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Family is needing a microwave. 

Lakota Family in need of 2 Beds

Lakota family is in need of 2 full mattresses 

Family Needs Help Paying Monthly Expenses while Child is in Hospital

A family is in need of help paying for their monthly expenses while their child is hospitalized for treatment for cancer. Only one parent is working so the other can be with their child at the hospital during this time and the other parent is caring for the children at home as well. 

Lakota student in need of portable air conditioner for bedroom.

A Lakota elementary student is in need of a standing/portable air conditioner for his room due to health needs.  The apartment he and his mom recently moved into will not allow for air conditioners in the windows and the students room will be unbearable as the temperature gets warmer outside.

Family Needs Help Paying Car Insurance

Family has a child admitted to Children's Hospital causing them to miss some work shifts. Due to this they are behind paying their car insurance this month. 

Household Items

A Lakota family that has been homeless finally has a place to call home. They are currently needing 3 dressers, a washer, and an air conditioning unit due to health needs of the children.

Gas Cards for Employment Opportunity

We have received a request to help several families that have been able to secure new employment but need help to pay for gas till they start recieving income. The gas cards will help cover the pay periods till their first checks (two weeks). If you would like to donate monetarily, please click "I can Help" Thank you for your kindness

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Recently Filled Needs


A family is in need of a vehicle to provide transportation to and from work, as well as attend to medical needs. Public transportation is not possible based on where they are living

Full Beds Needed

A Lakota family recently moved into their new home and are in need of one full size mattress for their teenage daughters. 

** We have received a donation of a full mattress and 2 sets of box springs

Family Needs Dryer

Family is looking for a clothes dryer after theirs broke. Mom recently had a major repair to the family refrigerator and cannot afford to buy a new dryer at this time.

Soccer cleats needed

A Lakota 6th grader (male) needs size 8.5 soccer cleats. Through the generosity of the Lakota Sports Organization this student has been able to play for a few seasons, but he has outgrown his cleats and is in need of a new pair.  He has so much love and talent for the sport of soccer.

Queen Bed and Storage Organizers Needed

A Lakota family is in need of a complete queen bed and storage organizers, cubes or drawers. Thank you. **Bed done, organizers still needed

Washer and Dryer

A Lakota family is in need of a washer and dryer. The family's old dryer caught on fire a couple weeks ago and the washer needs repairs, so new ones are needed. Thank you. 

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