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Boys athletic pants needed

We need boys athletic pants for students that need new pants due to pants that are too small, have holes in them, and/or accidents.

We have several students each month that need new pants because they have outgrown their pants and their families are unable to purchase them pants. We have students that come to school with holes in their pants or their pants rip during the school day. We also have students that have accidents at school and need a change of clothes.

We have a clothes closet that we keep clothing in for these reasons and we are very low on boys athletic pants. We need the following sizes: boys small (6-7), boys medium (8-10), and boys large (12-14). We need neutral colors (black, gray).

Thank you so much for your help!

Please label items T-04


Delivery or payment instructions will be sent as a follow up.
When responding to a need, please be as specific as possible on how you can help.
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