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Recently Filled Needs

Send a 4th Grader to Montgomery!!

Three students' who previously had scholarships to attend our fourth grade trip to Montgomery have fallen through.  The cost is $84.00 each.  Please click the "Donate" button if you can contribute in helping them go.  

Special Needs Class Requesting $200 for Nurse to Go on Field Trip

Some Exceptional Education Students will soon attend a Birmingham Squadron Game.  However, due to multiple medical needs, they must pay for a nurse to attend the trip with them. They have the money for the trip, but need help paying for a nurse.  

Mom Searching for Carpool Options in the Afternoons

A parent from the Intermediate School is looking to carpool from the Salter's Cove area. Both parents have new jobs and have trouble making it to the school for pick up in the afternoons. 

Single Mom and Four Kids Lost EVERYTHING on Christmas Eve in a House Fire

Mom and four kids lost everything on Christmas Eve to a fire.  Staying with grandma right now. The kids attend three of our Hueytown Schools. 


17 year old male:  Large shirt, Pants 38/32, Shoe size 11

10 year old girl:  Medium shirts, Sizes 12-14, Shoes size 3 

4 year old boy twin: Size 4t, shoe size 7c

4 year old girl twin: Size 4t, shoe size 7c

37 year old mom: Large shirts, 8-10 pants, Shoe Size 5 1/2 or 6, Bra Size 38 DDD

Family in need of electric stove.

A family of four has been getting by with only two small eyes working on their stove.  Please help us get them one on which all four eyes work properly.  It does NOT have to be brand new. 

Family facing eviction and has no electricity.

Local family with elementary age child will be evicted on Halloween day unless they can pay $1500 in rent. They also need $558 to get their power restored. If you can help please click the "I can help" button.  Payments of any amount accepted through PayPal. 

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