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Opportunities for Kindness

Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us

As Ohio continues under #stayhomeOhio orders, we know some individuals are not able to remain at home. They have taken on increased risk to themselves and their families to protect and serve our community. Our first responders are experiencing increased isolation as they too, must social distance at work and at home, all while continuing to respond to emergencies and crisis. Help us show our gratitude for the men and women who work so hard for our community each and every day. We are seeking monetary donations to provide a weekly meal to each shift of first responders at the Blue Ash Police Department, Blue Ash Fire Department, Montgomery Police Department, and Montgomery Fire Department. We will continue these weekly meals for as long as the #stayhomeOhio order is in effect. 

Recently Filled Needs

Internet Hotspot Needed

A teacher has reached out to Sycamore Bridges out of concern for a student who does not have internet access at home to complete school assignments. Due to extenuating circumstances, the family is not eligible for the "free" Spectrum offer at this time. Sycamore Bridges would like to supply a charged hotspot to get the student through the duration of the school year, or two months. The total cost of the hotspot and service is $150. Please click "I Can Help" if you would like to make a financial donation to get the family connected.


Urgent Need for Baby Monitors at B-North

Do you have a baby monitor you are no longer using? Would you be willing to donate it to Bethesda North to help the hospital staff communicate more effectively during the pandemic? Because of the necessary PPE, hospital staff is unable to communicate through the traditional call light systems; and removing PPE is a contamination risk. Baby monitors safely and effectively solve the communication problem. Bethesda North is looking for 30+ new or gently used baby monitors. Additional monitors will be distributed to other hospitals in Cincinnati. If you are able to help, please click the link and indicate how many monitors you wish to donate. You will receive instructions how and where to drop off the monitors (no-contact delivery). If you wish to purchase a new monitor, we can send an address where to mail.


Spreading Joy

Are you looking for something to do with your kids? Do you need a mental vacation from the stress around you? How about making a card or writing a letter to our most vulnerable residents?

Sycamore Bridges is collecting notes of encouragement for our nursing home residents. These folks cannot accept visitors right now, so we thought it would be nice to spread kindness in a new way. No need to reply to this post. Just drop off or mail your note to 10236 Stablehand Drive (45242). This residence is practicing social distancing, so leave all notes in the mailbox please. We will wait several days before delivering to all the nursing homes in the District to ensure we are not spreading germs. Our collection ends on Sunday, March 29!


Find the Helpers

In the spirit of Mr. Rogers, we are finding the helpers. Sycamore Bridges has opened its Gateway to Kindness to encourage ANY resident of the Sycamore community to come forward and seek assistance for a neighbor in need. We are taking these steps to give kindness in our community a larger platform and share kindness in its purest form. In other words, we are finding the helpers. 

If you would like to help, please reply to this post with what you can offer (for example, food delivery, grocery shopping, tutoring over the phone/FaceTime, yard work, etc...). We will only consider service needs that support social distancing.

Through this post, we are collecting names and creating a database of helpers. We will reach out to you via email if/when needs arise. We do not know what to expect in this uncertain time, but we have every confidence we can make a difference together.


Donations for Supplemental Food Bags

In this unprecedented global health crisis, Sycamore Bridges is partnering with Operation Giveback in an effort to assist families who will experience unexpected hardship by the closure of our schools. We have learned that Sycamore Community Schools will be providing breakfast and lunch to families on free/reduced lunch. It is our intention to supplement these meals with additional food staples to cover dinners and weekends. We hope to reach 250 families in the Sycamore community, or 1000+ Sycamore children and parents. This includes families who do not qualify for free/reduced lunch but will still experience financial burdens during these uncertain times. We will be providing bags of groceries, one each week, that contain non-perishable items, such as canned fruits and vegetables, pastas, canned proteins, peanut butter, cereals, beans, rice, crackers, etc... Each bag is valued at $25. We are seeking financial donations to cover the cost of these bags. At this time, we are not asking for volunteers to assemble the bags in an effort to minimize our exposure to one another and keep the process as simplified as possible. We are also not asking for food donations in an effort to keep our donors out of the chaotic grocery stores and in the safety of their homes. Of course, the situation is evolving by the minute, so our "need" may change over time. But for now, if you would like to make a financial donation, please click below and instructions on how to do so will be emailed to you.


Family in Need of Dishes

Elementary school counselor contacted us on behalf of a family who is looking for a set of dishes so they can enjoy meals together. If you have a gently used set of dishes you are looking to discard, please let us know.


Athletic Fees for Spring Track Participants

Sycamore Bridges has been contacted by the Junior High athletic director to help pay the athletic fees for two students for Spring track. The students do not qualify for free/reduced lunch; however, paying the fees is a financial burden on the family at this time. We are seeking $75/student; or $150 total.


Family in Need of a Crib

Local family in need of a crib. Mattress and crib sheets are also appreciated.


Diapers - Size 6

We have a family in need of Size 6 diapers for their special-needs child. 


SJH Student in Need of Eye Exam & Glasses

SJH student desperately needs an eye exam and glasses. 


Urgent - Family in Danger of Being Evicted

We have a family in urgent need of financial support. Caregiver is behind in rent and needs immediate financial assistance or will be evicted. If you would like to help, please click below and instructions on how to make payment will be emailed to you. 


Family Needs Help with Lunch $$ for Remainder of the Year

Single mom just misses the cutoff for free/reduced lunch financially, but is struggling to keep money in her 2 high school boys' accounts. She just needs a little help for the remainder of the school year. We are seeking $300 total to cover the 9 weeks left of school for both children. 


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About Sycamore

Lori Drasnin, Area Director

Lori Drasnin is an active Sycamore parent and volunteer. She previously served as PTO President for Montgomery Elementary, and currently serves as Treasurer for E.H. Greene Intermediate. Over the past eight years, Lori has chaired too many PTO events and fundraisers to count, and brought innovative and updated programs to the local schools. Lori also organized a Bedtime Bundle collection for the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter from 2014-2017, and serves on the board of Ohio Cleats for Kids (C4K).


Lori holds undergraduate degrees from The University of Michigan, as well as a law degree from Emory University. She practiced product liability defense for six years at Dinsmore in Cincinnati, OH before “retiring” to stay home and raise her children. Lori is married to husband, Jeff, has two boys, Matthew and Ryan, and two puggles, Max & Erma. 


Lori looks forward to serving the greater Sycamore community and bridging kindness across the neighborhood.

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