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Opportunities for Kindness

ONE or TWO Oscillating heaters needed for a wonderful family of 5 delivered to Fire Station #2 located at 1591 Patton Chapel Road 35226

Wonderful family of 5 in need of 2 oscillating heaters due to breakdown of furnace. If you can purchase one heater that is fine too. We want to get this family warm ASAP. Only new items are accepted. Thank you for helping us. Please print this page or mark the bag or box with he number #3

Monetary donations made here to help a family in need of assistance with transportation due to head on collision

One of our families were injured by a head on collision and lost their car that was completely paid off. Unfortunately the car at fault did not have insurance. We are hoping to help this family that has already suffered job losses and injury due to Covid. If you can donate any amount to help us lift this family up and get them moving back to work we would be so thankful. All donations can be made online here and tax deductible 

Recently Filled Needs

Monetary donations for food to be delivered to a family in extreme circumstances

We have a family that  has been displaced and in need of some food resources. You can make a donation here online to help support this family. Thanks Hoover for always making a difference in our community. 

Wonderful Family in Need of Size 6 Diapers, deliver to Fire Station 2, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd

Family of four is in need of size 6 diapers. Two boxes of size 6 diapers would be so helpful for this family! 
You can deliver to Fire station 2 at 1591 Patton Chapel Road by Saturday February 20th. Please print this page or mark bags with the Number 3.
Thank you so much for your willingness to help! 

Donations of any amount up to $500 for a refrigerator for one of our Hoover families who are in crisis

Hoover has a chance to be a game changer... let’s do it! There is a hardworking family that has been hit hard by Covid circumstances and they need our help. This family of four has no refrigerator at their current place to live and we would love to change that. Please consider donating ANY amount to help us make this situation turn around quickly.  As always you can donate right here or mail checks to Neighborhood Bridges Hoover P.O. Box 360865 Hoover AL 35236 

Clothing assistance needed for two kind 12 year old twin boys. Deliver to Fire Station 3 at 1591 Patton Chapel Rd by Saturday Feb 13

Twin 12 year old boys need clothing items. They BOTH need: a few pairs of socks each and a few pairs of different t-shirts (size adult small) each in "boy colors" such as: gray, red, and blue. Thank you so much!!

Please deliver to Fire Station 3 at 1591 Patton Chapel Rd by Saturday February 13th and print this page or mark bag with the number 3

Electric Space Heater Needed for Wonderful Family in Need - Montary Donations made here online

A wonderful family needs a space heater that is large enough to heat a family room. Please consider donating any amount up to $130.00 to help us purchase this. We will buy and deliver this space heater to this family who can really use it during these cold months.  Thank you so much to everyone that helps!

Donations can be made here online and will go directly to the purchase of the space heater.

Hi Hoover! Pants needed for Twin 12 year old boys. Deliver to fire station 3, 1591 Patton Chapel Road by Saturday, Feb 13th

Twin 12 year old boys need clothing items. They BOTH need: a few pairs of pants or jeans (size 12 long) each. Thank you so much for your kindness!! 

Please drop off by Saturday Feb 13th at Fire Station 3, 1591 Patton Chapel Rd and print this page or mark the bag with the number 3

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