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Opportunities for Kindness

We are new here - Recently arrived family in need of clothing, bedding and baby items

Hello NA Bridges Friends, A NAFP family has taken in family that just arrived from Venezuela. They are living with them until they can get on their feet & rent their own apartment. 

We will happily accept gently used clean clothing, bedding and other items with the exception of crib, car seat and underwear 


1 full bed with bedding

1 twin bed with bedding

1  new crib (We are not able to accept a donated crib due to safety regulations - monetary donations or a new crib) and bedding

4 pillows

1 car seat for 8 month old(13LBS) (We are not able to accept a donated car seat due to safety regulations - monetary donations or a new car seat)

1 high chair


Adult female 32 years - shirt size XS, underwear(new)-xs, pjs-xs, small jacket, socks -size6-10

Child female 6 years - shirt size 7, pants size 7/8, shoes-size youth 1, underwear(new) pjs-size 7, jacket size 7/8,

Child female 18 months -  size 1-2 pants ,18 months pjs, baby shoes size 4, baby boots size 4, jacket size-1

Adult male 60 years - shirt size medium, underwear(new 34 waist), pants 34 waist x 32 length, medium pjs, medium jacket, shoes 9.5
Adult male 27 years -  shirt size medium, pants 32x36, underwear(new 32 waist), medium jacket, medium pjs, shoes 9.5

Adult male 26 years - shirt & PJS size small, pants 32x32 Underwear(new 32 waist) Small jacket, shoes 9.5 

Monetary Donations and Gift Cards to Local Stores are Greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your kindness!

Sleeping Beauty! In need of a twin bed

Hello NA Bridges Friends, A NAFP family has taken in a friend from Venezuela & are asking for a twin bed or just a twin mattress to use on the floor.


Twin mattress

Twin Bed Frame

Monetary Donations or Gift Cards to Local Stores are greatly appreciated!

Keep the Smile Going!

Thank you NA Bridges

Looking Good! NA Students in need of clothing and basic items!

Hello NA Bridges Friends, We have 3 siblings in NAPLS who are in need of some basic items due to family hardship. 

We will accept new or gently used clean clothes or gift cards. 


7th Grade Boy:- 

Youth size 16 jeans

Youth 16/18 long sleeve shirts

6th Grade Girl:-

Pajamas (S adult or Youth L/XL )

3rd Grade Boy:-

Youth size 12 short jeans

Youth size 14 long sleeve shirt

Age appropriate books & toys for all three 

$50 Walmart gift card for the family to buy essentials 


2 pj sets for girl ( one for cold weather, one for warm), 2 size 14 long sleeved shirts, 2 size 16 long sleeved shirts, 1 size 16 long sleeve light weight hoodie, 2 size 16 jeans

Monetary donations or gift cards to local stores are always welcome and appreciated! 

Thank you for your kindness!

School is in Session! School Supplies needed at the Primary School.

Hello NA Bridges Friends - School is back in session and some students in the primary grades are in need of some more school supplies. 

Here's the Amazon Wish List with the requested items - please select New Albany Bridge's Gift Registry address for shipping


Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated! 

Thank you to all those who donated last time. We are very much appreciative of your kindness!

Household! Amazon Wish List for NAFP for Paper Products!

Hello New Albany Bridges Friends,              

We are helping our friends at the New Albany Food Pantry by creating an Amazon Wish List for their most needed items. 

Please click on the link to make purchases and select the NAFP C/O Healthy New Albany's Gift Registry Address for shipping. 

Thank you for your continued support for our fellow neighbors! 


Thank you for your Kindness,

Vineetha Thomas and Sarah Ryan

Where are you Going? In Need of Two Gently Used Working Cars.

Hello New Albany Bridges Friends,  We are still in Two of three gently used cars in working condition for three New Albany Families.

Why donate a car? 

  • Your donation to New Albany Bridges has a greater tax deduction as it goes directly to a local family in need(versus being sold)
  • You receive the Kelly Blue Book value as a tax write-off
  • We will handle the title transfer and it's fast and seamless
  • It will have a direct, life-changing impact on a local family in need 

First Car:
A Refugee and New Albany Food Pantry Family recently moved to Ohio. They do not have a car, limiting employment options. The breadwinner is interested in pursuing continuing education and finding a job, but transportation is a big barrier to achieving any of this.


A Gently Used Car in working condition.



Second Car:

Single Father of three is asking for assistance with a vehicle. His current van lights are not working and doors are not staying closed. Looking for a an SUV/Van sized or any car that can accommodate 4 people. Single Dad comes to us through the New Albany Food Pantry.


A Gently Used SUV or Van or Car in  working condition.

We are unable to accept Monetary Donation, we only can accept a donation of a gently used car.

Please call or email us directly Sarah Ryan 614-226-5522 or [email protected]

Thank you for your kindness.

Recently Filled Needs

Bills! URGENT NEED - NAFP Family in need of financial help.

