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Opportunities for Kindness

Now that we found love now all we need is an aisle runner...

An advocate has come to us with a need for a hospice patient. Her patient has plans to get married this Friday. She has always dreamed of walking down the aisle, her hospice nurse has asked us to help in finding an aisle runner that can make her special day one to remember. Do you have an aisle runner that this neighbor could borrow to walk down the aisle in her wedding? 

If you can help, please click the link for contactless donation instructions. 

$2,000 Needed for Emergency Housing for 18 year old Independent Student

UPDATE: 5/4/2021 $400.00 needed to help us fill this need! 

An independent graduating senior is in need of temporary/emergency housing for one month due to no financial support. He will graduate in May and has plans of working and furthering his education. He is working very hard to get on his feet and manage life on his own and just needs a little bit of community help. Can you help us pay for a portion of the cost? The total amount due is $2,000. 

Every dollar towards this donation helps secure temporary emergency housing for a homeless Lebanon student. If you can help please click here to donate

Recently Filled Needs

Washer and Dryer for Family in Need

A domestic violence survivor and her two children are in need of a washer and dryer. If you can help us fill this need by donating a used bug in working condition washer and dryer, please click the ‘I Can Help’ button. 

Washer and Dryer for a Lebanon Family

A Lebanon family of 4 is in need of a washer and dryer. We can accept a new or used washer and dryer for this need. Our volunteers can arrange to have the washer and dryer picked up and transported to the family in need. If you can help us fill this need, please click the 'I can help' button to get in touch with our Area Directors.

$600 Needed for Car Repair

Survivor of domestic violence needs help with car repair. Just bought a car last week for transportation for her job and getting her child to school activities. First week, got a flat tire and found out all the tires are all different sizes, plus she is in need of new tire rods. She is struggling financially to support her and her child, so any help that you can give to help her with the cost of this would be greatly appreciated. The cost of car repairs is $600.00 if you can donate a portion of this cost to help a domestic violence survivor and her child click here to make a secure payment online. 

The green grass grows all around....and we have a teenager in need of a mower. Can you go the extra "yard" and help a student out?

Student in need of a lawn mower in working condition to use for work and also for community service.  

If you can help click the box below.


Student in need of cap and gown for 2021 graduation

Lebanon High School student in need of cap and gown for 2021 graduation

Volunteer Opportunity in Lebanon

Thursday, April 22, 2021 9am-noon 

Give back to our planet on Earth Day by volunteering in our parks! Volunteers will be edging and mulching park trees, and picking up litter.

Please wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Gloves and water are recommended.

Please contact Casey Burdick at 513-228-3104 or [email protected] to be assigned to a park.

Rain Date: April 24, 2021

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About Lebanon

  • Neighborhood Bridges- Lebanon is a member of neighborhood bridges, a national 501(c)3 charitable organization that advocates for individuals, children and families using an online platform to engage our community in building and nurturing… A Gateway for Kindness. Our model is about kindness, speed, efficiency, and bridging all community resources to drive direct support in care to our neighbors in need. We use online tools like the neighborhood Bridges website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect community members that are looking for ways to help with those that are in need. Our online platform gives us the ability to share and fill needs while protecting the identity of both the individuals in need and the community members helping to fill those needs.

  • Our Area Directors have come together in support of kindness and support for our children/families need.  Read about them!

  • Lynn Payne has been a Lebanon resident for 17 years. She and her husband currently have two children in the district. After serving many years as a volunteer in the schools and working for a non profit parenting center for the last five years she is excited to be supporting the families as a District Resource Coordinator.
  • Rebecca Strole is a stay at home mom, with a background in Public Relations and Recruiting. "My husband and I, and our three kids have lived in Lebanon for 8 years. I enjoy spending time with family, playing with one of our four animals, working out and volunteering in the community. As a city girl transplanted into small town Lebanon, my favorite thing about living here is the people. The long conversations over campfires with neighbors and knowing that no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to find a familiar face. #OnwardLebanon“

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