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Opportunities for Kindness

There are currently no open opportunities for kindness available in Hoover. Check back later, or join the mailing list to get updates directly to your inbox.

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Elementary Special Education Student in need of clothes

We have a male elementary school student who is in need of some specific clothes. Please donate any amount up to $100 and we will purchase the needed clothes and shoes for him.

Thank you! 

Students in need of glasses. Please donate any amount up to $250 and we will get the glasses paid for.

Two Hoover students are in need of glasses.  Both students struggle to see the board or screen during class.  These are two separate families, but the situation is basically the same.   Glasses are expensive, and the parents can not afford a pair.

Please donate any amount up to $250, and we will get the glasses taken care of. 
thank you Hoover! 

Two Hoover students in need of tennis shoes. Please deliver to Fire Station 7, 2020 Valleydale Rd

Needed....boys youth/big boy size 5 tennis shoe

And mens size 9 tennis shoe

Both children have very worn out shoes and cannot afford new ones. 

Please deliver to Fire station 7, 2020 Valleydale Rd and mark bag with #15 or print this page 

If you can only get one pair of shoes, please just state in your response which pair you are getting. 
Thank you! 

Single Mom with Four Children 2 Elementary and 2 Middle School Needs Groceries and Gas to Get to Work. Please donate any amount up to $300

Single mom with four children, is working three jobs, but is looking for a higher paying managerial job. Rent is very high. Mom is requesting temporary help with groceries and gas to get to work. 
Please donate any amount up to $300, and we will get groceries and gas cards delivered. Thank you for your kindness! 

Single mother of 2 needing power and gas bill paid

We have a single mother of 2 elementary age students that has suffered a few financial hardships and has been unable to pay her power and gas bill for several months. The need is for $750 for the alabama power bill and $400 for the gas bill. 
Please donate any amount and we will pay the utility companies directly. Thank you for your kindness Hoover!  

Young single mom with several students needs a car repair so that she can get to her job. Donate any amount here up to $500

We have an wonderful family who needs some additional funds to help get her car repaired. We are working with the mechanic and want to have this mom back at work providing for her family. Please consider donating any amount here up to $500. Thanks Hoover for always making a difference for our students!!

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Thank You!

About Hoover

Anna Chatterton - Area Director

Anna is a Hoover native and has lived there most of her life. She graduated from Hoover High School and Auburn University. She and her husband have three boys, a dog and three cats. In her spare time, she has a home baking business she enjoys doing, and also has had a job with a Credit Union for the past 15 years. Anna is so happy to be involved with Neighborhood Bridges and can’t wait to continue promoting kindness in the community!

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