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Donations of any amount made here online up to $1300 for a family in desperate need!

Our community always pulls together to help each other and we know that today will be no different! Hoover we need you with ANY AMOUNT you or your family could spare for an incredible family with circumstances that did not choose or deserve. It is imperative to help this incredible family keep their car going to insure the single parent is capable of keeping both jobs. We appreciate every amount including the ones that come from our own students in Hoover who also donate, it is incredible to see on this side. Thank you for allowing us the chance to tell just a fraction of the story of the families and students in need in our community. FOREVER humbled by our great city!! Blessings to you and your family.

Thanks for your support!
This need has already been fulfilled.

We still have 0 open needs in Hoover.

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