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Additional needs for local family.

Several weeks ago, a family arrived in UA after being displaced from their previous home. The remaining family members are saving up enough to afford a flight and deposits for a home and car. 

Please take a moment to see if there is anything you can help provide and/or share with others that may be interested in helping. Even the smallest donation means so much to this family. Your contribution directly impacts the well-being of a young life. 

From the post last week, several UA residents have been generous to provide Kroger gift cards, some blankets, and socks. Below are the items still needed, and some additional requests that have come up. 

Children's ages:

16 (girl), 15 (girl), 11 (boy), 9 (girl), 7 (boy)


New comforter blankets

Kroger gift cards

Visa gift cards for gas and other incidentals

Clothes Mentor/Plato's closets/thrift store gift cards

3- Plastic lightweight portable storage shelves for organizing clothes 


Canned goods, pantry items (just about anything)


Boys pants and sweatshirts size 7/8

Girls pants and sweatshirts size 7/8

Boys shoes size 4 (sandals, Crocs style, tennis) 


The children are very active and want to participate in social events in their new community. Could your family or organization sponsor a night out? (Ex. money for tickets and snacks to school football game, movie passes). If you have any other ideas, please reach out to use and we will help connect you.

Thank you!!

Thanks for your support!
This need has already been fulfilled.

We still have 3 open needs in Upper Arlington.

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