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Opportunities for Kindness

Helping children during the school closure

Our community is mobilizing to help those less fortunate - especially the students of the school district.

First, we are looking for financial support. If you would like to help students in a specific school, you can now designate your gift at the bottom of our donation form found here: https://tinyurl.com/wotown-covid19

There may be volunteer opportunities but those are still in development. We will keep you posted. If you would like to be contacted once we have opportunities, please complete this online form: https://tinyurl.com/urhttga

Thanks to everyone who is willing to help those in need.

Recently Filled Needs

Workboots needed

From our friends at the Worthington Resource Pantry.  A neighbor called stating he is starting a new job tomorrow but needs workboots. He wears an 11.5 or 12. Please let us know if you can help get this equipment to this neighbor so he can begin his new job. 


Assisting the elderly at Stafford Village

Stafford Village closed their Community Room to residents starting today. This was for their safety during this tumultuous time but as you can imagine, this is difficult for them to spend so much time alone. So we'd like your help to brighten their day by providing goody bags to each of the 56 residents next week.

- We are trying to raise $300 to buy puzzles and Word Find books. Please donate if you can. 

- Do you have kids who like art projects? Please have them make something that we can include to brighten the apartments. Check out this website for inspirational messages - https://www.curatedquotes.com/inspirational-quotes/short/.  Those are just ideas and you can be as creative as you want. We are asking that you drop them off by noon on Friday to 6587 Masefield St.  

The bags will be assembled on Monday. We want to have the weekend to minimize the likelihood of the virus being transmitted through the art work. 

Thanks for caring for this vulnerable population! 



Family in need of utility help

A family has recently gotten behind on their utilities and reached out to their school counselor. They help need paying their Columbia Gas and AEP bills by March 23, 2020 or they will be shut off. Total amount needed is $430. Dad recently had a job change and Mom had to quit her job to take care of their teen who is getting mental health support. The family has 4 children: a toddler, 2 elementary aged children, and a teen. Parents have enough food and are accessing those resources. They just need to get through this financial hump and pay for utilities.

Use the I CAN HELP button and at the bottom of the donation form, please enter "utility support" into the final field. 


Utility support for a family

A family in our area needs some support. They are behind on their bills now because they are having to meet their large insurance deductible in the new year.  We would like to bring their gas and electric bills to current. Another source paid for their water so the need is for $500.  

If you can contribute to their bills, please use the I CAN HELP button below and you will receive instructions on how to donate.  Thanks! 


Small TV needed for resident at Stafford Village

There is a Stafford Village resident in need of a small TV. Preferably more modern flat screen that does not need to be huge. Used is fine. The resident cannot use her current TV any more  and does not have the money to buy a new one.  If you would prefer to donate cash, we are willing to buy the TV and deliver it.


New to Columbus, Formerly Homeless Veteran setting up an efficiency apartment, and currently

From our partners at the Worthington Resource Center. Basic items for setting up an apartment are needed for this previously homeless Veteran. For the kitchen, he needs an electric skillet for cooking his meals, eating utensils, plate, bowl and cup, dish cloth and towel, and kitchen size trash can. He also needs a set of Queen size sheets and a Queen size blanket.

Cash donations are also accepted as we will purchase any items not donated.


Support for families with food insecurity

Gift cards were provided by an anonymous donor for students struggling with food insecurity. 


Financial assistance for Phoenix Middle School trip

Financial assistance for five students of Phoenix Middle School to assist them in participating in the planned school trip. 


Single Mother Needs Help with Monthly Childcare and Car Payments

A single mother, with a four year old and nearly four months old; lost her Section 20 Child Care Assistance on January 4, 2020 after giving birth to her son on 10/25/2020. She works at a salon, but has been unable to return to her normal schedule since she lost the child care assistance of $260/week. KinderCare charged $300/week for her four year old.  She expects that care for both children will cost $625 - $650/week. She is currently on WIC. She received a disconnect notice from AEP and owes $120.79. She will make an appointment with the breathing association to use the Winter Crisis Program, HEAP and apply to the PIPP Plus plan to prevent the disconnection and get on a program that she can afford to pay. She has appealed the denial of her Section 20 assistance and her employer is writing a letter on her behalf. Since the agency has until April 6 to decide on the appeal, she is considering completing a new childcare assistance application. However, without childcare assistance, she cannot work and she will be unable to pay her car payment of $489.61/month. She currently is 69 days delinquent on her car payments and owes a total of $2039.61. If the weekly child care cost of $625 - $650 can be paid to KinderCare until at least her child care assistance resumes, she can return to work and begin to get her financial house in order. If her car payment of $489.61 can be paid for in February and March(total of $979.22), we think she can begin to make arrangements with Chrysler Capital to prevent the car from being possessed.


Gentleman in Need of Household Items

Neighbor has been very ill and unable to work.  He has now recovered and is currently seeking employment.  He recently moved here and is in need of household supplies including a pot and pan set, frying pan and cookie sheet and a twin sheet set.  Other needs include silverware, kitchen trash can (13 gal), blender and a vacuum cleaner would be helpful in keeping his home clean.  He would appreciate help in securing any of these items.  


Worthington Family Needs Financial Assistance

A local family is facing a financial crisis. Parents are seeking new employment but they need help to fill in the gap. They have received final notices on two utility bills and are struggling to make rent. We are attempting to raise $750 to pay their utilities and assist with rent.  


Moving supplies

Syntero is helping a client in Worthington move to a different place which is more well-suited for their needs. Their client needs supplies - moving boxes, tape, and wrapping paper/bubble wrap.  If you have any of these supplies. please let us know. 


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About Worthington

Ray Lees, Area Director 

Ray is an adoptive father of eight children.  He and his husband, Matt, have lived in Worthington since 2003.   Ray has served in PTA leadership positions at Worthington Estates Elementary and Worthingway Middle School.  As a former teacher, Ray volunteers regularly to assist teachers with student screenings, tutoring and individual assistance.  Prior to becoming a full-time parent, Ray held numerous roles in large and small businesses in Central Ohio.  He was a process consultant for Nationwide, network administrator for Behal Sampson and Dietz architecture, training specialist for Nationwide and Sarcom, and a first and third grade teacher.  Ray holds a bachelor’s degree in education from The Ohio State University. 

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