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Opportunities for Kindness

Clothing needs for Westerville North High School

An advocate at Westerville North High School has requested the following items for their students. Gift cards will also be accepted to purchase items.

Men's casual shorts: all sizes except 30 waist
Men's plain t-shirts: S, M, and L
Men's long sleeve t-shirts: all sizes

Women's sweat pants: all sizes
Women's leggings: XS and S
Women's sweatshirts and hoodies: all sizes
Maxi skirts: L

Alcohol-free Mouthwash
Graduation caps and tassels

Hawthorne Family in Need

Hawthorne Elementary has a family who is in need of grocery gift cards and clothing.  Mom is raising her 3 children on her own, has stage 4 cancer and is trying to work in between treatments.

14 year old boy, size 16/18

6 year old boy , size 8

22 month old boy, size 2T

Adult Womens Pull-ups Needed

A female student needs adult size pull-ups (incontinence pads) to use while at school.  

General Needs for WCHS students

  • Central is in need of a few general items for students: 

  • Feminine pads (size 3)
  • Folders
  • Graphing paper
  • Graphing calculators (a few have been requested)
  • Headphones that can plug into chrome books 

  • We are appreciative of whatever can be donated!

Youth size shoes needed for Huber Ridge Elementary School

The clinic at Huber Ridge Elementary School has requested new or gently used youth shoes size 3.5 - 7.

Recently Filled Needs

Posterboards needed for WCHS Students

Westerville Central is in need of posterboards for students to use for individual & group projects.

Up to 30 would be greatly appreciated!


MP3 players needed for WNHS

Gently used or new MP3 players needed to help WNHS Students with special needs use music to regulate emotions and stay on task during class without the distraction of their cell phones.  


Middle school students in need of assistance to pay for choir uniforms

Middle school students in need of assistance to pay for choir uniforms. $105 needed


Glasses repaired/replaced for an elementary student

An Elementary student is need of assistance getting his glasses repaired or replaced. 


WSHS student in need of Computer Charger - Updated 10/11

An adult student at WSHS is trying to complete online classes by December to accept diploma and is in need of a charger for their laptop. The laptop is an HP Notebook HP - ProBook 6460b. 


Clothing needed for a Senior at Westerville North

Requesting clothing for a young man that is a senior at Westerville North. 

  • XL Sweatshirts
  • XL Joggers/Sweatpants 
  • XL Basketball Shorts 
  • XL Jacket  - fall/winter jacket requested
  • Tennis shoes: 12.5-13.0
  • Favorite store to shop: Kohl's

    Longfellow in Need of Pants and Underwear

    Longfellow is in need of the following for their clinic: 

    • Girls pants (leggings, sweat pants) size 5T and 6/7
    • Boys underwear size 4 and size 6

      Middle school students in need of gently used or new belts.

      A middle school has requested gently used or new belts for students in need.  


      Deodorant (Men's and Women's)

      Donations of deodorant would greatly benefit students at South! We are running low in the Wildcat Den. 


      Backpacks needed for Central and South High Schools

      Backpacks have been a popular item at the Wildcat Den this year for South and we are also in need of some at Central. Donations of new or gently used backpacks are much appreciated!


      Blendon Middle School Student in Need

      Middle School Girl Needs:

      Size L or XL Sports Bras

      Size 15 Sweatpants, Pajama Pants

      Adult L or XL T-Shirts, Hoodies

      Or Gift Cards to places where these items can be bought

      Updated 9/26/19 with items still needed


      Student Cares Closet

      We are in need of shelving to create a closet for our students to be able to use for clothing items. The hope is that if a student is in need of a coat, pants, shirts, shoes, etc., that they can go in the closet and get what they need for the day. Especially with the weather change coming, we want to ensure that our students have clothing to help them stay warm.


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      About Westerville

      Molly Woodruff, Area Director

      Molly has lived in Westerville since 2001 with her husband Chris and son Dylan. She has volunteered at the Westerville Schools and the Westerville Parent Council for many years. Before becoming a mom, she was an Artist/Page Designer at the Columbus Dispatch.

      Wendy Loeser, Area Director

      Wendy grew up in Westerville and returned in 2002 to raise her family. Wendy has been an active member of the school community as a mother, classroom volunteer, PTA President, and member of the Westerville Parent Council. Wendy and her husband own and operate two local businesses and have 2 children in the Westerville City Schools.

      Meg Hogan, Area Director

      Meagan has lived in Uptown Westerville since 2006 with her husband Chris and 2 kids, Moira and Grady. She has served on multiple PTO/PTA boards as Treasurer, Vice President and Parent Council Rep. Meg is currently a member of Westerville Parent Council and volunteer coordinator for Blendon Middle School.

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