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New Albany

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Opportunities for Kindness

Help Restock Clothing at the New Albany Intermediate School

New Albany Intermediate School is in need of clothing items for students who, for a variety of reasons, need a change of clothes during the school day.  They need both boys and girls shirts and pants in different sizes (Youth S, M, L or XL).  

Clothing with an elastic waist is preferred and items can be new or gently used clean clothes.  

Donated Items:


-Small:  6 sweatshirts

-Large:  5 shirts, 2 sweatshirts

-XL:  3 shirts, 1 jogger pant, 5 sweatshirts


-Small:  2 sweatshirt

-Med:  3 sweatshirts

-Large:  1 sweatshirt

Thank you for your kindness!

Family of 4 with 2 NAPLS kids is in need of your help with Clothing and Furniture

A Family of 4 is seeking asylum in the US and have re-located to New Albany.  They are in need of clothing for the parents and their 12-year old and 15-year old sons.  They also need furniture including beds, kitchen table, dressers and sofa.

We will accept new or gently used clean clothes and mattresses with no big lumps, stains or tears. 

Furniture Needs:

- 3 seater Sofa or a loveseat( no recliner and sleeper sofas). Family doesn't have a lot of room for a big sofa. 

Clothing Needs:

12 year old Boy: 

-Shirts:  size small

-Pants:  size small

-PJ's:  size small

-NEW underwear: size small

-Winter Coat:  size small

-Winter boots:  size pending.  Please consider gift card donation

15 year old Boy: (he is tall and very slim)

-Shirts:  size medium

-Pants:  size medium (waist size 30)

-PJ's:  size medium

-NEW underwear:  size medium

-Winter coat/gloves/hat:  size medium

-Winter boots:  size 9.5


-Shirts: size medium

-Pants: size medium (waist size 30)

-PJ's: size medium

-NEW underwear: size medium

-Winter coat/gloves/hat: size medium

-Winter boots: size 9.5


Sizes pending. Please consider gift cards or monetary donations.

Furniture Offered/Donated Items:

1 dresser - not yet delivered 

1 leather loveseat - not yet delivered 

-1 full bed (mattress, box spring, frame and headboard) - delivered 

-1 full sheet set - purchased with donations

-1 dresser -delivered

-1 nightstand -  delivered

-Queen duvet and duvet cover - delivered

-1 Queen blanket - delivered

-4 pillows (purchased with monetary donations - delivered)

-Twin mattress and frame (purchased with monetary donations - delivered)

-1 Twin mattress, box springs and frame - delivered)

-2 Twin comforter/sheet sets (purchased with donations and delivered)

Kitchen Table & chairs - delivered

Clothing Donations

- Women's Clothing:  1 coat, 1 winter vest, 3 sweatshirts,  6 sweaters, 1 robe, 1 winter scarf, 1 winter hat, 1 pair socks, 1 pair boots, 1 legging, 1 cardigan, 3 shirts

- 12 year oldWinter hat and gloves, 1 sweater, 1 snow pant, 4 sweatshirts, 3 long sleeve shirts, 11 short sleeve shirts, 4 jogger pants, 1 jean, 1 PJ bottom, 8 pairs of socks

-16 year old:  3 short sleeve shirts, 7 long sleeve shirts, 6 sweatshirts, 3 jogger pants, 1 pair size 30 pant, 2 pairs socks

Gift cards and monetary donations to purchase items is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your kindness!

Where are you Going? In Need of a Gently Used Working Car.

Hello New Albany Bridges Friends,  We are still in of a gently used car in working condition for a New Albany Family. 

Why donate a car? 

  • Your donation to New Albany Bridges has a greater tax deduction as it goes directly to a local family in need(versus being sold)
  • You receive the Kelly Blue Book value as a tax write-off
  • We will handle the title transfer and it's fast and seamless
  • It will have a direct, life-changing impact on a local family in need 

A Refugee and New Albany Food Pantry Family is in need of a car.  The breadwinner is interested in pursuing continuing education and finding a job, but transportation is a big barrier to achieving any of this.


A Gently Used Car in working condition.

We are unable to accept Monetary Donation, we only can accept a donation of a gently used car.

Please email us directly at [email protected] 

Thank you for your kindness! 

Recently Filled Needs

Provide Water for School Nurse Clinics

2 cases (40 each) for each school clinic (5 clinic) for a total of 400 donated bottles.

Single mom of 2 needs help to get back on her feet!

We have a newly single mom of 2 boys who recently moved to the area. The boys are new to New Albany Plain Local Schools and are adjusting slowly but doing well. They moved here after moving around for a year to different people who would let them stay with them. She was a stay at home mom and had to leave a very bad situation with nothing and is slowly able to move forward, but she's struggling to get a few things financially. 

We will accept new or gently used clean clothes. 

They just moved into a one bedroom apartment and desperately need the following:-

Furniture/bed needs

1 kitchen table and 4 chairs

Deep freezer - the freezer portion of their refrigerator isn't working well.

