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Opportunities for Kindness

Wheelchair Needed

A Lakota student is in need of a wheelchair. The student is 6'2" and 250 lbs. Any basic push style wheelchair would be acceptable and it can be a loaner as well for use over the next couple of months. Thank you. 

Funeral and Medical Expenses Assistance

A Lakota student has suddenly passed away after arriving home from school. The had a pacemaker and it malfunctioned. The family has significant bills associated with medical and funeral costs and would greatly benefit from any available financial support in any amount.

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Recently Filled Needs

Lakota student in need of emergency dental care

A 12-year-old Lakota student is in need of an emergency root canal. The student has been experiencing extreme discomfort and pain but has been unable to recieve treatment due to the high cost of the procedure and lack of dental insurance. The dental procedure requires an endodontist, and those services are not available at a dental office or clinic. Requesting funding to assist with paying the $1,200 for the cost of the procedure or a provider willing to perform the procedure for a significantly discounted cost.


Several homeless teens (10) are in need of clothing items, including shoes. These items have been selected by the teens and are available on our Amazon list

Car Seat

A family is in need of a new car seat to safely transport their pre-schooler with special needs at a cost of $210. This is single parent is trying to save up for this, but it is needed sooner rather than later.

Lakota Family Needing Assistance Paying for Funeral for Their Son

A family in our community has been through the unthinkable.. the unexpected loss of their child.  When dealing with loss, the last thing you want to think about is how to pay for a proper burial.  This is especially true when your income solely goes to paying for your family's basic needs.  This family is in need of our help with assistance to  assist with the high cost of a funeral and burial.  Any amount is appreciated, but the goal is $6,500.

***Thank you for your generosity!! We have collected $1500 so far 

Furniture Needed

A Lakota family is looking for a couch, a small table for their TV, and a white desk to furnish the main room of their apartment. 

Student Needs

Girls socks-all sizes

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