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Opportunities for Kindness

Family with 2 elementary students in need of back to school clothing

#1- Boy- child size- 5T in shirts and pants

#2- Boy- child size- 4T in shirts and pants

Family with 3 CES students in need of clothing for new school year

#1- Boy- child size 8 in shirts and pants. (CES)

#2- Boy- child size 7/8 in shirts and pants. (CES)

#3- Boy- child size 7 in shirts and pants. (CES)

Family of in need of clothing and shoes for new school year for 4 students

#1- Boy- child size 12/14 shirts, 11/12 pants and shoe size 4. (BIS)

#2- Boy- child size 10/11 shirts, Large pants and shoe size 13. (BES)

#3- Boy- child size 11/12 shirts, Xtra-Large pants and shoe size 13/14. (BES)

#4- Girl- child size 5T/6T shirts, 5T/6T pants and shoe size 9/10 (BES)

BIS family in need of back to school clothes

2 BIS female students in need of brand new back to school clothes.

Both girls wear adult size 2xl in jeans/leggings and adult size 2xl in shirts.

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Recently Filled Needs

middle school boy in need of new shoes -- THIS IS A TEST FOR LINDSAY

12 year old boy in need of tennis shoes, size 5 adult

Family in need of bedding

A family with children at several Boaz City Schools is in need of bedding - mattresses/sheets/comforters. BMS was able to donate some beds, but needed help with the rest. Thanks to your donations, Boaz Neighborhood Bridges purchased 4 bunk bed mattresses and some bedding so these children can sleep comfortably now.

BES Student in Need After Fire

A student (male) at BES is in need of clothes after a house fire damaged his belongings.  His family would be so appreciative of anything you could do to help.  His sizes are:

Pants- Size 8

Shirt- Medium

Shoes- 12

He is very thin and on the tall side.  His toys were also damaged and will have to be thrown away, so if anyone would like to purchase any additional items, he loves trucks, blocks, and video game characters.

Thank you so much for your generosity! 

Dental Work Needed for an elementary student

The student is in need of dental work but has no insurance. They currently do not have the money to take him to a dentist. 

HS student needs glasses

I have a high school boy who needs glasses.  He broke his pair and parents can't afford to replace them at the moment.  He possibly needs an eye exam as well.  Not sure how long it has been.  

BES siblings in need of bed

A brother and a sister are in need of a bunk bed, mattresses and bedding. They are currently sleeping on the floor in a shared room. 

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