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Opportunities for Kindness

Alarm Clocks - NEED 20 MORE

We are working to improve student attendance and are helping students to be on time every day. We would like our students to be more independent and have a non-cell phone option to help them wake up in the mornings by providing good old-fashioned alarm clocks to a target group of students.  

Davey Elementary Kids Clothing Closet

In need of boys and girls athletic pants, sweat pants or leggings for Kids Closet.  Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12

Plus size clothing

We maintain a clothes closet for the needs of our students, and have run out of Plus Size clothes for both boys and girls. 

We could use some XXL and XL athletic shorts, leggings, and joggers/sweatpants. Adult sizes.

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Recently Filled Needs

Middle school student in need of clothing

During some of the recent storms that have passed through our area, we had a family whose ceiling collapsed in their daughter's bedroom. Many of her clothes have been ruined. 

NEED -  gift cards or donations for clothes shopping

Clothing closet in need of unisex pants

Longcoy clothing closet is in need of unisex pants for students in sizes 5-6 and 7-8, this will help any student who comes to the clinic in need of clean pants.

Glue Sticks and Composition Notebooks

Stanton Middle School maintains a supply closet for families that cannot afford school supplies, and yesterday we ran out of glue sticks and composition notebooks. 

We could use 100 of each item.

7 Pocket Expanding File Folders

One of our teachers would like to have her students get a specific expandable folder for her classroom this year, but estimates that 25-30 of the students may not be able to afford it.




We have a clothes closet at Stanton Middle School that relies on donations from the community. One item that we do not often receive as a donation is new underwear. We are currently in need of both men's and women's underwear in all sizes (SM, M, L, XL). Any donations can be dropped off at the neighborhood bridges drop off sites. 

Re-usable Water Bottles -Stanton Middle School

We have multiple water-bottle refilling stations in our school, but many of our students do not have a water bottle. We'd love to be able to get some reusable water bottles into the hands of our students so students can stay in class, and we don't fill the landfills with single-use plastic bottles.

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About Kent

Our Steering Committee

David Myers - Manager, Human Resources - Davey Drill Kent - Current Rotary PresidentAmanda Senn - Sales and Marketing. - Metis Construction /Rotary
Nicholas Shearer - Chief of Police - City of Kent
Bill Myers - Fire Chief - City of Kent
Michelle Hartman- Interim Executive Director - Kent Area Chamber of Commerce
Marquice Seward - Assistant Program Manager - Kent Social Services
Nate Watson - Director of Camping at Great Trail Council - Boy Scouts of America - Kent Jaycees
Bill Russell - Chief Officer Portage Behavioral Health - Coleman Health Services Inc.
Dave Rueller - City Manager - City of Kent
Carmen Roebke - Assoc for Christian Formation - Kent State University Newman Center
John Vennetti - Superintendent - Portage County Board of Developmental Disability
Amanda Senn - Sales and Marketing. - Metis Construction
Louise Feciuch - Supervisor - Portage County Job and Family Services (serves as family and community engagement coordinator for KCSD)
Joan Seidel - Health Commissioner - City of Kent
Dana Lawless - Assoc VP Office of Engagement and Outreach - Kent State University
Candace Curtis - Ben Curtis Family Foundation
Megan Johns - School Age Administrator - Kent Parks and Recreation
George Joseph - Superintendent - KCSD
Tom Larkin - Assistant Superintendent - KCSD

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