Hello NA Bridges Friends, A NAFP family of 5 needs help paying their electric and water bills. The mother is the single source of income for the family and she has been sick and had to quarantine because of Covid protocols. Since she had to quarantine, she was not able to work and earn money. The father is in the process of looking for a new job.


AEP Bill - $493.09

City of Columbus (Water Bill) - $297.85 

Monetary donations to help this family out during this difficult time is much appreciated! 

Thank you for your offer of kindness to the New Albany Community!

If this is a monetary contribution please simply click on the link below:


Have a Seat! Single Mom in Need of Furniture!

Hello NA Bridges Friends - Happy Labor Day Weekend! We have a Single Mom of two in need of furniture.


Side Table (2)

4 lamps

Area Rug



Family Room Chair

Kitchen Table and Chairs

Seven Year Old NAPLS student in need of items

Seven year old boy in need of some basic clothing items to start the school year. We accept new or gently used clean clothes. 


T-Shirts (Men's Small)

Shorts, maybe a few pair as weather will change soon (Men's Small)

Sweatpants (Men's Small) 

Sweatshirts (Men's Small)

Tennis Shoes, Size 7 



Sweatshirt & sweatpants - 1 each

$80 in Kohl's gift cards 

Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated. 

Thank you for your kindness! 

Sleepy Time! In need of Full or Queen Bed!

Hello New Albany Bridges Friends, We have a 17 year old girl sleeping on the floor with her 2 year old. We need a bed!


 Queen Comforter

4 Pillows



Area Rug for a bedroom

Monetary Donations or Gift Cards to area stores are greatly appreciated!


Queen Size Mattress and box spring

Queen Bed Frame

Queen Size Sheet Set

Thank you 

Vineetha Thomas and Sarah Ryan

Beep Beep - Here comes the bus! School Supplies needed for kids

Hello NA Bridges Friends -  School is back in session and some students in the primary grades are in need of some school supplies. Your kindness will help them with the right tools to start this school year successfully! 

Here's the Amazon Wish List with the same items listed below for your convenience - please select New Albany Bridge's Gift Registry address for shippinghttps://a.co/cS6rpDL

You can also buy and drop off the items at either of our drop off locations. If you are buying and dropping off the items, please send us an email or message so we can cross that off our list. Thank you! 


Second grade -

  • 3 -Magic Rub Eraser non-glossing white vinyl
  • 3 -headphones midsize w/mic
  • 3 - Clorox disinfecting wipes
  • 3 -Glad sealable storage bags (gallon)
  • 3 -Glad sealable storage bags (quart)

Third grade -

  • 3 - headphones
  • 1 - pack Crayola washable markers
  • 12 - pads bright and colorful post-it notes (2x2)
  • 2 - 5-pack paper mate colorful flair pens


  • 2 -1" White view binders
  • 3 - Ruler box
  • 1- Crayola Full-Length Colored Pencils Pre Sharpened (24 ct)
  • 3 - pack Crayola colored pencils, 24 ct
  • 1 - yellow folder w/pockets
  • 6 - Papermate large eraser
  • 3 - pencil pouches
  • 3 - individual pencil sharpeners

Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated! 

Thank you for you donations and kindness!!

Wheels! Gently Used Working Car!


Second Car:

Grandmother raising her grandson the last 12 years. She is currently unemployed due to COVID and her grandson needs a way to get to work.

This family is really in need of a car.


A Gently Used Car in working condition.

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About New Albany

Sarah Ryan, Area Director

Sarah was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry where she is the NAFP Manager. She decided it was a nice fit to be NAFP Manager and NA Bridges Area Director. She has lived in New Albany since 1999 with her husband Mark Ryan, Senior Managing Director of BeecherHill in downtown Columbus, OH. Sarah has four children who all went to New Albany Schools; Chris a graduate of the University of Colorado, Colin who attends Michigan State University, Catherine who attends Indiana University and Caroline who attends Xavier University. All volunteer for the NA Food Pantry and NA Bridges when they are home in New Albany. She has two dogs Fenway 10 years old and Indy 1 year old who she loves to run and take for walks.Sarah loves to volunteer at other locations: Dreams on Horseback, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Pelotonia and St. Stephen’s Community House. For fun, Sarah loves to spend time with her family and friends, she also enjoys staying fit, biking, skiing, running and walking around New Albany.

Vineetha Thomas, Area Director 

Vineetha was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry. She instantly felt that this was a great platform to support the local community and decided to get involved. She has lived in New Albany since 2006 and loves the close knit feel of it. Vineetha worked in Convention Sales at Experience Columbus for 10 years before taking a break to spend more time with her family, which comprises of her husband and two boys 8 and 5. In addition to spending time with her family and friends she also enjoys staying fit and getting involved in the community by volunteering at her son’s school, the New Albany Food Pantry and participating in the local Indian community’s cultural activities. 

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