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Opportunities for Kindness

Gas cards needed for family delivered to Fire Station 7, 100 Inverness Pkwy

Please consider assisting a Hoover family to offset costs this month by providing gas cards for the mom. She has to drive a lot for work and gas prices have made it more difficult to make ends meet. Gift cards to gas stations of any amount can be delivered to Hoover Fire Station #7 100 Inverness Pkwy 35242

Please print this page or mark items with #17 at dropoff.

Thank you SO much for any assistance!!

Mother/Grandmother and 5 kids, ages 2 to high school, in need of shelter immediately

A family of 6 (mother/grandmother, 5 Hoover students, 1 toddler) has just lost their place to live, due to their rental home being sold. 

They are in need of financial support to cover the cost of hotel rooms this week (3 nights). They can stay with family starting this Friday through the Thanksgiving holidays. 

They need a new rental home after Thanksgiving, if anyone has connections. They want to remain in Hoover so that it does not disrupt the students' education. 

They could benefit greatly from a storage unit, as well, rather than discarding their belongings that they don't have room to keep in a hotel and at their family's home.

Please consider helping this precious Hoover family. Thank you so much! 

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          Recently Filled Needs

          Snacks needed for needy students at a local elementary school

          We are in need of snacks for our needy students who don't bring one to school!  Cheez-Its, pretzels, and goldfish are great options.

          Baby wipes needed for a local public school preschool

          We are in need of wipes to keep our little one's hands and faces clean!  Would you consider donating a large box of wipes that contains multiple small containers of wipes? These will get us through the rest of the school year!

          Thank you!

          Clothing needs for 2 elementary school children. Deliver to Fire Station 4, 800 Municipal Dr

          Two local elementary school children are in need of clothing. 

          Sizes are:

          Boys size 7/8 pants/shorts

          Boys size 6 shirts

          Girl sizes 4/5 in all items

          If you can get ANY of these items, just let us know which ones via email and we will update the need. 
          Please print this page, or mark bags with the number 4, and deliver to Fire station 4, 800 Municipal Dr.

          Thank you!!

          Deodorant PLEASE!

          Please help our school supply our students in need with a new stick of deodorant.  We are asking for 5 sticks of women's deodorant and 5 sticks of men's deodorant.

          Thank you!

          Snacks for students!!! Deliver to Fire Station 4, 800 Municipal Dr.

          Local Elementary School Counselor requests help with snacks!  Hungry students cannot learn to the best of their ability! 

          We are asking for a variety of snacks to be kept in her room for those students who do not come to school with a snack to have midday. 

          Ideas - Individual bags of goldfish, Peanut Butter crackers, fruit snacks, etc 

          Please print this page, or mark your bag with the number 4, and deliver to Fire station 4, 800 Municipal Dr.

          Thank You!

          Immediate Need for Groceries for Wonderful Family of 4, please donate any amount!

          Please donate any amount up to $300 to help a local family with small children in a one time need of groceries.

          We will purchase and deliver to the food to them. 

          Thank you for your kindness! 

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          Thank You!

          About Hoover

          Anna Chatterton - Area Director

          Anna is a Hoover native and has lived there most of her life. She graduated from Hoover High School and Auburn University. She and her husband have three boys, a dog and three cats. In her spare time, she has a home baking business she enjoys doing, and also has had a job with a Credit Union for the past 15 years. Anna is so happy to be involved with Neighborhood Bridges and can’t wait to continue promoting kindness in the community!

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