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Opportunities for Kindness

New mom needs extra support after surgery

New mother who needs surgery will need a few things to offset costs while recovering and having to miss work.

Size 2 diapers


laundry detergent

general cleaning supplies

paper towels

toilet paper

Please click the box below if you can help.  Thank you~

Family in need of a refrigerator

Family with several students in district in desperate need of a refrigerator.  If you can help please click the box below.  Thank you for your support!

Family in need of supplies to help clean up a house due to an emergency situation

A family is experiencing a situation and will need to take some furniture out of their home while they clean up after an unexpected event.  They are in need of :

2  xl tarps to cover belongings being stored on a covered porch (can be gently used or new)

cleaning supplies 

distilled water

If you can help please click the box below.  Thank you for your kindness!

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Recently Filled Needs

Winter coats needed for 3 students

3 winter coats needed for students

Family temporarily helping with 2 children in need of a few things to help out

Family in need of some support as they temporarily step in to help with 2 kids.  

They are in need of:

size 4 diapers

Size 4T girls winter clothing (gently used is fine)

Women/Jr. size 13 jeans or  L/XL leggings (no skinny jeans please)

Thank you for your kindness!

Recent grad in need of help with school fees

Recent grad in need of help with school fees so they can get a copy of their official transcript that they need to take the next steps in their journey.  The amount is $105.38.  If you can help please click the box below.  Thanks!

Family in district experiencing an unexpected illness in need of basic household items

Family with students in district with a new baby and an unexpected illness in need of some household items to help them get by.  

Diapers size 2


laundry detergent (regular and Dreft for the baby items)

basic hygiene items for the family

If You can help please click the box thanks!

Senior student in need of help to purchase a cap and gown

Student in need of $117.97 to pay for cap and gown for graduation in the spring.  If you can help please click the box.  Thank you!

Student in need of new athletic shoes

Student in need of size 6.5 athletic shoes to replace the pair he has outgrown. If you can help please click the box.  Thank you!

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  • Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon is a member of neighborhood bridges, a national 501(c)3 charitable organization that advocates for individuals, children and families using an online platform to engage our community in building and nurturing… A Gateway for Kindness. Our model is about kindness, speed, efficiency, and bridging all community resources to drive direct support in care to our neighbors in need. We use online tools like the neighborhood Bridges website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect community members that are looking for ways to help with those that are in need. Our online platform gives us the ability to share and fill needs while protecting the identity of both the individuals in need and the community members helping to fill those needs.

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