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Opportunities for Kindness

#223 Snacks and personal care items for care cart

A teacher in middle school is in need of the following items for her care cart in her classroom.

*Breakfast items- pop tarts, cereal cars, pop tarts etc.

*Chips-individually packaged

*Peanut butter crackers and cheese crackers

*Other individually packaged snack items

*Personal care items like-deodorant, pads, tampons, hair ties, brushes, combs etc.

#222 Tea Cart Supplies for ED students

A teacher for an ED class is looking to make a tea cart for her students, as it has become a way to calm the students throughout the day. They are in need of supplies for the cart.

*K cups-hot chocolate, black tea, peppermint tea


*Sweetener packets

*4 fun ceramic mugs and 4 fun ceramic plates

*Plates, spoons, knives, paper towels, forks

*Ritz and saltine crackers

#221 Snacks for school therapist

Pop tarts-any kind

chips-individual bags

peanut butter and cheese crackers

pretzels-individual bags

goldfish-individual bags

#219 Winter Clothing/ Infant needs for family with 4 children

Infant Needs- Newborn baby girl clothing, car seat, bottles, breast feeding milk bags, newborn and size 1 diapers, wipes, baby soap and lotion, blankets (big or small)

Child 1 (5 year old girl)- socks, shoes (size 1), winter jacket (size 6), gloves, hat, shirts and pants (size 6)

Child 2 (3 year old boy)- socks, shoes (size 12), gloves, hat, winter jacket (size 5), shirt and pants (size 5)

Child 3 (10 year old boy)-socks, shoes (size 2), winter coat (size 7), shirts and pants (size 7), hat, gloves 

#218 Supplies for nurses office/3 drawer bin

School is in need of individual/portioned salty snacks such as chips, cheese crackers, individually wrapped mints. for students for 3 bin drawers in nurses office.

#217 Hair care for students

Small/travel size hairbrushes and hair ties/barrettes therapist can make available to students who may need them.

#216 King Size Bed Frame

A family is in need of a king size bed frame for an 18 year-old student. 

#215 11 year old boy in need of clothes

5th grade student in need of clothes and coat.  He is a size 10/12 in pants and 10/12 in shirts.  Coat size would be a 14.

#214 8 Year old boy in need of clothing

Student with only 2 days worth of clothes.  Needing size 10/12 clothes for Boy.  

#213 Behavioral vision exam needed for developmentally delayed student

Kindergartner with developmental delays is in need of a behavioral vision exam. Guardian has CareSource which unfortunately does not cover these specialty exams. A good faith estimate put the initial appointment ranging from $160-$209.  

#207 Cap and Gown

A senior student is in need of ordering his cap and gown for graduation. The student is unable to afford ordering the cap and gown. 

#205 Winter Clothes Needed

An 18 year-old high school male student is in need of new winter clothing: jackets and a coat size XL, new winter boots and/or shoes 10.5-11, gloves, and hats. 

#196 - Family with 10 Children- Need beds

One twin bead

One full size bed

Two toddler beds

#192 12 year old boy needs a full size bed

12 year old boy needs a full size bed and bedding.

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Recently Filled Needs

#220 Coat for student

Elementary school student in need of coat.

#212 5th grade student needs slip-on shoes

5th grade girl in need of athletic shoes and boots, slip-on only please. No laces. Youth size 3. Thank you! 

#210 Family of 14 in need of body wash for sensitive skin for 8 kids

8 students in need of body wash for sensitive skin. 3 boys and 5 girls.

#211 1st grade boy in need of winter clothes

1st grade male size 10/12 in need of winter clothes.

#209 snacks for high school

The high school is in need of snacks for the students in the counselors office.

#208 size 6 diapers for elementary school

An elementary school is in need for size 6 diapers for a student.

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