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New single parent family needs help!!

A mother and two children have moved into our school community.  They are on a limited budget, so they could not afford to move all of their belongings and cannot afford to replace them.

The mom needs help with the following:- 

Set of twin bunk bed and 2 twin mattresses

King size bed frame

A chair for the living room

Counter  top height table - the family has 4 counter top size kitchen chairs

Gift cards for Walmart, Target, Kroger or Meijer - this will help replace utensils, small appliances, towels, paper staples, and groceries.

Recently Filled Needs

Food pantry client in need of a queen mattress

Seeking new or gently used queen mattress 


In Need of Winter Boots and Winter Coat!

Recent female immigrant is in need of winter gear:- winter boots size 9 and a winter jacket size L

We will accept gently used or new coats and boots


Family in need of furniture


Family of 4 adults in need of eye exam, glasses and dental exams. DOB's of adults: 1953, 1960, 1989, & 1997.

Baby high chair

Living room sofa & chairs, TV stand and dressers.


New Immigrant Family In Need!!

Still need:-

Living room sofa, night stands 


10 dinner plates, 10 salad plates, 6 cereal bowls, 6 pasta bowls, 6 -20 oz drinking glasses, 10 teaspoons, 10 forks, 10 knives, 5 soup spoons, 6 coffee mugs and 8 drinking glasses.

Athletic shoes and winter boots for the mother and the three daughters

Winter coats, scarf, hat, gloves and dress shoes for the father

Size small youth snow overalls for the youngest daughter

shirts for female family members, fleece hoodies, pairs of leggings (some fleece lined), pair of pjs, pairs of ladies gloves, sweaters and dresses for the mom and girls

Dining table and chairs

2 pairs of winter boots for the father

Winter coats for mom and three daughters

Winter boots for mom and 2 daughters

2 twin mattresses and box springs  

TV stand, Living room chair, Coffee table

1 size 3.5 youth girl winter boots


Family of 5 immigrating from Venezuela are in need of winter clothing, winter boots, winter jackets, winter pants and more. :-

Father - Age 38, Size Large, shoes size 8.5

Mother - age 38, size Large, shoes size 7

Daughter 1 - age 20, size M, shoes size 7

Daughter 2- age 13, size S, shoes size 7

Daughter 3 - age 11, size 14, shoe size 3.5

Furniture Needs:- 2 Queen beds, bunk beds, dressers, chests, nightstands, dining set and living set


1 month AM Daycare expenses

Help with Eagle's Nest(before & after care in New Albany Schools). A single mom had a mandatory shift change and needs to add morning care immediately. She makes too much to qualify for a tuition break and needs $150 to cover morning care for the month, while she gets herself in a better financial situation.


Crib for baby boy for a pantry family!!

Baby boy is now 6 months and has grown out of his sleeping area so the family is looking for a larger crib 


Art Scholarship for elementary school student

We have an elementary age student who struggles academically, but excels in art. He could really use a boost in his confidence by participating in an activity where he could shine. The family can provide transportation, but is unable to afford extra-curricular activities.  The school would like to be able to provide him with a month of art classes - 4 visits at Purple Dog = $165. 


Child with recurring cancer - family needs help with a broken garage door!!

One of our Middle School students has recurring cancer and the family is still struggling financially. Their garage door spring has broken and they cannot afford to have it fixed. If someone could offer their services to get it fixed or offer financial donations to get the job done, it will be much appreciated. 


Family in need of help after lightning struck the house!!

  1. We have a family in New Albany whose house was struck by lightning and then caught on fire. They lost pretty much everything. They have had help finding a new home and replacing most things but they still need help securing other items. There are 8 people living in the home. The children attend the intermediate building, middle school, and high school. They also have a 20 month old living with them who lost all his toys.
  2. They are still in need of the following:- 
  3. -bed sheets for 3 full size, 1 twin size

New Immigrant family of 6 needs everything!!

We have been offered the following so far:-  a set of flatware with a drawer tray, 13 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 6 bowls, 6 coffee mugs, 12 drinking glasses, 2 sofas, a slow cooker, a lamp, some bulbs and 2 bags of clothes and some toys. 

Still in need of household of goods: chairs, dining room table and chairs, table for living area, lamps, beds, pots & pans, etc. 


Mattresses Needed

Updated need:- A food pantry family is in need of 1 queen mattress.

We will accept gently used or new mattresses or donations towards buying new ones. 

The family is currently sleeping on floor so any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!! 


Carseat for an 8 month old

Updated need:- We are requesting a new or gently used car seat that will pass the current safety standards for an 8 month old baby. The baby is 26 pounds so we are requesting a convertible car seat.

If you have an unused crib or playpen, the family could use that as well. 


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About New Albany

Vineetha Thomas, Area Director 

Vineetha was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry. She instantly felt that this was a great platform to support the local community and decided to get involved. She has lived in New Albany since 2006 and loves the close knit feel of it. Vineetha worked in Convention Sales at Experience Columbus for 10 years before taking a break to spend more time with her family, which comprises of her husband and two boys 8 and 5. In addition to spending time with her family and friends she also enjoys staying fit and getting involved in the community by volunteering at her son’s school, the New Albany Food Pantry and participating in the local Indian community’s cultural activities. 

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