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Recently Filled Needs

Single Mom Requesting Help with Rent

Sycamore Bridges is working with a single mom of a medically fragile child who is having trouble making next month's rent. Mom has not received her full child and spousal support benefits in some time, and she's struggling to meet her current financial commitments. Because of her child's recent surgeries, she and her ex-husband missed more work than they planned. Offering a month's rent will allow her to get back on her feet. If you would like to make a contribution, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

Beds and Bedding

Sycamore Bridges is working with a school advocate to offer additional assistance to our newly immigrated family. Specifically, we would like to provide them with beds and new bedding so their children can enjoy a restful night's sleep in their new home. **Please note- the need for beds has been filled. We are now collecting donations to purchase new pillows, mattress covers, sheets, and comforters for the family of 5. If you would like to contribute, please reply to this post and we will email back with a donation link.

  • Full Bedframe - FILLED
  • Full Mattress - FILLED
  • Twin Bedframe - FILLED
  • Twin Mattress - FILLED

Emergency Hotel Stay

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school advocate to assist a single mom and her two Sycamore students. Due to an abrupt change in circumstances, Mom has checked into a local hotel with her children. We would like to help pay for a short-term hotel stay so Mom has time to find more permanent living arrangements. If you would like to offer assistance, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you. 

Twin Mattress

Sycamore Bridges received a donation of a brand new twin mattress. This gift will be shared with a deserving Sycamore family whose child is looking forward to a good night's sleep in their own bed. This need was generously filled before being posted!

Car Insurance, Tags & Plates

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a social worker to assist a family of four who is new to our district. Sycamore's social worker is helping Dad obtain an Ohio driver's license and transfer his car to Ohio tags/plates. This will allow him to legally begin the employment he already secured. In addition to the BMV fees, we were also asked to offset their initial car insurance payment while the family gets on their feet and Dad settles into his new job. We would like to cover as much of this $400 expense as possible. If you would like to offer help to this family, reply to this post and a donation link will be emailed to you.

Family New to the US Seeking Clothing

Sycamore Bridges was contacted by a school counselor to help a â€‹family who recently arrived from Kazakhstan. Their three children are in desperate need of new or very gently used clothing. If you would like to offer assistance, please reply to this post with your specific donation and delivery instructions will be emailed to you. We are also accepting monetary donations to purchase any clothing items that are still needed.

Boy #1 - Youth Large (12/14 or 14/16)

  • FILLED - 5 Sweatshirts
  • FILLED - 2 Long-sleeved shirt
  • FILLED - 5 Sweatpants
  • FILLED - 1 Jeans
  • FILLED - New Underwear
  • FILLED - New Socks 

Boy #2 - Youth Medium (10/12)

  • FILLED - 5 Sweatshirts
  • FILLED - 2 Long-sleeved shirt
  • FILLED - 5 Sweatpants
  • FILLED - 1 Jeans
  • FILLED - New Underwear
  • FILLED - New Socks

Girl - 4T

  • FILLED - 5 Sweatshirts/Sweaters
  • FILLED - 2 Long-sleeved shirts
  • FILLED - 5 Leggings/Sweatpants
  • FILLED - 1 Jeans
  • FILLED - New Underwear
  • FILLED - New Socks
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About Sycamore

Lori Drasnin, Area Director

Lori Drasnin is an active Sycamore parent and volunteer.  She previously served as PTO President for Montgomery Elementary, as well as PTO Treasurer at Montgomery Elementary, E.H. Greene Intermediate, and Sycamore Junior High School.  Over the past decade, Lori has chaired too many PTO events and fundraisers to count and brought innovation and updated programs to our local schools.  Lori also organized a Bedtime Bundle collection from the YWCA Battered Women's Shelter from 2014-2017, and served on the board of Ohio Cleats for Kids (C4K) until taking this role.

Lori holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan, as well as a law degree from Emory University.  She practiced liability defense for six years at Dinsmore in Cincinnati, OH before "retiring" to stay home and raise her children.  Lori is married to husband, Jeff, has two boys, Matthew and Ryan, and two puggles, Max & Erma.

Lori enjoys serving the greater Sycamore community and bridging kindness across the neighborhood.

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