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Opportunities for Kindness

Dry Clothes, Warm Heart--Single Parent in Need of a Clothes Dryer

Single parent was able to purchase a washer, but still in need of a dryer.  

If you have a gently used dryer and would like to help, please click "I can help" box below. 

Recently Filled Needs

The wheels on the bike go 'round and 'round..... Jr. High Student in need of gently used or new bike

Jr. High Student in need of a new or gently used bike for transportation and to stay active.

If you can help please click the "I can help" box at the bottom of the page




8675-309... Jenny, Jenny Who Can I Turn to...? We Need Help with a Prepaid Phone Card to Support a Senior Student Transitioning into Adult Life

Displaced senior student currently transitioning into adult living has a one time need of a $40 Verizon prepaid phone card to help him arrange transportation to school each day and also secure employment, which will enable the student to purchase a phone plan.

If you can help please click the "I can help" box below





IT'S HIP TO HELP..........adult community member in need of a raised toilet seat

Adult male community member in need of a raised toilet seat to use after a medical procedure.   

If you can help please click the "I can help" box below.




Help us Knock this One Out of the Park....Softball Equipment Needed for Student

A student is need of softball equipment to help get the season off to a great start.

Girls sizes:

Bat 31" 21 oz

Glove 12"

Hitting Gloves Large

If you are able to help please click the "I can help" box below




Assist a Grandmother who is Caring for her Grandchildren

Can you provide a twin bed and/or bedding for a teen boy being raised by his grandmother?  He prefers gray tones.

Your generosity is appreciated!!


Assistance Needed for Senior who has Outstanding School Fees

A senior at a local high school is in need of assistance with outstanding school fees in the amount of $35.50.

If you can assist with this need, please click the "I CAN HELP" button below.



Let's Help a Growing Young Man with an Outfit for a Special Occasion

Let's help this student look sharp for his special day!


Men's Sizes--Shirts-  XL  (nice hoodies or long sleeve tshirts)

                  Pants/Jeans- 32 waist/28  length

                  Tennis Shoes- size 9 1/2

No time to shop?  We can do it for you!  We can do it for you via gift cards or monetary donation.

!!!!Thanks so much!!!

If you can help fill this need please click the "I CAN HELP" box


Support for Sweet Dreams...

...we have a mother and her two elementary age students who have visions of new (to them) bedding dancing in their heads.

Two twin beds--one boy color/cars, one LOL Dolls/green

One full bed--adult, purple/black

If you are able to assist with this need, please click the "I can help" button below!


Family in Need of a Good Night's Sleep

A family that recently obtained permanent housing is in need of two twin mattresses for their children.

If you are able to assist with this need, please click the "I can help" button below.



Help a Single Father Make his House a Home

A single father is in need of new/gently used pots and pans to complete the setup of his kitchen. If you would like to help click the I CAN HELP box at the bottom of the page.


Financial Support for Fingerprinting/Background Check to Volunteer for Students Activities

A single parent and custodial grandparent need help paying for fingerprinting and background checks that would allow them the opportunity to volunteer in their student's school and school activities. The cost is $61 each. If you would like to help please click the I CAN HELP box below. Thanks!!


School Counselor in Need of Coats for Recess

An elementary school counselor is in need of four to five boys and girls coats WITHOUT hoods to use for recess.

Sizes: 5-6

If you can help, please click the I CAN HELP box below.

Thank you for your support!


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About Lebanon

  • Our Area Directors have come together in support of kindness and support for our children/families need.  Read about them!

  • Tracy Funke has lived in the community for the last 16 years. She is raising her children, Sadie and Simon, in the Lebanon community. Tracy is a dedicated social worker in the school district and has served as a District Resource Coordinator since 2017. You can find Tracy outdoors when the weather is warm and serving as a volleyball mom when it is cold.
  • Lynn Payne has been a Lebanon resident for 17 years. She and her husband currently have two children in the district. After serving many years as a volunteer in the schools and working for a non profit parenting center for the last five years she is excited to be supporting the families as a District Resource Coordinator.
  • Rebecca Strole is a stay at home mom, with a background in Public Relations and Recruiting. "My husband and I, and our three kids have lived in Lebanon for 8 years. I enjoy spending time with family, playing with one of our four animals, working out and volunteering in the community. As a city girl transplanted into small town Lebanon, my favorite thing about living here is the people. The long conversations over campfires with neighbors and knowing that no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to find a familiar face. #OnwardLebanon“

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