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Recently Filled Needs

Gentleman Needs Monthly Bus Pass to Get to Work

A neighbor had his hours reduced at his job in West Jefferson. He works third shift and has taken the bus. With his hours reduced, he can't afford the Key Card bus pass of $31/month this month. He's hard working and doesn't want to lose his job, which could happen if he can't afford the bus pass so that he can get to work.  If you would like to provide assistance, use the I Can Help button below. 

Support for child wanting to play travel baseball

A counselor reached out to us about a family needing some support for their son to play travel baseball for the Worthington Nationals.  The father's position was eliminated two months ago, and he has picked up another job, though lost a significant amount of income. The son is a great little baseball player, worthy of being on the Worthington Nationals travel team. However, due to the cost of the program (close to $350), the son had to turn down the opportunity to play travel baseball.  

Would you be wiling to make a contribution to help this talented young man continue to play at a higher level? If so, make a donation here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Y2D3WSEP9NWPN&source=url


Assistance for an elderly person

A case manager from Syntero is looking for assistance with a client.  This elderly person has a fixed income, and has encountered extra medical costs recently, thus is looking for help with some grocery cards in order to buy fruit/produce, toiletries and toilet paper that she cannot get from the food pantries. She is diabetic and needed to purchase additional test strips that insurance will not cover.


Single mother needing utility help

A single mother in Worthington is in need of utility help. She has secured a permanent contract position but she is behind on her bills.  To avoid shut off, she is in need of $300 this week.   If you are willing to make a donation to help this, use the I CAN HELP! button below.    

Couple with four children - one disabled - in need of emergency housing assistance and gas card

A local couple with four children, one of whom is disabled, find themselves on the street. Although both had jobs, the man lost his when he suffered a serious shoulder injury. The woman, who worked at a fast food restaurant, was fired when she could not find adequate child care for her 8 and 9 year old sons and was forced to leave them in the parking lot of the restaurant while she worked.  This couple could use five nights of emergency housing assistance and some gas cards. 

Cereal for the Worthington Resource Pantry

The cereal shelves at the Worthington Resource Pantry are empty!  Can you donate some? Or gather a collection of your friends and neighbors to hold a cereal drive? The pantry happily accepts any brand, but Corn Flakes, Cheerios, and Mini Wheats fly off the shelves. The pantry (6700 Huntley Rd) is open six days a week to accept donations: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9-4; Wednesdays from 8-8; and Fridays and Saturdays from 9-noon.  Thanks, community, for being Hungry to Share!


Family Needs Help with Rent due to Unexpected Auto Repair

Mother of two children (13 and 11 years old) had unexpected auto repair on used car of $780. Her rent is $300.00/week and she is now two weeks behind (for a total of $600). She works full time at a restaurant and her weekly take-home pay is $500 - $650 a week. Her husband is unemployed due to a back injury. This is a one-time request to pay her landlord $600 for two weeks rent. 


Items for single father and his daughter

A single dad in our community was recently separated from his 11 month old daughter due to a crisis situation. He is being reunited with her next week and we are hoping to provide some supplies for their first month back together. We would like to collect at least a month's supply of the following items to help him be successful:

Pampers Swaddlers (Size 6)

Meijer Sensitive Skin Wipes

Similac Advance Formula (powder)

The brands are specific due to skin sensitivity.  If you would like to help, you can provide the item or donate money so they can be purchased.  


Stafford Village resident needs a dresser

A resident at Stafford Village is in need of a light weight, 3-4 drawer dresser. The resident currently has no where to store their clothing and would greatly appreciate the help.


Neighbor in need of bus pass

Neighbor is in need of a bus pass,  so he can get to job interviews in downtown Columbus.  The neighbor believes that a one month pass will be enough for him to find employment.  The  pass is $85. 

Support for Stafford Village Father's Day event

Stafford Village, the affordable senior housing community in Worthington, is seeking funds to host a Father's Day celebration.   We are seeking $30 to buy donuts to host residents and families. 

Family in need of rental assistance

Neighbor facing eviction. The drug crisis has once again hit our community.  A woman gave her husband the rent money for their apartment, but he spent all the money on drugs. Although the husband is now in a detox program at The Ohio State University for treatment, the wife has received an eviction notice. She has a job and is a hard worker, but she does not have the money to pay her rent to avoid being put out on the street.   She needs $590.00 to keep her in her apartment. All monies donated will be sent directly to the rental company. 


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About Worthington

Ray Lees, Area Director 

Ray is an adoptive father of eight children.  He and his husband, Matt, have lived in Worthington since 2003.   Ray has served in PTA leadership positions at Worthington Estates Elementary and Worthingway Middle School.  As a former teacher, Ray volunteers regularly to assist teachers with student screenings, tutoring and individual assistance.  Prior to becoming a full-time parent, Ray held numerous roles in large and small businesses in Central Ohio.  He was a process consultant for Nationwide, network administrator for Behal Sampson and Dietz architecture, training specialist for Nationwide and Sarcom, and a first and third grade teacher.  Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University. 

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