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Opportunities for Kindness

FINAL WEEK! Operation Give Back Holiday Wish List

NOTE: We still have many items in every category. The most requested items are listed first, but please scroll through the whole list to find lots of options at every price point.

Sycamore Bridges is excited to partner with Operation Give Back to help fill their annual Holiday Store for the fourth year in a row! Sycamore Bridges and OGB recognize the added financial struggle for many of our neighborhood families around the holidays. We believe all families should be able to celebrate this special time together in a carefree way. OGB is gearing up to provide assistance to 1000+ children this holiday season. Our gigantic Amazon Registry was created to make sure every child receives something they wished for. Be sure to scroll through the entire list to find items at every price point! Our list will be updated frequently, so please check back often. Remember to select the OGB Holiday Store shipping address when checking out so the package is sent directly to us. Thank you for your continued support in making sure all of our neighbors have a memorable holiday season. (If you would like a tax receipt for your purchase, please reply to this post and we can email one to you! Receipts will not be emailed unless requested.) CLICK HERE for our AMAZON REGISTRY

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Recently Filled Needs

Death in Family

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school counselor to assist a father and his two children. Shortly before Thanksgiving, Mom tragically passed away. At this time, Dad said that Kroger and/or Walmart gift cards will help them navigate their new reality. We are collecting a total of $500. Should other needs arise in the coming months, we will reopen our request for additional assistance. If you would like to contribute, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

Headphones for Elementary Students

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school counselor to their school in purchasing new headphones for classroom use. Since the beginning of the year, many students' headphones have not survived the daily use of little hands and ears. We have been asked to help replenish each classroom with an extra set to accommodate those who cannot afford to purchase a new pair. We are collecting $224 to supply durable headphones to 30 classrooms. If you would like to offer assistance, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

Student Fitness Membership

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a high school teacher to assist a student in purchasing a gym membership. In order to make consistent progress toward graduation, the student's schedule does not allow for him to take any PE, strength training, or sports courses at the high school. The teacher believes the student's mood and overall mental health would greatly benefit from a regular workout. Sycamore Bridges has negotiated a year-long fitness pass to a gym close to the student's home. We are collecting $130 to cover the cost. If you would like to offer assistance, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you. 

Small Kitchen Appliances

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a community advocate to assist a grandmother of 4/great-grandmother of 1 with some small kitchen appliances to make mealtimes easier for the large family. We are looking to provide a gently used countertop microwave and toaster or toaster oven. If you have an extra appliance laying around, we will gladly put it to good use. Please reply to this post for donation instructions.

Greene School Bridges Backroom

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by the Greene School administrative team to help launch a personal care pantry in their building. The team has carefully selected personal hygiene and shelf staple food items that will be accessible to any student who would benefit from them. The pantry inventory will be managed in-house, and student council fundraising activities will keep the shelves stocked in the future. Thanks to a local grant, this request has been funded without being posted.

Thanksgiving Meal

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school counselor to provide a last minute Thanksgiving meal to a family. The family is new to Sycamore this school year and is currently residing in a hotel. Because they do not have access to a full kitchen, the counselor ordered a fully cooked meal from Fresh Market. The cost was $102. If you would like to contribute to this request, reply to this post and and a donation link will be emailed to you.

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About Sycamore

Lori Drasnin, Area Director

Lori Drasnin is an active Sycamore parent and volunteer.  She previously served as PTO President for Montgomery Elementary, as well as PTO Treasurer at Montgomery Elementary, E.H. Greene Intermediate, and Sycamore Junior High School.  Over the past decade, Lori has chaired too many PTO events and fundraisers to count and brought innovation and updated programs to our local schools.  Lori also organized a Bedtime Bundle collection from the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter from 2014-2017, and served on the board of Ohio Cleats for Kids (C4K) until taking this role.

Lori holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan, as well as a law degree from Emory University.  She practiced liability defense for six years at Dinsmore in Cincinnati, OH before "retiring" to stay home and raise her children.  Lori is married to husband, Jeff, has two boys, Matthew and Ryan, and two puggles, Max & Erma.

Lori enjoys serving the greater Sycamore community and bridging kindness across the neighborhood.

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