    Clothes/shoes needs

          Youth size 10-12 - sweatpants, jeans, shirts and hoodies

          Boy #2

            1. Youth size 7-8 - sweatpants, jeans, shirts and hoodies


            Twin bunk bed or trundle bed preferred to maximize the space

              2 new twin sheet sets - ordered from donations 

              2 twin mattresses for the bunk/trundle bed

                2 new pillows - bought with donations

                2 Twin Blankets

                2 Twin Comforters

                2 Twin Sheet Sets - bought with donations

                $275 in gift cards to buy needed clothing items including shoes.

                Boy #1:  New Shoes, new underwear, new socks, 1 pair joggers, 3 pairs shorts, 1 short sleeve shirt, 1 sweater, 2 sweatshirts

                Boy #2:  2 pairs joggers, 3 PJ bottoms, new underwear, new socks, 6 sweatshirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 1 short sleeve shirt, 1 zipper sweatshirt

                Mom:  1 winter coat, 1 winter vest, 2 sweatshirt, 4 sweaters, 12 shirts, 4 dress pants, 5 casual pants, 5 dresses, 1 jacket, 7 tank tops, socks, 1 winter scarf, 1 winter hat, 1 PJ set, 1 belt

                Gift cards or monetary donations to local stores are much appreciated! Thank you for your kindness!

                Pay to Participate fees for NAPLS athlete

                An 8th-grade student athlete who is currently 14 years old is in need of help.  Her family is unable to cover the $125 pay to participate fee for Winter wrestling. 

                NAFP Client with 2 kids needs help with Christmas

                 Family missed toy drive and has no gifts for 6 and 12 year old daughters.

                We purchased $100 gift card. 

                NAFP Client needs help to stop Eviction

                NAFP client is in desperate need of help. Received a 3 day eviction notice from the landlord to be evicted on Christmas Day. 

                We were able to set this family up with Impact for future help and negotiate a partial rent payment in the meantime to keep this person from being homeless.

                Adult children from Venezuela in need of winter clothing & a dresser

                Two Venezuelan adult children were just able to join their parents in New Albany. They arrived with only the clothes they were wearing.  They are asking for winter clothing and a dresser to put their clothes in.

                Clothing Needs 

                Male Age 24

                -Pants - size medium  (32" waist)

                -PJ's - size medium

                -NEW underwear - size medium

                -Winter coat/hats/gloves - size medium

                -Winter boots - 8.5

                Female-age 25

                -Shirts - Size small

                -Pants - size small

                -PJ's - size small

                -NEW underwear - size small

                -Winter coat - size small

                -Winter boots - size 6

                Offered/Donated Items:

                -1 Dresser - not yet delivered 

                Women's Clothing:  6 sweaters, 2 cardigans, 3 long sleeve shirts, 3 pairs of leggings, 11 t-shirts, 2 blouses,2 sweaters, hats and gloves, puffy warm pullover, 2 fleece pjs, 2 blouses, 1 pair shorts, 1 sweatshirt

                Men's Clothing:  3 short sleeve shirt, 5 long sleeve shirts, 4 dress shirts, 2 dress pants, 1 fleece pullover, 1 bag of men's medium shirts, 3 sweaters, 1 sweatshirt

                Small storage case with 2 drawers 

                $100 Kohl's gift card

                Gift cards and monetary donations to make purchases is always appreciated.  Thank you New Albany for you kindness!

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                About New Albany

                Christy Apple, Area Director

                Christy was introduced to the neighborhood bridges through her work at the New Albany Food Pantry. She was excited to join New Albany Bridges and felt it was a great way to get further involved in the community. She has lived in New Albany since 2001 with her husband, Jonathan, and their 2 children who are both in the New Albany school district. Christy has a Health Service Administration degree from Ohio University and an MBA from Ashland University. She has worked in healthcare planning and administration for 20+ years and currently devotes her time to healthcare consulting projects. In her free time, she enjoys watching her children play in their many sporting events and spending time with friends and family. Christy is very excited to promote kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

                Vineetha Thomas, Area Director 

                Vineetha was introduced to neighborhood bridges through her volunteer work with the New Albany Food Pantry. She instantly felt that this was a great platform to bridge kindness and support the local community. She has lived in New Albany since 2006 and loves the close knit feel of it. Vineetha has a Bachelor's Degree in General Business & Management from the University of Maryland. She started her hospitality career with Marriott International and most recently worked in Convention Sales at Experience Columbus for 10 years before taking a break to spend more time with her husband and two boys. Both her children attend the New Albany school district. In addition to spending time with her family and friends she also enjoys staying fit and getting involved in the community by volunteering at her kids' schools, at her church, the New Albany Food Pantry and participating in the local Indian community‚Äôs cultural activities.  Vineetha is excited to continue to bridge kindness in our community through New Albany Bridges!

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