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Senior in Need of Assistance

A social worker from the OSU Medical Center has contacted us about a senior in need.  She lives in a senior living facility in Dublin and is on a fixed income.  She was receiving VA benefits from her ex-husband who unexpectedly passed away. Her benefits have been temporarily suspended.  She is working with the VA to get her payments reinstated but in the meantime, she has fallen behind on her bills.  She is in need of partial rent and copays for her medications.  Dublin Bridges would like to assist her with approximately $400 in rent and $250 in medication copays. We would also like to provide her with a grocery gift card. If you want to help with this need, please click on I CAN HELP or use the link, http://bit.ly/donatedublin.


Thanks for your support!
This need has already been fulfilled.

We still have 2 open needs in Dublin.

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