financially, click the donate button and pay with a credit card.  Items will be purchased with your donations.  If you prefer to order online and send them straight to the Fire Station for delivery, please mark your order, COMMUNITY SERVANTS, SCHOOL #6, c/o Hueytown Fire Station 1. 1318 Hueytown Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

It is very important that you mark your package clearly. 

Students Need Hygiene Products

One of our schools is in need of hygiene products for students. They have asked for shampoo, body wash or soap, deodorant, and baby wipes for boys and girls.  Any and all sizes and kinds will be greatly appreciated. Please click the "I Can Help" button and be very specific on what you'd like to give. Any financial donations will be used to purchase these items as well.  You can ship products directly to Hueytown Fire Station One at 1322 Hueytown Road, Hueytown, AL 35023.  Please mark with School #1. 

Guitar Students in Need of Methods Books

Students in our Guitar class are in need of the Methods book used in class.  We are in need of 10 copies of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method--Book 1.  The book can be purchased online using the link below or donations to help with purchasing books can be made by clicking the Donate button.  Each book costs approximately $10.  If ordering from Amazon, please mark the order for school number 6 in care of the Hueytown Fire Department, 1318 Hueytown Road, Hueytown, AL 35023.  



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