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Opportunities for Kindness

New or Gently Used Clothing

We have several families with students in need currently, as well as the ability to help out as future needs arise. Students are in need of new or gently used clothing items detailed below.  

Girl's Pants – sizes 5-18; ONLY leggings and stretch pants; all elastic waists (10 or more needed)

Boy's Pants – sizes 5-18; ONLY sweat pants or sports pants; all elastic waists (10 or more needed)

Girl's Underwear – all sizes (multiple packs needed)

Boy's Underwear – all sizes (multiple packs needed)

Clothes Dryer Needed

Family of 6 in need of a clothes dryer.  This family is currently hang drying clothing outside, but with cooler temps around the corner this will no longer be an option.  If you have a new or used dryer to donate that is in good working condition, please consider donating it to this family.  

Mobility Access

We are so excited to be able to start fundraising to get the van access for our Lakota student to continue their independence with their family. Our goal, $14,000. This will complete all retrofitting needed to the van graciously donated for this family.   Braun Turny EVO

Recently Filled Needs

Dehumidifiers needed for family of child with allergies

Single mom with two children is in need of dehumidifiers.  One of the children in this family has allergies and the family is currently living in the basement of a home.  The moisture level is high in the basement and the dehumidifiers would help to prevent growth of things that could trigger the allergies.  Please consider donating a dehumidifier.  THANK YOU!

Diapers and Wipes Needed for Single Parent Family

Single parent family with 5 children is needing help supplying diapers and wipes.  Due to limited financial resources, this parent must choose between buying diapers/wipes for her three children in diapers, or buying food for her family.  In effort to help her be able to allocate her resources towards providing food for her family, please consider donating diapers (size 4, 5, and 6) and wipes.  Thank you for considering!

Back To School Calculators

We have students in need of specialized calculators for Math classes. We have approximately 10 High School students that need the TI 83, 83+ or 84 and do not qualify for support from other community organizations. We also have approximately 10 Junior High students in need of the TI 30XIIS. The total cost is approximately $1250 to meet these needs as we are trying to buy these in bulk for reduced cost, with batteries included. However, if you have a very gently used working TI calculator of any of these models, we would welcome those as well. We know that we may have more than our initially identified students and these can continue to help meet the need.

Family in need of clothing and blankets

A local family of five is in need of the following items. 
3-6 month old baby boy clothes,3-6 month old baby boy pajamas, 2T  girl clothes, 2T girl pajamas, baby blankets, toddler bedding, a queen size comforter set, and kitchen dish towels. 

Wheelchair Accessible Van With Ramp Needed

*Update- We have secured the van, partnered the parent with Butler County DD for resources and now have partnered with Mobility Works to make the van accessible for the student. We are now fundraising for the cost of the accessibility, $14,000. Please consider this opportunity as we help build opportunities for this student to gain a new level of independence.

A hard working single mother of a 15 year old student with multiple disabilities is in need of a wheelchair accessible van with ramp or a van that could be modified to support a ramp. The student is wheelchair bound and cannot stand on his own. As the student grows physically into a young man, it is becoming more difficult for his mother to move him in and out of his wheelchair into her current vehicle. The mother needs the van to transport her son to his medical appointments and many physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions that will continue throughout the coming years. The family would be very appreciative of any help! They are currently working with an advocate to possible access services through Butler County DD to help with some of the needs as well. While we know this is a big ask, we would love to be able to help this student and his family.

Seeking clothing and household items for family affected by fire

Lakota bridges was contacted by an advocate for a family of 5 that lost their entire home to a fire. They are currently in need of clothing as well as gift cards to help with personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies. They have secured temporary housing. There are 2 girls in high school and 1 boy in middle school. They are in immediate need of clothing:

2 girls ages 17 and 19, size small in jr's

1 boy, age 12 size 12-14 in boys, size 8 shoe. He told his mom he misses his Vans (type of shoe he wore)

Mom Size Med tops and size 6 pants/dresses

Dad Size XL for shirts/sweatshirts and 36x30 pants/shorts

Gift cards to Kroger, Walmart, Target etc for personal hygiene items and smaller articles of clothing

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