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A family has been left without a refrigerator as their's has broken down and is not repairable. A refrigerator would help them out immeasurably. 

Bed and clothing for a family

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a wonderful student land safely in our school community after his family fled hardship in Honduras and then endured a difficult immigration process. We have learned that his family needs the following things:

- A twin mattress

- Sheets and blankets (twin size)

- boys' size 4/5 and 6/7 items appropriate for fall and winter

  • pants
    new underwear
    new socks
    winter coat
    hat, gloves, scarf 

- Womens' size 0 or XS pants, size small shirts

- Mens' size 36x32 pants and large shirts

Donations of these items will be accepted as well well as cash donations to purchase any items not donated. Thanks for providing support to this family. 

Clothing pantries for Worthington Schools

Worthington Bridges is partnering with the Worthington-Linworth Kiwanis Club to help provide needed emergency clothing for students. In most cases, these clothes are used to help a child who has an accident or spills something on their clothing. Sometimes, however, there are children that lack adequate articles of clothing at home. Most of the elementary schools in Worthington have closets that are stocked by the Kiwanis seasonally and with our help they will be able to expand this service to the Worthington middle schools.

We need your help. The easiest way to assist in this effort is through a monetary donation. These funds will be used to purchase any items needed in coordination with school personnel. Additionally, we will be collecting the following items which can be left at one of our two drop off locations:

New underwear boys/girls, sizes 5 - 14
New underwear for middle school girls, sizes small, medium and large
New crew cut socks for both kids and adults sizes
New / gently used winter hats/gloves
New / gently used leggings/sweatpants
New / gently used athletic shorts sizes XS - L

Please help us show kindness to the children in our schools!

Recently Filled Needs

Dresser needed - Stafford Village

Stafford Village is requesting a dresser for one of their residents who does not currently have one. If you have one that we can pass along to them, please let us know!    


Neckties for student athletes

Some schools have the tradition of student athletes dressing up on game days. We heard from Worthingway Middle School that they are in need of neckties. If you have ties that you'd like to donate, please use the "I Can Help" button and we'll put them to good use. 


Single Mother Needs Help with Utilities and Rent

Worthington resident with two kids in our school needs help paying gas and electric bills ($180/month each) and at least partial rent ($975/full month) for one month. She went on disability for two weeks and was cleared to go back to work. After three days her doctor determined they had rushed her return to work. She is now out on disability for another two weeks. The only income she received was one disability check. Since she went back to work for three days, she doesn't expect to receive another disability check for three to four weeks, so she will be short on funds until then. In addition, her son is disabled and has been receiving social security. However, during this same time frame, his assistance was stopped and they are waiting on a decision to continue his assistance, which is not expected to be delivered for about three weeks. Her husband passed away two years ago and did not have the required 10 years' work experience for her to obtain a spousal benefit from social security. She is on the PIPP Plus program to help with her utilities. To remain on the program, she must continue her payments, but she does not expect to be able to pay them until the next pay cycle after she is cleared to return to work. This means she will likely miss a payment and she could be dismissed from the program, which reduces her utility costs and forgives money she owes the utilities if she is able to make 24 contiguous payments. She has communicated her situation with her landlord, who promises not to evict her, but she expects to be unable to pay the next rent payment, and if she misses it, she will also incur a late fee of $50. She has never had to ask for help before, but she really has been hit with a series of unfortunate events.


Support for a family in need

A Worthington family is struggling due to the passing of a loved one. This family is not only dealing with the loss but a recently discovered financial crisis. Our school is providing emotional support, but the they have material needs as well. The family is applying for support, but currently are in need of gift cards for groceries and gas to bridge the gap before the financial resources are available. Gift cards and monetary donations to buy additional cards would be beneficial to get this family through this difficult time.


Family in need of donations to keep car

A family in our area with 5 kids on our schools is in need of assistance. Due to a decrease in work hours, they are behind on our car payment. They've been making partial payments each month but can't get caught back up. They only have one car and we would not be able to get to work or school if the car payments are not made. The family works hard and try hard to manage their limited finances which were much better last year but they are struggling now to catch up on the $600 over due. Please help with any size donation, if you can.


Older adult in need of support

An older client of one of our counselors is struggling. He was employed but had recent loss of job. We are looking to provide a couple gift cards to grocery stores and gas stations to get to and from his counseling/med appointments during this time. 


Gentleman needs bus pass

Gentleman has recently moved into his own apartment and started a new job.  He is currently walking to work and would greatly appreciate a month's worth of bus passes ($85) to help with transportation until he is able to get a few paychecks to help him.  He came to the pantry and was completely out of food, in fact he hadn't eaten in the last three days.  He is grateful for any help he can get.  


Family in need of clothing and grocery help

A grandmother is has taken in her grandchildren and in need of support.  The school and Worthington Resource Pantry are both helping but they are still struggling.

We would like to provide gift cards for the family to buy food and staples. This would supplement what they currently receive to help ensure they have enough food. Below are sizes for the kids. We are looking for gently used fall/winter clothing and shoes. 

Female - Juniors size 5; shoe 7

Male - Husky 18-20; shoe 8

Male -  Boys 12/14; shoe 7.5

Female - Girls 10/12 (pants slim); shoes 4

Male -  Boys 10/12; shoe 4.5

Female -  Girls 10/12; shoes 4

Male - Boys 7/8; shoe 3

If you can donate either cash, gift cards or clothing, please use the "I CAN HELP!" button below. 


Gentleman Needs Monthly Bus Pass to Get to Work

A neighbor had his hours reduced at his job in West Jefferson. He works third shift and has taken the bus. With his hours reduced, he can't afford the Key Card bus pass of $31/month this month. He's hard working and doesn't want to lose his job, which could happen if he can't afford the bus pass so that he can get to work.  If you would like to provide assistance, use the I Can Help button below. 

Support for child wanting to play travel baseball

A counselor reached out to us about a family needing some support for their son to play travel baseball for the Worthington Nationals.  The father's position was eliminated two months ago, and he has picked up another job, though lost a significant amount of income. The son is a great little baseball player, worthy of being on the Worthington Nationals travel team. However, due to the cost of the program (close to $350), the son had to turn down the opportunity to play travel baseball.  

Would you be wiling to make a contribution to help this talented young man continue to play at a higher level? If so, make a donation here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Y2D3WSEP9NWPN&source=url


Assistance for an elderly person

A case manager from Syntero is looking for assistance with a client.  This elderly person has a fixed income, and has encountered extra medical costs recently, thus is looking for help with some grocery cards in order to buy fruit/produce, toiletries and toilet paper that she cannot get from the food pantries. She is diabetic and needed to purchase additional test strips that insurance will not cover.


Single mother needing utility help

A single mother in Worthington is in need of utility help. She has secured a permanent contract position but she is behind on her bills.  To avoid shut off, she is in need of $300 this week.   If you are willing to make a donation to help this, use the I CAN HELP! button below.    

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About Worthington

Ray Lees, Area Director 

Ray is an adoptive father of eight children.  He and his husband, Matt, have lived in Worthington since 2003.   Ray has served in PTA leadership positions at Worthington Estates Elementary and Worthingway Middle School.  As a former teacher, Ray volunteers regularly to assist teachers with student screenings, tutoring and individual assistance.  Prior to becoming a full-time parent, Ray held numerous roles in large and small businesses in Central Ohio.  He was a process consultant for Nationwide, network administrator for Behal Sampson and Dietz architecture, training specialist for Nationwide and Sarcom, and a first and third grade teacher.  Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University. 

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