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Opportunities for Kindness

Westerville Central Students in need of Yearbook Angels

Many students are not able to afford the cost of a school yearbook. This is especially important to our graduating seniors as they leave high school. Please consider being a Yearbook Angel. Each yearbook costs $80 dollars. All donations are appreciated! 

Family Needs Help Moving from Extended Stay Hotel to New Home

Single Dad with 5 children that attend Westerville schools needs assistance/support moving from an extended stay hotel to a new home. $200 is needed to cover the moving costs. Any help would be appreciated. 

Heritage student needs help with school fees

Westerville middle school student needs assistance with $197 owed in school fees. Any help with these fees would be appreciated.

ELC Preschool needs underwear and elastic pants for clinic

The clinic at the ELC is in need of the following: 

  • Under wear - Boys size 5, 6, 8,
  1. Pants boys, size 5, 6, 7/8

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Recently Filled Needs

Recently Homeless Family of 6 in Need of Twin Mattress

While this family was homeless and staying in an extended stay hotel, the youngest child (toddler) was sharing a bed with his father.  Now that they're in an apartment, the youngest child is in need of a twin mattress for a new bunk bed.      

WNHS Family in Need

A family at Westerville North High School could use assistance with groceries, hygiene items, clothes (medium to large) giftcards, etc. Anything would be appreciated!

Westerville North Student with Long Term Illness Needs Gas and Gift Cards for Food

A WNHS student who has been struggling with a long term illness is in need of gas cards as well as gift cards for groceries.  Due to the illness, parents are unable to work consistently and need assistance.  Any amount will help.  

Elderly Woman with Cancer Needs Help with Expenses

A Grandmother raising her teenage grandson is struggling to pay for rent, food and utilities.  Due to a recent kidney cancer diagnosis, she is unable to work as much as she did before.  Any monetary donations will be used to help pay expenses directly to creditor.  

WNHS Spring Student Athlete

A spring student athlete needs assistance covering participation fees and other costs associated with their sport for the season. The student needs $200 to be able to participate with the team. Any assistance is appreciated. 

High School Student in Need of Summer School Course

Westerville City School Junior needs assistance obtaining PE credit via summer school. The students schedule is full due to advanced course schedule and they need to complete the PE credit to graduate in 2025. The student wants to take the course in the summer so it does not interfere with their advanced courses but unfortunately, the family doesn't have the money.  Looking to take the course through TRECA Digital Academy for $95.  Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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About Westerville

Molly Woodruff, Area Director

Molly has lived in Westerville since 2001 with her husband Chris and son Dylan. She has volunteered at the Westerville Schools and the Westerville Parent Council for many years. Before becoming a mom, she was an Artist/Page Designer at the Columbus Dispatch.

Wendy Loeser, Area Director

Wendy grew up in Westerville and returned in 2002 to raise her family. Wendy has been an active member of the school community as a mother, classroom volunteer, PTA President, and member of the Westerville Parent Council. Wendy and her husband own and operate two local businesses and have 2 children in the Westerville City Schools.

neighborhood bridges Westerville Steering Committee

Megan Reamsnyder, Westerville City Council & Noon Rotary

Brandy Deichert, Westerville Noon Rotary Club

Christa Dickey, Community Affairs Director, City of Westerville

Stacey Rusterholz, Communications & Community Outreach Manager, City of Westerville

Tiffany McGinnis, Westerville Sunrise Rotary Club

Abra Campbell, Community Outreach Coordinator, WARM

Jennifer Scherer, Robin Mara, Jill Huck – Counselors, Westerville City Schools

Molly Woodruff, Area Director, neighborhood bridges Westerville

Wendy Taylor-Loeser, Area Director, neighborhood bridges Westerville

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