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Opportunities for Kindness

Clothes Needed for Middle School Students please donate ANY of these items to be delivered to Hoover Fire Station #2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road 35226

If you could donate any of these items we would be extremely grateful. Let us know what you are donating so that we can adjust the list as items are donated.

Plain short sleeve t-shirts for middle schoolers sizes adult XL and XXL (5 in each size)

Plain long sleeve t-shirts for middle schoolers sizes adult XL and XXL (5 in each size)

Plain elastic band sweatpants for middle schoolers sizes  adult M, L, XL, and XXL (5 in each size)

Please mark the bag with the #3 and take to Hoover Fire Station #2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road 35226

Major Medical Event--any financial assistance appreciated donations taken here up to $500 but any amount would be greatly appreciated!!!


There is a student that has been impacted by a major medical event. The student had a medical emergency and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. He is still not well and awaiting a surgery date later in the month. He has to heal from infection before they can do the surgery. All that said, mom's employer allowed FMLA, but her short term insurance wouldn't pay out because of it being her son. She has taken all from her 401k to cover  expenses. She is trying to return to work today, but will not get paid for a while and is in threat of eviction by this weekend. Mom is needing  financial  assistance and hope you might be willing to donate.   This is a precious family that could not only benefit from assistance, but your prayers. 

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Recently Filled Needs

Gift Cards for Transportation Needed, please donate any amount up to $200

Family in need of Uber gift cards to pay for transportation needs.
Please donate any amount up to $200, and we will provide gift cards for transportation.

Thank you SO much for your support!!

Snacks for After-School Tutoring, Please deliver your item(s) to Fire Station #2 at 1591 Patton Chapel Road

We are striving to finish the year strong and will be providing weekly tutoring for 60 kids to help them do just that! Students will meet for two hours after school and we are in need of individually wrapped/packaged snacks (Cheez-Its, Goldfish, chips, etc.) and small bottles of water. 

Thank you for your kindness! Please deliver your item(s) to Fire Station #2 at 1591 Patton Chapel Road, Hoover 35226 by Sunday. Please drop off between 8am and 8pm and print this page or mark items with  #3. Please print this and include inside the bag or attach to the item.

Hoover family in need of electricity assistance

There are two brother's whose mother is having significant financial difficulties and has had a lapse in work due to her child's hospitalization. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to help them keep their power on. The cost of the power bill is $308.37. 

Hoover family in need of groceries please donate any amount up to $200.

There is a sweet family that has had significant medical issues that are making groceries difficult to come by. Any assistance for groceries would assist two students and a single parent.Thanks for helping us provide some groceries to this family. 

Single Mom battling Cancer, please donate any amount up to $200 and we will help with food

This mom is not able to work as much because of what she is going through. She could use help with food, and some gas. Please donate any amount up to $200, and we will purchase some groceries and gas cards for her

Gentle used or new cocktail or prom dresses needed for girls who would like to go to the prom but do not have access to a dress!

We are going to try something new! Please help us see if we can get some additional ladies a beautiful dresses for the prom.  Spring is the time to clean out your closet and we need some nice dresses for students in need.  Please consider passing on yours or your daughter’s dresses that some high school student would love to wear to the prom or high school dance. These can dropped off at 1658 Lake Cyrus Club Drive or we can make arrangements to pick up some with our volunteers. We WOULD LOVE to have these donated by next Monday March 11th so that we can get these to both high schools so they can try them on.  Thank you so much

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About Hoover

Anna Chatterton - Area Director

Anna is a Hoover native and has lived there most of her life. She graduated from Hoover High School and Auburn University. She and her husband have three boys, a dog and three cats. In her spare time, she has a home baking business she enjoys doing, and also has had a job with a Credit Union for the past 15 years. Anna is so happy to be involved with Neighborhood Bridges and can’t wait to continue promoting kindness in the community!

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