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Opportunities for Kindness

Family in need of kitchen supplies

Local family in need of pots, pans, cookie sheets, and cooking and eating utensils.  If you can help, please click on the I CAN HELP button.  Thank you.

Tire Needed for family

A lady came to us today with a rather unusual situation. Her father-in-law died in another city and they have to get there to identify his body at the morgue. However, their tire is bad on their car and they have do not have enough money to purchase gas to get there and back either. We are hoping that you can help donate money towards the purchase of the tire. This is such a sad situation and the last time they requested help was 15 years ago.  If you can donate toward the purchase of the tire or gasoline, please click on the I CAN HELP button.

Pre-School family needs a little assistance

Local family needs some financial assistance to keep their child enrolled in Gahanna-Jefferson Pre-School program.  Due to unforseen financial circumstances they need help with the $140 program fee to keep their child enrolled.  Education of a child is so important.  If you can help, and would like to donate, please click on the I CAN HELP button to help support our effort to help this family.

Local family in need of lice treatment to avoid missing school

Would you be willing to help donate to help a family afford a lice treatment for the family so that the child doesn't miss any more school?  The treatment for the family is $200, if you can help with some or part of this please click on the I CAN HELP button.  Thank you.

Laptop needed for job responsiblities

Local resident is looking to get a laptop in order to work. He is currently unable to travel to work after a hip surgery, however he wants to be working still through medical coding at home. If anyone is able to provide a laptop in which he can use that would be extremely beneficial.

Hot water tank needed

A single woman needs hot water in her home.  Her 40 gallon gas hot water tank is no longer working. She needs help with purchase and installation, please.

Local Family Requires Furniture and Appliances

Family in need for 2 full size beds and an oven for their new apartment

Recently Filled Needs

Family needs a lawn mower

Local family in need of a lawn mower


Senior Citizen needs a vacum cleaner

Local Senior Citizen resident in need of a vacum cleaner new or used.  Current one is broken and unable to purchase another one.


2 Stoves Needed

2 stoves are needed for someone in need.  Electrical preferred.


Knee Scooter or Wheelchair needed for local resident

Local resident in need of a loaner knee scooter or possibly a wheel chair. Looking to borrow then return for a period of a few weeks, to a couple of months.  If you can help with either of these please click on the I CAN HELP button.  Thank you.


Family with child that has ADHD needs help with medicine costs.

Local family with student in Gahanna Elementary school needs help with ADHD medicine prescription cost.  Insurance company unwilling to cover costs, child has been without medication for 2 weeks, now starting to see the effects in his/her schoolwork in the classroom.  Really need to get back on medication to prevent further slipage in school work.


Help homeless Gahanna Family get off living on the street

Neighborhood Bridges has partnered with our First Responders in Gahanna to help a homeless family get off the streets.  We need to assist the family with $600 so that they can find a place to call home, and not a tent that they have been living out of for the last 2 weeks, right here in our city.  Would you be willing to help with a small contribution to help us raise this goal?  Just click on the I CAN HELP button to help us assist this family.  Thank you


Single Mom and High School Student need a place to call home

We have a local single mom and High School student that are in need of a 2 bedroom apartment to rent in Gahanna-Jefferson schools so that the student can remain in the District to finish his Senior year.  If you are aware of a place that would be able to help this family please click on the I CAN  HELP button to let us know so that we can help this family in this situation.


Tombstone Needed for daughters Gravesite (august)

Mother requesting assistance to bury her daughter with proper burial.  Needs help with tombstone costs, placement and foundation


Student needs Calculator for class (August)

Student needs TI84 Calculator for school


Local Family in need of 2 large suitcases (july)

Local family in need of 2 large suitcases to assist 


Family in need of Full size bed and frame (july)

Local family in need of full size bed to replace broken bed and unable to afford new one


Yard Assistance for Senior Citizen (july)

Local Senior resident unable to take care of gutters and lawn needs lawn care, and maintenance


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About Gahanna

Ron Smith, Area Directo

Gahanna Bridges will make use of technology and social media to engage the community in helping to identify specific needs in the community – and then will invite community members to help fill those needs. Gahanna Bridges will work in partnership with Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN) to help identify and refer needy residents and families to GRIN as well as bridge solutions through other Gahanna service providers. Gahanna Bridges will seek engagement of teachers, counselors, administrators in our schools plus clergy, first responders, and mental health agencies to advocate for those in need. Ron Smith has been involved in a number of Gahanna organizations and currently serves on the boards of the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce (as Vice-Chair of Operations/Business Development), the Gahanna Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Gahanna Residents in Need (GRIN). Ron’s company SOH Productions, was named as the Gahanna Small Business of the Year in 2010 and Ron was named Business Person of the Year in 2015. 

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