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Opportunities for Kindness

Local area resident with Dementia in need of utility assistance

Local area resident is in need of $235 to turn on utilities and keep her apartment. The resident is experiencing dementia symptoms and is unable to make appropriate decisions. The resident is unable to get other assistance in the community because she is unable to assign over proxy or representatives to those who can. We are partnering with Concord Counseling on this need as they wait for a hearing regarding her case. Click the I Can Help link and follow the instructions to make a donation. Thanks!

Westerville family in need of support after losing everything in house fire

A local family with 4 children is left with nothing following a house fire. The Red Cross is assisting with a hotel, but the family would dearly appreciate Walmart gift cards so they can purchase clothing and school supplies for the start of school next week. Any monetary donations will be used to purchase gift gift cards to help this family. Click the I Can Help link and follow the instructions to make a donation. Thanks!

Former Westerville student putting herself through college in need of basic items

A recent Westerville high school graduate who is putting herself through college is in need of some basic furnishing, items.

Laptop Screen repair - HP Chromebook x360. Screen and touchpad are broken, looking to send for repair or replacement.

Kitchen starter- pots, pans, cups, serving utensils

Any gift cards for Target, Amazon or Kroger would be greatly appreciated.

Cleaning Supplies - broom, windex, detergent, dish soap, hand soap, scrub brush, bucket, swiffer mop, cleaning and disinfectant wipes, paper towels, toilet paper.

Monetary donations would also be greatly appreciated to help this young woman support herself and stay on track!

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Recently Filled Needs

Neighbor in need of help paying for U-Haul

A Westerville-area neighbor would greatly appreciate assistance paying for a U-Haul to pickup the donated furniture she's receiving to start her own household.  Based on U-Haul's rates, $100 should cover the rental cost, gas, and mileage. 

Monetary donations are welcome to help this family. Click the I can Help Link and follow the response email directions to make your donation.

Thank you!

Food Assistance Needed for Area Family

WARM has a client that lost food from the recent power outages. Unfortunately, they were unable to utilize the community resources for reimbursement, because they do not have the required documentation.  WARM is assisting the family but they are unable to replace all necessary items. WARM and Neighborhood Bridges would like to give this family $200 in Kroger gift cards to replace the necessary items.  

Monetary and gift card donations are welcome to help this family. Click the I can Help Link and follow the response email directions to make your donation. 

Thank you!

Single Mom in Need of A/C Window Unit

WARM is asking for the community's help in getting a window A/C unit for a single mom.  The window that the unit will be installed in is 28" wide.  New or working used units are welcome as well as monetary donations and we will do the shopping. Small units are approximately $170. 

Click the I Can Help link and follow the instructions to make a donation. Any donation of a new or used unit will be picked up by Neighborhood Bridges to deliver directly to the family in need. 

Westerville Central Needs TI-84 Calculators for 2022-2023 School Year

A number of students at Westerville Central High School are in need of TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators to use in their mathematics classes. The school library would catalog the calculators and check them out to the students at the start of the year and collect them at the end of the year. We will accept new or used and black and white or color calculators for the school. We will also accept monetary donations to purchase new calculators when they go on sale later this summer.   

Elementary Student Needs Assistance with Rehab Costs

A Westerville elementary student was hit by a car on the last day of school and they suffered minor injuries. Doctors feel that the student will benefit from physical therapy in the pool to help with the rehabilitation of their hip. They family needs $210 to help with the costs of rehab.

McVay Student In Need of Pull Ups (Goodnites)

A McVay student in need of size L pull ups. A box of 34 is approximately $30. 

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About Westerville

Molly Woodruff, Area Director

Molly has lived in Westerville since 2001 with her husband Chris and son Dylan. She has volunteered at the Westerville Schools and the Westerville Parent Council for many years. Before becoming a mom, she was an Artist/Page Designer at the Columbus Dispatch.

Wendy Loeser, Area Director

Wendy grew up in Westerville and returned in 2002 to raise her family. Wendy has been an active member of the school community as a mother, classroom volunteer, PTA President, and member of the Westerville Parent Council. Wendy and her husband own and operate two local businesses and have 2 children in the Westerville City Schools.

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